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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007-072 D.O.F Control System using Wearable Electronic Device송희배; 박민용; 김도익
2010-107-DOF Redundant Manipulator Control using Quaternion Feedback based on Virtual Spring-Damper Hypothesis김성균; 배지훈; 오용환; 김도익
2009-05A Cancelation Method of Internal Inertia Force from F/T Sensors김도익; 배지훈; 오용환
2007-03A Common Command-Scripting Language for network-based Robots (CCSLR) and Translator System Architecture이일구; 토 동; 김도익
2012-05A Grasp Strategy with the Geometric Centroid of a Groped Object Shape Derived from Contact Spots배지훈; 박성우; 김도익; 백문홍; 오상록
2010-10A Humanoid Robot's Walking Pattern Generation for Starting Swiftly홍석민; 오용환; 김도익; 유범재; 오상록
2014-09A Real-time Motion Data Reduction and Restoration Compatible with Robot's Physical Limits김도익; 박정민; 홍석민
2019-10A Robust Position Estimation Algorithm under Unusual Large Range Errors김도익; 김정희; 이지양; 김문기; 핫산 니가투
2009-12A Walking Motion Imitation Framework of a Humanoid Robot by Human Walking Recognition from IMU Motion Data김성균; 홍석민; 김도익
2009-10A Walking Pattern Generation Method with Feedback and Feedforward Control for Humanoid Robots홍석민; 오용환; 김도익; 유범재
2006-10Adaptation of human motion capture data to humanoid robots for motion imitation using optimization김창환; 김도익; 오용환
2005-04Adaptation of Motion Capture Data of Human Arms to a Humanoid Robot Using Optimization김창환; 김도익
2006-11An Analytical Method to Generate Walking Pattern of Humanoid Robot오용환; 안경호; 김도익; 김창환
2021-10Analysis of Parasitic Motion with the Constraint Embedded Jacobian for a 3-PRS Parallel Manipulator.김도익; 최윤호; Hassen Nigatu Sirag
2008-08Balance Control in Whole Body Coordination Framework for Biped Humanoid Robot MAHRU-R장영환; 오용환; 김도익; 홍석민
2010-11Balancing Control of a Humanoid Robot in the Presence of Unknown External Forces서은호; 김도익; 송재복
2006-10CCSLR - a Common Command-Scripting Language for network-based Robots이일구; 뉴엔토동; 김도익
2010-05Characterization of a Biped Robot Walking on Stairs of Irregular Height박찬수; 김도익
2010-09Characterization of the Hokuyo UBG-04LX-F01 2D Laser Rangefinder박찬수; 김도익; 유범재; 오상록
2007-08Classification of high-level command and Translator System Architec-ture of CCSLR as a scripting language for Network-based Robot이일구; 누엔 토 동; 김도익
2013-02Classification of Obstacle Shape for Generating Walking Path of Humanoid Robot박찬수; 김도익
2012-06Classification of the Obstacle Shape for Generating Walking Path of a Humanoid Robot박찬수; 김도익
2011-11Comparison of Plane Extraction Performance using Laser Scanner and Kinect박찬수; 김성완; 김도익; 오상록
2009-10Comparison Study on Walking Pattern Generation Method of Humanoid Robots for Real-time Implementation홍석민; 오용환; 김도익; 유범재; 오상록
2020-06Computationally Efficient Cooperative Dynamic Range-Only SLAM Based on Sum of Gaussian Filter김도익; 김정희
2006-06Control Method for Humanoid Robot based on the Whole Body Coordination최영진; 김도익; 유범재
2013-05Convolution Method for Generating Efficient Trajectory on Velocity Profile이건; 김도익
2019-10Cooperative Range-Only SLAM based on Rao-Blackwellized Particle Filter김도익; 김정희
2019-11Cooperative Range-only SLAM based on Sum of Gaussian Filter in Dynamic Environments김도익; 김정희
2012-08Design and Implementation of IMU-based Human Arm Motion Capture System이만 프라유디; 김도익