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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-06A new MEMS neural probe integrated with embedded microfluidic channel for drug delivery and electrode array for recording neural signal김양희; 이현주; 김도희; 김윤경; 윤의성; 조일주
2015-03A new thin silicon microneedle with an embedded microchannel for deep brain drug infusion이현주; 손유진; 김도희; 김윤경; 최낙원; 윤의성; 조일주
2016-02Age-dependent inverse correlations in CSF and plasma amyloid-β(1?42) concentrations prior to amyloid plaque deposition in the brain of 3xTg-AD mice조수민; 이세진; 양승훈; 김혜연; 이지수; 김현진; 김지윤; 백승엽; 윤진; 김도희; 김윤경; 조약돌; 우지완; 김태송; 김영수
2016-01Antitumor effects and molecular mechanisms of ponatinib on endometrial cancer cells harboring activating FGFR2 mutations김도희; 곽연의; 김남두; 심태보
2016-03Catalytic Copyrolysis of Cellulose and Thermoplastics over HZSM-5 and HY제정호; 김범식; 김영민; 이형원; 김도희; 정상철; Chuichi Watanabe; 박영권
2014-11Cell-based Models To Investigate Tau Aggregation임성수; 마무눌 하크; 김도희; 김동진; 김윤경
2010-11Chemical kinomics: a powerful strategy for target deconvolution김도희; 심태보
1998-01CO fermentation of Eubacterium limosum KIST612장인섭; 김도희; 김병홍; 신평균; 성하진; Robert W. Lovitt
2013-09Designed Nanocage Displaying Ligand-Specific Peptide Bunches for High Affinity and Biological Activity전재옥; 김소연; 최은수; 신기혁; 차기원; 소인섭; 김선지; 전은성; 김도희; 안형준; 이병헌; 이승효; 김인산
2017-02Development of a BODIPY-based fluorescent probe for imaging pathological tau aggregates in live cells이준석; 김윤경; 임성수; 김도희; 마무눌 하크; 수동동; 장영태
2019-09Development of an Aryloxazole Derivative as a Brain-Permeable Anti-Glioblastoma Agent배애님; 김윤경; 임성수; 송지연; 신슬기; 김도희; 최민정; Changed G. Gadhe; 박아영
2015-11Discovery of 2-aryloxy-4-amino-quinazoline derivatives as novel protease-activated receptor 2 (PAR2) antagonists조남철; 차지현; 김효진; 곽진숙; 김도희; 서승환; 신지선; 김태훈; 박기덕; 이지연; 노경태; 김윤경; 이경태; 배애님
1999-12Formulation of defined media for carbon monoxide fermentation by Eubacterium limosum KIST612 and the growth characteristics of the bacterium장인섭; 김병홍; 김도희; Robert W. Lovitt; 성하진
2018-04Glioblastoma-secreted soluble CD44 activates tau pathology in the brain이철주; 조일주; 김윤경; 신슬기; 김도희; 임성수; 주신영; 박성혜; Regis Grailhe
2015-10Identification of disulfide cross-linked tau dimer responsible for tau propagation Scientific김도희; 임성수; 마무눌 하크; 류나연; 홍현석; 임혜원; 이동은; 장영태; 이준석; 정은지; 김동진; 김윤경
2016-12Image-based analysis of intracellular tau aggregation by using tau-BiFC cell model김동진; 김윤경; 김도희; 임성수
2014-09Inhibition of tau aggregation by a rosamine derivative that blocks tau intermolecular disulfide cross-linking마무눌 하크; 김도희; 유영헌; 임성수; 김동진; 장영태; 하형호; 김윤경
2016-02Intracellular tau modifications and cell-based sensors for monitoring tau aggregation김동진; 김윤경; 마무눌 하크; 김도희; 임성수
1996-01Isolation and characterization of carbon momoxide utillsing anaerobe, KIST612.김병홍; 장인섭; 신평균; 김도희; R. W. Lovitt
1997-01Isolation and identification of carbon monoxide utilizing anaerobe, eubacterium limosum KIST612장인섭; 김도희; 김병홍; 신평균; 윤정훈; 이정숙; 박용하
2015-05Neuroanatomical Visualization of the Impaired Striatal Connectivity in Huntington's Disease Mouse Model김도희; 전제하; 정은지; 김동진; 류훈; 서혜명; 김윤경
2016-05Neuroanatomical Visualization of the Impaired Striatal Connectivity in Huntington’s Disease Mouse Model김동진; 김윤경; 류훈; 김도희; 전제하; 정은지; 서혜명
2017-05NIR to NIR Upconversion Nanoparticle Based Lateral Flow Immunoassay for Influenza A Virus Subtype H5N2이준석; 김재영; 장진영; 김도희
2018-08Nootropic nanocomplex with enhanced blood-brain barrier permeability for treatment of traumatic brain injury-associated neurodegeneration김세훈; 김윤경; 임성수; 정근수; 최은실; 박정민; 김도희; 신슬기; 백수지; 이강파; 이재준; 이병한; 김보경; 백자현
2012-04Novel small molecule Raf kinase inhibitors for targeted cancer therapeutics김도희; 심태보
2016-08Pharmacophore-based virtual screening, biological evaluation and binding mode analysis of a novel protease-activated receptor 2 antagonist배애님; 서선희; 김윤경; 성지혜; 김도희; 주정민; 조남철; 서승환; 신지선; 이지연; 이경태; 노경태
2015-04The development of a nucleus staining fluorescent probe for dynamic mitosis imaging in live cellsKrishna Kanta Ghosh; 정연미; 강남영; 이정렬; Wan Si Yan Diana; 김준영; 유재덕; 김도희; 김윤경; 장영태
2020-04Visualization of soluble tau oligomers in TauP301L-BiFC transgenic mice demonstrates the progression of tauopathy배애님; 김윤경; 임성수; 류훈; 신슬기; 현승재; 김도희; 송지연; 정현정; Neil W. Kowall