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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-02A Generalized Crystallographic Description of All Tellurium Nanostructures허가현; 김민석; Xing­Hua Ma; 조기현; 전승렬; 성윤모
2008-07All-FBG-based switchable dual wavelength EDF laser with high tunability of lasing wavelength김현주; 권오장; 추수호; 김민석; 송석호; 한영근; 이상배
2021-04Assessment of Soil Contamination by Gas Cloud Generated from Chemical Fire Using Metabolic Profiling and Associated Bacterial Communities이정애; 최재영; 안용태; 김민석; 조정만; 칼리무스 판디; 김나은; 윤성택
2009-07Birefringent interferometer-based strain sensor with temperature insensitivity권오장; 김현주; 추수호; 김민석; 이상배; 정영주; 한영근
2021-04Conductive PEDOT:PSS on surface-functionalized chitosan biopolymers for stretchable skin-like electronics문명운; 김민석; Zeno Rizqi Ramadhan; 한주원; 홍주희; 박성빈; 김정하; Anky Fitrian Wibowo; A. Prameswati; 김석윤; 이종희; 김소연; 임동찬; 김용현
2019-10Copper­-Halide Polymer Nanowires as Versatile Supports for Single­ Atom Catalysts원성옥; 문명운; 허가현; 박현서; 김민석; 공지민; 박해동; Aditya Sharma; 성윤모; 박태준
2021-06Electrochemical Nitrogen Reduction Kinetics on a Copper Sulfide Catalyst for NH3 Synthesis at Low Temperature and Atmospheric Pressure장종현; 허가현; 박현서; 박희영; 김민석; 공지민; 라마비 피트라; 김한성
2013-04Glycerol Carbonate Synthesis from Biomass-derived Glycerol over Zn/Al-based Hydrotalcite-like Catalysts김민석; 김대환; 이상용; 김승훈; 문동주
2013-07Glycerol Steam Reforming over Spherical Ni-based Catalysts김승훈; 이상용; 김민석; 양은혁; 이관영; 문동주
2021-10Identification on Possibility of Soil Contamination by Airborne Pollutants Produced by Chemical Combustion (Fire and Explosion) and LC-MS based Soil Metabolome Analysis for Ecological Assessment이정애; 최재영; 안용태; 조정만; 표희수; 김민석; 윤성택
2007-05Modeling and performance simulation of a gas cooler for a CO2 heat pump system장영수; 김민석
2006-07Modeling and Performance Simulation of Gas Cooler for CO2 Heat Pump System장영수; 김민석
2021-03Multifunctional Stretchable Organic?Inorganic Hybrid Electronics with Transparent Conductive Silver Nanowire/Biopolymer Hybrid Films문명운; 김민석; 박성빈; 한주원; 김중하; Anky Fitrian Wibowo; Ajeng Prameswati; 박지현; 이종희; 김용현
2018-05Rewiring FadR regulon for the selective production of omega-hydroxy palmitic acid from glucose in Escherichia coli성창민; 김준원; 유희왕; 김민석; 김은정; 이평강; 박범기; 김병기
2020-09Selective and sensitive photon sieve based on III-V semiconductor nanowire forest fabricated by lithography-free process주건우; 이길주; 박광욱; 김민석; Sehui Chang; 석태준; 박홍규; 김규정; 송영민
2016-07Spinodally Decomposed PbSe-PbTe Nanoparticles for High-Performance Thermoelectrics: Enhanced Phonon Scattering and Unusual Transport Behavior안재평; 김민석; 이우진; 조기현; 성윤모
2013-04Studies on SCR of Methane over Modified Hydrotalcite Based Catalyst김대환; 이윤주; 양은혁; 김민석; 이진희; 이승환; 김현진; 문동주
2013-08Studies on the Synthesis of Glycerol Carbonate over Zn/Al based김민석; 권태운; 이상용; Kannapu Hari Prasad Reddy; 김상우; 김대환; 문동주
2013-08Syngas Production by the SCR of Methane Over Modified Hydrotalcite Based Catalyst박미경; 이윤주; 양은혁; 김민석; 이진희; 이승환; 김현진; 문동주
2020-11-26무기 고분자로 구성된 비정질 나노 구조체를 이용한 오염물 제거방법김민석; 허가현