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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-04A contribution of brown carbon aerosol to the aerosol light absorption and its radiative forcing in East Asia박록진; 김민중; 정재인; 윤대옥; 김상우
2021-11A target-customized carbon shell structure of carbon-encapsulated metal nanoparticles for fuel cell applications유성종; 장주혁; 김영진; 민지호; A. Anto Jeffery; 이세현; S. S. Chougule; 김민중; 정남기
2015-07Cobalt-carbon nanofibers as an efficient support- free catalyst for oxygen reduction reaction with a systematic study of active site formation김민중; 남도환; 박희영; 권초롱; 엄광섭; 유성종; 장종현; 김형준; 조은애; 권혁상
2012-11Degradation mechanism of automotive PEMFCs: Effects of Pt loading in the electrodes on the durability of a MEA for PEMFCs during startup/shutdown cycling엄광섭; 김경희; 김민중; 조은애; 임태훈; 장종현
2011-09Design of Al-Fe alloys for fast on-board hydrogen production from hydrolysis엄광섭; 권재영; 김민중; 권혁상
2011-10Design of Al-Fe and Al-Sn-Fe alloys for fast on-board hydrogen production from hydrolysis, and its application to PEM fuel cells엄광섭; 조은애; 김민중; 오세권; 권혁상
2015-12Design of an advanced membrane electrode assembly employing a double-layered cathode for a PEM fuel cell김경희; 엄광섭; 김민중; 유성종; 장종현; 김형준; 조은애
2011-09Design of ternary Al-Sn-Fe alloy for fast on-board hydrogen production, and its application to PEM fuel cell엄광섭; 김민중; 오세권; 조은애; 권혁상
2013-09Effects of heat treatment time on electrochemical properties and electrode structure of polytetrafluoroethylene-bonded membrane electrode assemblies for polybenzimidazole-based high-temperature proton exchange membrane fuel cells김민중; 정기수; 엄광섭; 조은애; 류정욱; 김형준; 권혁상
2016-05High-performance membrane-electrode assembly with an optimal polytetrafluoroethylene content for high-temperature polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells정지수; 김민중; 한준영; 김형준; 설용건; 조은애
2015-11Highly efficient and durable TiN nanofiber electrocatalyst supports김현; 조민경; 권정안; 정연훈; 이경진; 김나영; 김민중; 유성종; 장종현; 김형준; 남석우; 임동희; 조은애; 이관용; 김진영
2012-11On-board hydrogen production by hydrolysis from designed Al-Cu alloys and the application of this technology to polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells김민중; 엄광섭; 권재영; 조은애; 권혁상
2012-11Syntehsis of electrospun nanofibrous transition metal-carbon based oxygen reduction reaction catalysts and its electrochemical properties김민중; 박희영; 조은애; 엄광섭; 권초롱; 유성종; 남도환; 권혁상
2013-11Synthesis of Cobalt Nanoparticle Embedded Carbon Nanofiber Catalysts With High Oxygen Reduction Reaction Activity김민중; 남도환; 박희영; 엄광섭; 조은애; 권초롱; 유성종; 권혁상
2014-04Synthesis of highly-active carbon nanofiber based electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction reaction in alkaline media김민중; 남도환; 조은애; 박희영; 엄광섭; 권초롱; 유성종; 권혁상
2013-06The effect of fuel composition on Degradation of PBI-based high-temperature polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells정기수; 헨켄스마이어디억; 김만수; 김민중; 한준영; 김형준; 유성종; 장종현; 조은애
2013-02Thermochemical production of sodium borohydride from sodium metaborate in a scaled-up reactor엄광섭; 조은애; 김민중; SeKwon Oh; 남석우; 권혁상