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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-11A controllable fabrication and evaluation of Au nanowires using selective metal nanoscale etch method제가타; 이병철; 신현준; 김상경
2006-05A miniaturized electrochemical system with a novel polyelectrolyte reference electrode and its application to thin layer electroanalysis김상경; 임효진; 정택동; 김희찬
2012-12A new combination MALDI matrix for small molecule analysis: application to maging mass spectrometry for drugs and metabolitesSelina Rahman Shanta; Tae Young Kim; Ji Hae Hong; Jeong Hwa Lee; Chan Young Shin; Kyun-Hwan Kim; Young Hwan Kim; 김상경; Kwang Pyo Kim
2009-05A Study of dsDNA Elasticity by Atomic Force Microscopy누엔티후옹; 이상명; 나경환; 김상경; 김태송; 윤의성
2007-10Actuating layer-embedded microcantilever for highly sensitive biomolecule detection황교선; 김상경; 김태송
2007-04Amplification of fluorescence with packed beads to enhance the sensitivity of miniaturized detection in microfluidic chip신경식; 이성우; 한기철; 김상경; 양은경; 박정호; 주병권; 강지윤; 김태송
2011-01Analysis of DNA coverage using enzymatic cleavage of fluorescent labels김미정; 정순; 김태송; 김상경
2011-01Analysis of DNA hybridization regarding the conformation of molecular layer with piezoelectric microcantileverszheng, shun; 최준환; 이상명; 황교선; 김상경; 김태송
2007-06Application of polyelectrolyte hydrogel in microfluidic chips김상경; 김재현
2008-05Application to Various Cell types in Microfluidic Chip using Electroporation박현직; 김인태; 김재현; 오한빈; 황교선; 김상경
2017-09Aptamer-Based Single-Step Assay by the Fluorescence Enhancement on Electroless Plated Nano Au Substrate김상경; Jegatha Nambi Krishnan; 박상휘
2008-05Biochemical approaches for sensitivity enhancement of nanomechanical microcantilevers for ultrasensitive detection of PSA이상명; 황교선; 윤효진; 김상경; 이윤식; 김태송
2014-10Biomimetic template-guided fabrication of tubular lipid membranes for artificial primary cilia박민철; 파비쓰라; 강지윤; 김상경; Manz Andreas; 김태송
2009-05Biomolecules detection using piezoelectric driven microcantilever황교선; 이상명; 김상경; 강지윤; 김태송
2009-08Biosensors: a review황교선; 김상경; 김태송
2009-10Cantilever nanosensors: possibilities and applications김태송; 김상경; K. Wang; G. Kiselev; I. Yaminsky
2007-06Comparative analysis of cell surface proteins in chronic and acute leukemia cell linesSoo Jae Lee; Kyun-Hwan Kim; Ji Sook Park; Jin Woo Jung; Young Hwan Kim; 김상경; Wan-Seok Kim; Hyun-gyung Goh; Soo-hyun Kim; Jung-Sun Yoo; Dong-Wook Kim; 김광표
2007-10Continuous Low-Voltage dc Electroporation on a Microfluidic Chip with Polyelectrolytic Salt Bridges김상경; 김재현; 김광표; 정택동
2017-07Detection of Avian Influenza Virus from Cloacal Swabs Using a Disposable Well Gate FET Sensor이석; 이관희; 김상경; 최재빈; 전민홍; 박성욱; 김용덕; 육성수; 송창선
2009-08Detection of Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) DNA at femtomolar concentrations using a silica nanoparticle-enhanced microcantilever sensor차병학; 이상명; 박재찬; 황교선; 김상경; 이윤식; 주병권; 김태송
2013-08Development of a smart air-monitoring system김철기; 이택진; 김재헌; 강종윤; 김상경; 전성찬; 이석
2019-06Development of Hydrogel Microparticle based RT-qPCR for Advanced Detection of BCR-ABL1 Transcripts김상경; 김정민; 김미연; 김원진; 김광표; 심상준
2011-07Direct Electrical Measurement of Protein-Water interactions and Temperature Dependence Using Piezoelectric Microcantilevers이정훈; 황교선; 윤대성; 강지윤; 김상경; 김태송
2008-10Dominant Origin of Mechanical Response Change of the Functionalized Microcantilever for Highly Sensitive Biomolecule Detection전혜경; 황교선; 이상명; 김상경; 김태송
2009-06Downregulation of PLK-1 expression in kaempferol-induced apoptosis of MCF-7 cells강금용; 이은령; 김정현; 정진우; 임준; 김상경; 조쌍구; 김광표
2009-07Elasticity Measurement of Single-stranded DNA on Chemically-modified Surface using Atomic Force Microscopy누엔티후옹; 이상명; 나경환; 김상경; 강지윤; 윤의성; 김진석
2012-02Electrocatalytic Effects of Carbon Dissolution in Pd Nanoparticles전태열; 유성종; 박희영; 김상경; 임성엽; 백동현; 정두환; 성영은
2021-07Electrochemical determination of the degree of atomic surface roughness in Pt?Ni alloy nanocatalysts for oxygen reduction reaction유성종; 박희영; 전태열; 유승호; 김상경
2013-12Electroless deposition of SERS active Au-nanostructures on variety of metallic substratesJegatha Nambi Krishnan; 김인태; 안성현; 김지환; 조소혜; 김상경
2011-11Enhanced activity of Pt-based electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction via a selective Pt deposition process전태열; Nicola Pinn; 유성종; 유승호; 김상경; 임상엽; 백동현; 정두환; 성영은