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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-01A Novel tiny ultrasonic linear motor using the radial mode of a bimorph고현필; 김상식; 세르게이 보로딘; 바실리예프; 강종윤; 윤석진
2010-10Amorphous Sr0.8Bi2.2Ta2O9 Thin Films for MIM Embedded Capacitors강민규; 조광환; 이칠형; 강종윤; 윤석진; 김상식
2004-10An advanced microchip with organic light emitting diode integrated on a microchannel for applications in the fluorescence detection김주환; 김영환; 김영민; 김용국; 김태송; 강지윤; 양은경; 주병권; 신경식; 백경갑; 김상식
2006-05Analysis of tiny piezoelectric ultrasonic linear motor고현필; 이경재; 유경호; 강종윤; 김상식; 윤석진
2014-02Carbon Nanotube/Silver Nanowire Multilayer for Low Haze Transparent Conductive Films for Flexible Touch Screen민형섭; 김상식; 최원국; 오영제; 이전국
2014-01Characteristics of Ga and Ag-doped ZnO-based nanowires for an ethanol gas sensor prepared by hot-walled pulsed laser deposition정다운; 김경원; 박성익; 김영환; 김상식; 김성일
2003-07Characteristics of piezoelectric ceramic-polymer composites by fabrication고현필; 김상식; 정경근; 유광수; 최지원; 윤석진
2005-11Characterization of porous silica aerogel prepared by ambient drying류성욱; 김태정; 김상식; 오영제
2010-11Characterizations of Ga-doped ZnO Nanowires Depending on growth temperature and target-substrate distance in Hot-Walled Pulsed Laser Deposition김경원; 박동훈; 풀락; 이동윤; 김상식; 이상렬
2006-12Constructions and characteristics of a tiny piezoelectric linear motor using radial mode vibrations고현필; 강종윤; 김진상; Sefigey N Borodin; 김상식; 윤석진
2010-02Controllability of threshold voltage in Ag-doped ZnO nanowire field effect transistors by adjusting the diameter of active channel nanowire김경원; 풀락; 박동훈; 김상식; 이상렬
2011-06Deposition Temperature-dependence of the structural and electrical properties of Ga-doped ZnO thin film for transparent conducting oxides이득희; 김경원; 풀락; 정다운; 김상식; 이상렬
2003-04Development of photo-diode for LOC fluorescence detector.김주환; 신경식; 김용국; 김상식; 주병권
2004-04Development of Photo-sensor for Integrated Lab-On-a-Chip김주환; 신경식; 김용국; 김태송; 김상식; 주병권
2012-05Effect of Au ion doping treatment on SWNT flexible transparent conducting films민형섭; 정명선; 최원국; 김상식; 이전국
2011-10Effect of device size on the resistive switching properties in MnO2 thin films최선영; 김상식; 이전국
2011-06Effect of Ga/Ag dopants on optical and structural properties of ZnO-based nanowires김경원; 이득희; 풀락; 정다운; 김상식; 이상렬
2011-03Effect of gallium contents on the threshold voltage shift of solution-processed Ga-doped Si-In-Zn-O thin film transistor최준영; 박기호; 전윤수; 김상식; 이상렬
2010-06Effects of Ag doping on the performance of ZnO-based thin film transistor이득희; 이상렬; 김상식
2012-08Effects of Hole Transport layer using Au-ionic Doping SWNT on Efficiency of Organic Solar Cells민형섭; 정명선; 최원국; 김상식; 이전국
2001-07Effects of rapid thermal annealing on the electrical properties of cobalt contact to p-GaN김제원; 김성일; 김용태; 김상식; 성만영; 최인훈
2010-04Electrical properties of Ag-doped ZnO nanowire FET김경원; 풀락; 박동훈; 이동윤; 김상식; 이상렬
2011-06Electrical properties of Mg doped ZnSnO TFTs fabricated by solution-process최준영; 박기호; 김상식; 이상렬
2008-10Electrochemical charactristics of electrode for redox flow battery with soluble lead민형섭; 김상식; 이전국
2008-11Electrochemical Properties of Immobilized MnOx-CNFs Composite Electrode for Supercapacitors민형섭; 김상식; 이전국
2009-05Energy efficiency improvement of different graphite electrodes in soluble lead acid redox flow battery민형섭; 양민규; 김상식; 이전국
2011-04Ethanol gas sensors with Ga-doping in ZnO nanowires정다운; 김경원; 이득희; 풀락; 김상식; 이상렬
2010-08Evaluation of acceptor binding energy of nitrogen doped ZnO thin films grown by dielectric barrier discharge in pulsed laser deposition이득희; 전윤수; 박기호; 김상식; 이상렬
2010-08Excimer laser annealing effect on the optical properties of ZnO thin film grown by sol-gel method김경원; 박동훈; 이동윤; 풀락; 김상식; 이상렬
2012-05Explosive gas sensors with ultrahigh sensitivity in all-fiber configuration배미경; 최희덕; 임정아; 김상식; 송용원