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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-108β-hydroxy-3-oxopimar-15-ene exerts anti-inflammatory effects by inhibiting ROS-mediated activation of the TRAF6-ASK1-p38 signaling pathway조재흥; 이종현; 이은정; 남동우; 심범상; 송미연; 김성수; 김성훈; 정상훈; 정원석; 안광석
1987-04A change of beta-receptor binding in various brain regions of spontaneously hypertensive rats서유헌; 김철응; 김성수; 김헌식; 최웅; 권준수; 우종인; 박찬웅
2010-06A Feasibility study on removal characteristics of taste and odor using bank filtration treatment맹승규; 박노석; 임재림; 김성수; 정우창
2017-08A highly sensitive plasma-based amyloid-beta detection system through medium-changing and noise cancellation system for early diagnosis of the Alzheimer's disease이병철; 유용경; 김진식; 김강은; 김영수; 김혜윤; 이세진; 조원우; 김성수; 이상명; 이정훈; 황교선
2011-05A study on the reaction characteristics of vanadium-impregnated natural manganese oxide in NH3-selective catalytic reduction권동욱; 김성수; 이상문; 박광희; 홍성창
1995-01Age-related changes of mRNA expression of amyloid precursor protein in the brain of senescence-accelerated mouse조현섭; 김성수; 최웅; 김성헌; 정성진; 홍리나; 정영혜; 이영재; 박찬웅; 이광우; 서유헌
2021-10All-Lignin-Based Thermosets via Alkyne-Azide Cycloaddition김성수; 최지호; 장민정
2006-01Atomic arrangement of Al-induced clusters on Si(001) surface at high temperature서정화; 박재영; 정선교; 유경화; 황정남; 김성수; 최대선; 채근화
2001-04Atomic structure of Ba layer on Si(0 0 1)-(2 x 1) surface studied by low energy ion scattering조원석; 김주영; 김성수; 최대선; 정광호; 여인환; 황정남; 채근화
2003-02Atomic structure of Cs grown on Si(001)(2×1) surface by coaxial impact collision ion scattering spectroscopy김주영; 박재영; 서정화; 황정남; 김성수; 최대선; 강희재; 채근화
2003-03Atomic structure of Cs layer grown on Si(001)(2×1) surface at room temperature김주영; 박재영; 서정화; 황정남; 강희재; 김성수; 최대선; 채근화
2021-04Carbon fibers derived from oleic acid-functionalized lignin via thermostabilization accelerated by UV Irradiation조성무; 김성수; 이예정; 강도희; 박규하; 배재성
2019-05Catalytic Nanopatterning of Graphene Using Arrayed Pt Nanostructures Synthesized from Thin Films of Diblock Copolymers김성수
2014-04Catalytic Upgrading of Xylan Over Mesoporous Y Catalyst김성수; 전보람; 박성훈; 전종기; 서동진; 김태완; 박영권
1989-01Catecholamine synthesizing enzymes in adult spontaneously hypertensive rats서유헌; 조현섭; 김헌식; 김성수; 최웅; 전양숙; 임정규; 박찬웅
2005-10Characteristics of Ginsenoside Rg3-Mediated Brain Na+ Current Inhibition이준호; 정상민; 김종훈; 이병환; 윤인수; 이준희; 최선혜; 김동현; 임혜원; 김성수; 김재일; 장춘곤; 송진호; 나승열
2021-05Chemically Modified Lignins with Fatty Acid as Precursors of Low-cost Carbon Fibers조성무; 김성수; 신훈이; 장민정
1990-01Cloning and analysis of the pseudogene for human epinephrine synthesizing enzyme, phenylethanolamine N-methyltransferase (PNMT)서유헌; 박일선; 김헌식; 허성오; 김성수; 전양숙; 최웅; 박찬웅
1994-11Complete nucleotide sequence and tissue-specific expression of the rat phenylethanolamine N-methyltransferase gene서유헌; 전양숙; 이인식; 김성수; 최웅; 정영혜; 홍리나; 김성훈; 박찬웅; 김종국
2021-11Converting crosslinked polyethylene waste into activated carbon materials and their electrochemical properties as supercapacitor electrodes이성호; 김성수; 조세연; 박성인; 양인찬; 이관원; 이예림
1990-01Crystalline organic thin film deposition by ionized cluster beamHong Su Choe; Seong Jin Cho; 최원국; 김성수; 정광호; 황정남
2019-08Degradable Thermoset Fibers Containing Renewable Carbohydrate-Derived Diol Subunits김성수; C. Maggie Lau; Leon M. Lillie; William B. Tolman; Theresa M. Reineke; Christopher J. Ellison
2021-10Depolymerization of Kraft Lignin via tert-butoxide-Assisted Oxidation조성무; 김성수; 신훈이
1993-09Design and Diafiltration Performance of Modified Cellulose and Regenerated Cellulose Hollow Fiber Membrane Hemodiafilter김재진; 박진용; 서상봉; 김성수; 김은영; 강성종; 연인석; 고영환
1993-01Design and filtration performance of polysulfone hollow fiber membrane hemofilter김재진; 박진용; 서상봉; 김성수; 김은영; 강성종; 연인석; 고영환
2021-05Diamine vapor treatment of viscoelastic graphene oxide liquid crystal for gas barrier coating김성수; Seung Eun Choi; Eunji Choi; Ji Hoon Kim; Yunkyu Choi; Junhyeok Kang; Ohchan Kwon; Dae Woo Kim
1993-06Effect of casting processes on the microstructures and mechanical properties of B390 aluminium alloy.한요섭; 이호인; 김성수; 김정식
2012-08Effect of the Mn oxidation state and lattice oxygen in Mn_based TiO2 catalysts on the low-temperature selective catalytic reduction of NO by NH3권동욱; 이상문; 박광희; 김성수; 홍성창
2000-11Effects of organosilicate structure on melt intercalation of thermoplastic polymers어태식; 김성수; 송기국; 김준경
2022-01Efficient upcycling of polypropylene-based waste disposable masks into hard carbons for anodes in sodium ion batteries이성호; 김성수; 이관원; 이민의; 조한익