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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003-10A study on the removal of low-concentration fluoride-ion by activated adsorbent.김소영; 김주희; 김현자; 조영상
2005-03A Study on the Removal of Low-concentration Fluoride-ion by Modified Alumina김소영; 김주희; 김현자; 조영상
2002-06Adsorptive correlations of chromatography for ibuprofen enantiomers김소영; 송태호; 이중기; 서성섭; 최민호; 박태진; 박달근
2002-11Blood analysis for indirect doping control of erythropoietin in sports이정란; 홍지연; 김소영; 김명수; 최명자
2003-12Blood analysis for indirect doping control of erythropoietin in sports이정란; 김소영; 홍지연; 김명수; 최명자
1999-01Characterization of polyclonal anti-triazine antibodies and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for the determination of s-triazine김소영; 조영아; 최정은; 이정란; 이인숙; 최명자
2001-03Characterization of s-triazine antibodies and comparison of enzyme immunoassay and biotin-avidin enzyme immunoassay for the determination of s-triazine김소영; 조영아; 최정은; 최명자
1999-01Comparison of estrogen receptors in different sources for the receptor binding activity of estradiol and its endocrine disrupters이정란; 최정은; 김소영; 최명자
2015-11Continuous and rapid stabilization of polyacrylonitrile fiber bundles assisted by atmospheric pressure plasma for fabricating large-tow carbon fibers김소영; 이성호; 박세준; 조성무; 이헌수; 조한익
2014-04Design of microwave plasma and enhanced mechanical properties of thermoplastic composites reinforced with microwave plasma-treated carbon fiber fabric이헌수; 김소영; 노예지; 김성륜
2013-02Design of Microwave Plasma and Enhanced Mechanical Property of Thermoplastic Composites Reinforced with the Microwave Plasma Treated Carbon Fiber Fabric김소영; 노예지; 김성륜; 이헌수
1999-04Designing of synthesis for the antibody-ferrocene conjugates for the application of digoxin immunostrip sensor김소영; 최정은; 이인숙; 최명자
2012-10Development of Low Cost Process for Carbon Fiber Using Plasma Technology김소영; 이헌수; 이성호; 조한익
2002-04Development of protein chip for osteoporosis diagnosis김소영; 윤미영; 장동일; 이남택; 최명자
2003-06Development of protein chip for osteoporotic biomarkers.최명자; 김소영; 이남택; 노동석
1999-01Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for the determination of BTEX.김소영; 최정은; 이인숙; 박송자; 최명자
2020-07High-power and flexible indoor solar cells via controlled growth of Perovskite using a greener antisolvent한일기; 강구민; 김소영; 오희윤; 정인영; 박민우
2020-04High-quality nitrogen-doped graphene films synthesized from pyridine via two-step chemical vapor deposition황준연; 이원기; 손명우; 지상수; 김소영; 김용현; 오병윤; 이병훈; 함문호
2021-04Highly flexible and stable perovskite/microbead hybrid photodetectors with improved interfacial light trapping강구민; 김진아; 오희윤; 김해진; 김소영; 박민우
2021-07Influence of a Solvent Trap in ITO/PEN Substrates on the Performance of Flexible Perovskite Solar Cells and Light-Emitting Diodes강구민; 김소영; 오희윤; 정인영; 박민우
2001-09Influence of coating ligands for enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay of toluene김소영; 이남택; 최명자
2019-09Investigation of biomolecular structures using NMR spectroscopy김낙균; 김소영; 신지연; 방경미
1999-01Labeling digoxin antibody with colloidal gold and ferrocene for its use in a membrane immunostrip and immunosensor최명자; 김소영; 최정은; 이인숙
2015-01Microwave plasma carbonization for the fabrication of polyacrylonitrile-based carbon fiber김소영; 김성륜; 이성호; 조성무; 임연호; 이헌수
2001-11Optical separation of racemic ibuprofen by using chiral stationary phase박달근; 이중기; 김소영; 송태호; 서성섭
2001-12Optical separation of racemic ketoprofen by chiral high-performance liquid chromatography김소영; 이중기; 서성섭; 최민호; 박태진; 박달근
2003-10Optical separation of racemic pelubiprofen by high-performance liquid chromatography김소영; 이중기; 서성섭; 박태진; 박달근
2000-11Preparation and characterization of digoxin antibody and its application to immunoassays: comparison of performance characteristics between enzyme immunoassay and immunostrip test김소영; 최명자
1998-11Preparation of digoxin antibody conjugate labeled with colloidal gold and ferrocene for the applications of membrane immunostrip and immunosensor김소영; 최정은; 김형주; 최명자
1998-01Preparation of multi-labeled digoxin antibody conjugate using colloidal gold and ferrocene for both applications of membrane immunochromatography and immunosensor strips김소영; 최정은; 김형주; 최명자