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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-05A facile method for transparent carbon nanosheets heater based on polyimide구본철; 유남호; 고문주; 황준연; 김승민; 여현욱; 하미드; Seong Jun Yu; 정영규
2016-05A facile method for transparent carbon nanosheets heater based on polyimide구본철; 유남호; 고문주; 황준연; 김승민; 여현욱; 김현일; Hamid souri
2017-06A highly sensitive chemical gas detecting transistor based on highly crystalline CVD-grown MoSe2 films김승민; Jongyeol Baek; Demin Yin; Na Liu; Inturu Omkaram; Chulseung Jung; Healin Im; Seongin Hong; Young Ki Hong; 허재현; Youngki Yoon; 김선국
2020-04A Mechanistic Understanding of Nonclassical Crystal Growth in Hydrothermally Synthesized Sodium Yttrium Fluoride Nanowires김승민; Alexander B. Bard; Xuezhe Zhou; Xiaojing Xia; Guomin Zhu; Matthew B. Lim; Matthew C. Johnson; Justin M. Kollman; Matthew A. Marcus; Steven R. Spurgeon; Daniel E. Perea; Arun Devaraj; Jaehun Chun; James J. De Yoreo; Peter J. Pauzauskie
2015-10A Microscopic Investigation on the Local Degradation and Thermal Stability of Charged Nickel-Based Cathode Materials for Lithium-Ion Batteries황수연; 김승민; 정경윤; Eric A. Stach; 장원영
2018-08A Novel Free-standing Anode of CuO Nanorods in Carbon Nanotube Web for Flexible Lithium Ion Batteries황준연; 김승민; 이세현; 송현준; 정영진
2016-03A Route to Synthesis Molybdenium Disulfide-Reduced Graphene Oxide (MoS2-RGO) Composites Using Supercritical Methanol and Their Enhanced Electrochemical Performance for Li-Ion Batteries김승민; 최무겸; Siva Kumar Koppala; 윤도현; 황지은; 김재훈
2019-03A seed-mediated growth of gold nanoparticles inside carbon nanotube fibers for fabrication of multifunctional nanohybrid fibers with enhanced mechanical and electrical properties이동수; 김승민; 정현수; 김영관; 박준범; 박민; 김영진; 백슬기; 노희석; 김형준; 이중희
2017-03Accurate measurement of specific tensile strength of carbon nanotube fibers with hierarchical structures by vibroscopic method김승민; 정현수; 이재근; 박준범; 이동명; 유하영; 이성현; 이건홍
2015-10Advances in liquid crystalline nano-carbon materials: preparation of nano-carbon based lyotropic liquid crystal and their fabrication of nano-carbon fibers with liquid crystalline spinning최용문; 정진; 황준연; 김승민; 정현수; 구본철; 고문주
2019-09Bio-Inspired Incorporation of Functionalized Graphene Oxide into Carbon Nanotube Fibers for Their Efficient Mechanical Reinforcement양철민; 김승민; 정현수; 김영관; 박준범; 김영진; 한상우; 양범주
2017-11Cancer-derived exosomes as a delivery platform of CRISPR/Cas9 confer cancer cell tropism-dependent targeting양유수; 장미희; 오승자; 김승민; 홍연선; 서민구
2014-11Carbon Micro-tubes Prepared from Mercerized Cotton Fibers유진원; 최용문; 김승민; 여현욱; 이재관; 유남호; 고문주
2015-10Carbon nanotube fiber's densification using chlorosulfonic acid이동명; 박준범; 정현수; 김승민
2018-08Chirality selective growth of single walled carbon nanotubes by floating catalyst chemical vapor deposition (FC-CVD)김승민; 문숙영; 박지홍; 이상재
2019-03CNT bundle-based thin intracochlear electrode array임윤섭; 김승민; 박준범; 최광진; 권태목; 김두희; 오승하; 전상범; 김성준
2020-12Continuous Synthesis of High-crystalline Carbon Nanotubes by Controlling the Configuration of the Injection Part in the Floating Catalyst Chemical Vapor Deposition Process김승민; 박준범; 이성현; 박지홍
2019-04Controlling the Crystallinity of Carbon Nanotube Fibers by Carrier gas composition김승민; 문숙영; 강인지
2021-03Deep-injection floating-catalyst chemical vapor deposition to continuously synthesize carbon nanotubes with high aspect ratio and high crystallinity김승민; 정현수; 문숙영; 이동명; 박지홍; 이성현; 박준범; 이안나; 이세영
2015-10Densification of Carbon Nanotube Fibers using Chlorosulfonic Acid이동명; 박준범; 정현수; 김승민
2016-09Determination of the mechanism and extent of surface degradation in Ni-based cathode materials after repeated electrochemical cycling정경윤; 장원영; 김승민; 황수연; 김세영; Eric A. Stach
2020-12Different Thermal Degradation Mechanisms: Role of Aluminum in Ni-rich Layered Cathode Materials정경윤; 장원영; 김승민; 박준범; 조은미; 박재호; 황지은; 남경완
2017-04Direct conversion of cellulose to high-yield methyl lactate over Ga-doped Zn/H-nanozeolite Y catalysts in supercritical methanol김승민; Deepak Verma; Rizki Insyani; Young-Woong Suh; Seok Ki Kim; 김재훈
2016-01Direct Observation of Morphological Evolution of a Catalyst during Carbon Nanotube Forest Growth: New Insights into Growth and Growth Termination정서정; 이재근; 김환철; 황준연; 구본철; Dmitri N. Zakharov; Benji Maruyama; Eric A. Stach; 김승민
2015-10Direct Observation on Morphological Evolution of Catalyst during Carbon Nanotube Forest Growth: Modified Growth Termination Model이재근; 정서정; 김승민
2017-06Direct one-pot conversion of monosaccharides into high-yield 2,5-dimethylfuran over a multifunctional Pd/Zr-based metal-organic framework@sulfonated graphene oxide catalyst김승민; Rizki Insyani; Deepak Verma; 김재훈
2019-07Direct spinning and densification method for high-performance carbon nanotube fibers이헌수; 김승민; 정현수; 박준범; 이동명; 이재근; 정연수; 김영관; 박종래
2015-10Effect of oxygen plasma treatment on the mechanical properties of carbon nanotube fibers박옥경; 김우영; 김승민; 유남호; 정영진; 이헌수; 구본철
2016-07Effects of a SiO2 sub-supporting layer on the structure of a Al2O3 supporting layer, formation of Fe catalyst particles, and growth of carbon nanotube forests김승민; 이재근; 이동명; 박준범; 이철훈; 이건홍; 조새벽; 조길원; Benji Maruyama
2015-01Effects of nitrogen doping from pyrolyzed ionic liquid in carbon nanotube fibers: enhanced mechanical and electrical properties박옥경; 김화정; 황준연; 김승민; 정영진; 이재관; 구본철