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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-06A novel photoanode with high flexibility for fiber-shaped dye sensitized solar cellsGui-Cheng Liu; Xue Gao; Hui Wang; 김아영; Zhenxuan Zhao; 이중기; Dechun Zou
2016-11A Study on Electrochemical Stability of LixSiyOz Thin Film Coated Lithium Metal Anode이중기; 김아영; 김지영; 김한성
2014-03Al-C hybrid nanoclustered anodes for lithium ion batteries with high electrical capacity and cyclic stabilityJi Hun Park; 차이룰 후다야; 김아영; Do Kyung Rhee; Seon Ju Yeo; 최원창; Pil J. Yoo; 이중기
2012-06Amphiphilic hyaluronic acid-based nanoparticles for tumor-specific optical/MR dual imaging이동은; 김아영; 윤홍열; 최기영; 권익찬; 정서영; 박재형; 김광명
2015-11An elastic carbon layer on echeveria-inspired SnO2 anode for long-cycle and high-rate lithium ion batteries김아영; 김정섭; 차이룰 후다야; Dongdong Xiao; Dongjin Byun; Lin Gu; Xiao Wei; Yuan Yao; Richeng Yu; 이중기
2012-11Characteristics of fluorine-doped tin oxide (SnO2:F) thin films deposited on PET for transparent heater김아영; 박지훈; 최원창; 변동진; 이중기
2017-04Cu3Si-doped porous-silicon particles prepared by simplified chemical vapor deposition method as anode material for high-rate and long-cycle lithium-ion batteries이중기; 이상협; 우재영; 김아영; Guicheng Liu; Min Kyu Kim; Yang-Kook Sun
2013-11Double layer effect on electrothermal properties of transparent heaters김아영; 이규하; 변동진; 이중기
2014-08Double-layer effect on electrothermal properties of transparent heaters김아영; 이규하; 박지훈; 변동진; 이중기
2010-01Dynamic Calibration for the In-Line NIR Monitoring of Film Thickness of Pharmaceutical Tablets Processed in a Fluid-Bed Coater이민정; 박초롱; 김아영; 권병수; 방규호; 조영상; 정명영; 최광진
2014-04Effect of electrolyte additives on interfacial properties of flower-like hierarchical SnO2 electrode as an anode material for lithium-ion batteries김아영; 김정섭; 변동진; 이중기
2014-09Effect of micro-patterned fluorine-doped tin oxide films on electrochromic properties of Prussian blue films이규하; 김아영; 박지훈; 정훈기; 최원창; 이화영; 이중기
2013-11Effect of oxygen plasma treatment on the electrochemical properties of Prussian blue electrodes for transparent electrochromic devices김아영; 박지훈; Dongjin Byun; 이중기
2016-11Electrochemical Analysis of Polystyrene Coated Porous Silicon as an Anode Material of Lithium Ion Batteries이중기; 우재영; 김아영; Thuy-An Nguyen; 이상화; 선양국
2013-05Electrochemical behavior of a Micro-laser structuring FTO anode layer with a plasma pretreatment for lithium ion batteries박지훈; 김아영; 차이룰 후다야; 최원창; 변동진; Wilhelm Pfleging; Hans Jurgen Seifert; 이중기
2016-11Electrochemical Characteristics of Hierarchical SnO/SnO2@C Anode Material for Li-Ion Batteries이중기; 김아영; 김지영; 변동진
2012-08Electrochemical characteristics of plasma treated materials for a high response rate as transparent electrochromic devices김아영; 차이룰 후다야; 박지훈; 최원창; 변동진; 이중기
2012-04Electrochemical characteristics of surface modified silicon powder as the anode material for lithium ion batteries김아영; 박지훈; 차이룰 후다야; 변동진; 이중기
2015-11Electrochemical Characteristics of Termite Nest Mimicked Copper Silicide as Anode materials prepared by Chemical Vapor Deposition우재영; 김아영; 김민규; 이중기
2013-11Electrochemical characteristics of ZnO patterned column/SnO2 films for anodic electrodes of lithium ion batteries박지훈; 차이룰 후다야; 김아영; 이중기
2017-05Electrochemical characterization of SiO2 thin film coated Li metal electrode for Li-S batteries이중기; 김아영; 김지영; Guicheng Liu; 김한성
2017-06Electrochemical Performance of CuS Nanoparticles into Porous Graphitic Carbon Matrix Derived from Cu-MOF as a Cathode for Lithium-ion Batteries이중기; 김아영; 유현진; Guicheng Liu; 변동진
2016-11Electrochemical Performance of SnO2 and Sulfur Nanoparticles Uniformly Dispersed on the Surface of Reduced Graphene Oxide as a anode Material for Flexible Lithium-Sulfur Batteries이중기; 김아영; Gui-Cheng Liu; 유현진; 변동진
2013-11Electrochemical Performances of Fullerene C60-originated Carbon-coated Indium Tin Oxide Films as a Counter Electrode for Electrochromic Devices이규하; 김아영; 강봉조; 박지훈; 이중기
2013-11Electrochemical properties of dense, hierarchical structure SnO2 as a lithium ion battery anode김아영; 김정섭; 변동진; 이중기
2016-06Employment of SnO2:F@Ni3Sn2/Ni nanoclusters composites as an anode material for lithium-ion batteries김민규; 김아영; 우재영; 임종주; 전법주; 이중기
2018-12Employment of ultra-thin carbon layer-coated porous tin oxide as anode in lithium-ion capacitor이중기; 김아영; 민 후안 트란
2014-11Enhanced energy density of lithium ion capacitors based on tin oxide@carbon/activated carbon electrodes via optimizing mass ratio of negative/positive electrodes김아영; 변동진; 이중기
2014-05Enhanced thermal properties of hierarchical SnO2 anode material with fluoroethylene carbonate additive for lithium-ion batteries김아영; 변동진; 이중기
2012-08Fullerence Coated Fluorine-doped Tin Oxide Films as Anode Materials for Li-Ion Batteries via Plasma Deposition차이룰 후다야; 박지훈; 김아영; 최원창; 이중기