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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998-0113C NMR analysis for the characterization of heme electronic/molecular structure in horse myoglobin cyanide이강봉; 권지혜; 이호진; 김영만; 최영상
1999-05A calorimetric method for the determination of ethanol using recombinant alcohol dehydrogenase박성우; 김은호; 공광훈; 심은정; 홍민표; 박희중; 김영만
1999-01A comparative study on thermal efficiency between the present floor and a ceramic floor김영만; 김경성; 최범석; 고재식; 박승구
2002-07A comparison of the microstructures of surface melted CU-wire.김영만; 박성우; 김상현; 김택제
1994-01A direct reading atomic emission spectrometer for chemical analysis on the iron and steels.김영만; 정찬이; 김선태; 최범석
1999-12A study on determination of iodine in serum, fresh milk, and feed additive by inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry이원; 박경수; 김선태; 김영만
1996-01A study on development of CRM by means of XRF analysis for fine ceramic (BaTiO//3).김영만; 정찬이; 임창호; 송택용; 이동수
1994-01A study on the analytical characterizations of the low flow-low power ICP-AES양혜순; 김영만; 김선태; 최범석
1999-12A study on the coagulation efficiencies of some organics by aluminum based coagulants김미향; 김영만; 최범석
2000-12A Study on the comparison of morphology and characteristic analysis for microscopic trace using criminal image capture system(Ⅲ)김동환; 이정필; 임세혁; 박성우; 김영만
1986-01A study on the correction of spectral line overlaps for the determination of rare earth elements by x-ray fluorescence spectrometry.김영만; 김영상; 박윤창; 이종욱
2001-12A study on the desorption behaviors of some heavy metals on duolite GT-73 chelating resin김숙영; 이재석; 김영만; 최범석
2001-04A study on the determination and solvent extraction efficiencies of rare earth elements by TBP and nitrate salt이정민; 이용주; 김숙영; 김영만; 최범석
2002-07A study on the determination of engine oils by proton induced X-ray emission and X-ray fluorescence spectrometry.박성우; 김재균; 김은호; 김영만; 김영상
1985-01A study on the determination of rare earth elements by inductively coupled plasma spectrometry.최범석; 김선태; 김영만; 이종욱
1989-01A study on the determination of trace impurities for specific grade acetone.이동기; 최범석; 김영만; 이종욱
1997-01A study on the development of SRM for XRF analysis of PZT[Pb(ZrTi)O//3]김영만; 정찬이; 임창호; 최범석
1993-01A study on the separation of n-hexane by molecular sieve 5A and the purification for HPLC use.최범석; 김영만; 김선태
1998-04Adhesion properties between cobalt salt-containing rubber compound and brass-plated steel cord전경수; 김영만; 서곤 *
2002-11An analytical evaluation on the flue gas and combustion efficiency of emulsion fuel박현미; 어연우; 백승우; 박일룡; 팽기정; 김영만; 이강봉
2000-12Analysis for DBCP and n-butylbenzene existing in water, soil and sediment samples of Korea박현미; 김지현; 류재천; 김영만; 이강봉
2000-06Analysis for polybrominated biphenyls(PBBs) existing in water, soil and sediment samples of Korea어연우; 박현미; 류재천; 홍종기; 김영만; 이강봉
2000-12Analysis of automobile paints by pyrolysis-GC and application of pattern recognition searching program박하선; 손성건; 이진숙; 박준철; 박성우; 김영만; 이연희
1999-11Analysis of constituents from Triglochin maritimum L.김창수; 조경행; 김영만; 김재길; 문동철
2001-12Analysis of magnetic multi-layers by RBS and PIXE김태곤; 전기영; 황정남; 신윤하; 김영만; 송종한; 장성호; 김광윤
2006-02Antioxidant activities of Pu-erh tea소은미; 정은주; 신장철; 김성현; 백순옥; 김영만; 김일광
2002-07Application of methane mixed plasma for the determination of Ge, As and Se in serum and urine by ICP/MS.박경수; 김선태; 김영만; 김미경; 이원
2003-03Application of methane mixed plasma for the determination of Ge, As, and Se in serum and urine by ICP/MS.박경수; 김선태; 김영만; 김연제; 이원
1991-01Application of precipitate flotation technique to separative preconcentration and determination of arsenic in water samples.박상완; 최희선; 김영만; 김영상
1999-11Application of searching program of analysis of automotive paints using curie point pyrolysis-gas chromatography(I) : blue paints손성건; 박하선; 이진숙; 위상욱; 김영만; 박성우