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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1994-011980-1993 년 기간의 서울의 시정 추이 .김용표; 문길주; 박세옥; 백남준; 김영성
2002-03A commentary on air pollution monitoring programs in Korea김영성; 김진영; 심상규; 문길주
1982-01Adsorption characteristics of glucose and fructose in ion-exchange resin columns.김영성; 장호남
2005-01Aerosol optical, chemical and physical properties at Gosan, Korea during Asian dust and pollution episodes in 2001김상우; 윤순창; A. Jefferson; J.A. Ogren; E.G. Dutton; 원재광; 김영성; 이병일; 한진석
2012-02Aerosol Properties at Gosan in Korea during Two Pollution Episodes Caused by Contrasting Weather Conditions김진영; 김상우; 김영성; 송철한; 윤순창
2003-08Air pollutant variations observed at Deokjeok island in the Yellow Sea during April 1999 to June 2000김영성; 이승복; 김진영; 배귀남; 문길주; 원재광; 윤순창
1987-01Air pollution regulations imposed on bituminous coal-fired industrial boilers in Korea.김영성; 박영옥; 구철오; J. E. Son
1999-06Air pollution trends and countermeasures of Seoul Metropolitan area last 20 years문길주; 김영성; 김용표; 김진영
2001-08Air Quality Impact Analysis for Point Sources Using Three-Dimensional Numerical Models김영성; 오현선; 김진영; 강성대; 조규탁; 홍지형
1999-08Air quality management in the industrial estate, Hap or VOC?김영성
1998-06Air quality study for the Yochon industrial estate문길주; 김용표; 심상규; 김영성; 김종수; 김진영
1997-01Air-quality changes of the Seoul metropolitan area from year 1985 to 1995문길주; 심상규; 김영성; 김용표; 김종수; 김신도
1997-01Ambient concentrations of volatile organic compounds in Seoul김용표; 김진영; 김영성; 나광삼; 심상규; 문길주
2008-11An investigation into seasonal and regional aerosol characteristics in East Asia using model-predicted and remotely-sensed aerosol properties송철한; Park M.E.; 이권호; 안현주; Lee Y.; 김진영; Han K.M.; 김준; 김영성; 김영준
2005-04An Investigation on NH3 Emissions and Particulate NH4+ - NO3- Formation in East Asia송철한; 김진영; 김영성; 원재광; 윤순창; 우정헌; Carmichael
2006-04An investigation on NH3 emissions and particulate NH4+ -NO3- formation in East Asia김진영; 송철한; 김영성; 원재광; 윤순창; G.R. Carmichael; 우정헌
2005-08An investigation on the accuracy of NH3 emissions in East Asia, using Models-3/CMAQ model v4.2송철한; 김진영; 김영성; 원재광; 윤순창; Carmichael; 우정헌
1998-10Analysis and simulation of SF6 tracer experiments for tracking the pollutant transport김영성; 조성호; 경남호; 오현선; 문길주
2004-07Analysis of a high ozone episode in the greater Seoul area using EKMA이시혜; 김영성
1996-01Analysis of elevated oxidant levels in the southern part of Korea peninsula.김용표; 오현선; 김진영; 문길주; 김영성; 심상규; K. Y. Chung
1983-01Analysis of liquid mixing in a three phase rotating disk reactor.김영성; 장호남; M. J. Kim
2004-10Analysis of smog episode in Korea in May 2003김영성; 원재광; 심상규; 문길주
1999-12Analysis of the present state of air pollutant emission data for the grater seoul area김진영; 김영성; 김용표
2000-01Analysis of wind data characteristics of automatic weather stations in Seoul and Inchon areas김진영; 김영성; 정관영
2007-09Analysis of Yellow Sand Events Observed at Gosan, Korea: March-April 2002 Episodes심상규; 김진영; 김영성
1999-04Anomaly test for ozone concentration data from national air monitoring stations김영성
1997-11APEC virtual center for environmental technology exchange: Korean case김영성
2002-05Atmospheric deposition of nitrogen and sulfur in the Yellow Sea region김영성; 김진영; 이승복; 문길주; 원재광; 윤순창
2010-01Atmospheric Deposition of Nitrogen and Sulfur in the Yellow Sea Region: Significance of Long-Range Transport in East Asia김진영; 김영성; 이승복; 문길주; 심상규; 배귀남; 윤순창
2004-12Atmospheric deposition of nitrogen and sulfur to Lake Paldang in Korea김영성; 김진영; 진현철