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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-10[18F]-labeled isoindol-1-one and isoindol-1,3-dione derivatives as potential PET imaging agents for detection of β-amyloid fibrils이지훈; 변성림; 김영수; 임수정; 오승준; 문대혁; 유경호; 정봉영; 김동진
2013-112-Phenylbenzofuran derivatives alleviate mitochondrial damage via the inhibition of β-amyloid aggregation이윤석; 김혜연; 윤혜미; 서재홍; 김영수; 신계정
2017-08A highly sensitive plasma-based amyloid-beta detection system through medium-changing and noise cancellation system for early diagnosis of the Alzheimer's disease이병철; 유용경; 김진식; 김강은; 김영수; 김혜윤; 이세진; 조원우; 김성수; 이상명; 이정훈; 황교선
2019-03A small molecule Nec-1 directly induces amyloid clearance in the brains of aged APP/PS1 mice.이재욱; 박근완; 홍성철; 황지현; 양승훈; 신지수; 신남우 네오; 이세진; 백승엽; 김경화; 조일환; 김영수
2020-01Aberrant Tonic Inhibition of Dopaminergic Neuronal Activity Causes Motor Symptoms in Animal Models of Parkinson’s Disease오수진; 이창준; 조일주; 박기덕; 황은미; 박종현; 남민호; 이승은; 류훈; 장보고; 신효근; 허준영; 임현주; 윤형호; 김정연; 황유진; 원우진; 우동호; 이지애; 박현정; 조선미; 이민정; 김선필; 심정은; 장동표; 김경인; 허수희; 정재영; Neil W. Kowall; 이정희; 이현주; 김영수; 김혜연; 백선하; 윤종혁; 진병관; 권기량; 심인섭; 황온유; 전상용
2015-10Abnormalities of plasma cytokines and spleen in senile APP/PS1/Tau transgenic mouse model양승훈; 김지윤; 이지수; 김영수
2016-02Age-dependent inverse correlations in CSF and plasma amyloid-β(1?42) concentrations prior to amyloid plaque deposition in the brain of 3xTg-AD mice조수민; 이세진; 양승훈; 김혜연; 이지수; 김현진; 김지윤; 백승엽; 윤진; 김도희; 김윤경; 조약돌; 우지완; 김태송; 김영수
2012-08Alzheimer’s Disease: Early Diagnosis & Fundamental Therapeutics김영수
2013-03Amelioration of Alzheimer’s disease by neuroprotective effect of sulforaphane in animal model김현진; 김혜연; Hanna Erlich; 최선영; 김동진; 김영수
2008-10Aminostyrylbenzofuran Derivatives as Potent Inhibitors for Aβ Fibril Formation변지훈; 김혜연; 김영수; 묵인희; 김동진; 이원구; 유경호
2014-04Aminostyrylbenzofuran Directly Reduces Oligomeric Amyloid-β and Reverses Cognitive Deficits in Alzheimer Transgenic Mice이상현; 김영수; 김혜연; 김영훈; 김맹섭; 공재양; 이문한; 김동진; 안영길
2015-08Amyloid-β Oligomers May Impair SNARE-Mediated Exocytosis by Direct Binding to Syntaxin 1a.양유수; 김재욱; 김혜윤; 류나연; 이세진; 김영수; 임혜원; Shin, Yeon-Kyun
2010-07Amyloidogenesis targeting small molecule as a drug candidate김영수; 변성림; 김혜연; 이지훈; 황하나; 조제원; 안영길; 김영훈; 김맹섭; 이관순; 묵인희; 김동진
2018-05Analysis of Flow Characteristics of Micro Pelton Turbine for PRO systems according to Variation of Operating Conditions신유환; 김영수; 정인혁; 박주훈; 정진택
2007-11Analysis of fluorine-containing thin films using surface techniques김영수; 김강진; 이연희
2018-02Analysis of Micro-Pelton Turbine Loss Modeling신유환; 김영수; 정인혁; 정진택
2019-05Analysis on jet flow characteristics of nozzle through visualization and unsteady simulation신유환; 신동호; 김영수; 정인혁; 김선욱; 정진택
2003-06Antagonism of sophoricoside from Sophorica japonica on GM-CSF-induced eosinophil activation.원희철; 김영수; 정상헌; 이성호; 류재천; 김미경
2003-09Antagonism of sophoricoside from Sophorica japonica on IL-5.원희철; 김영수; 정상헌; 이성호; 류재천; 김미경
2003-04Anti-inflammatory mode of isoflavone glycoside sophoricoside by inhibition of interleukin-6 and cyclooxygenase-2 in inflammatory response김병학; 정은영; 류재천; 정상헌; 민경락; 김영수
2009-06Application of MRM and mTRAQ Labeling to the Verification Process of Candidate Biomarkers Discovered by Cleavable ICAT Reagent강운범; 안영희; 김경곤; 이종원; 김용학; 신병희; 김상화; 김준; 유명희; 김영수; 이철주
2007-09Applications of TOF-SIMS for organic materials in archaeology and forensic sicence이연희; 이지혜; 김영수; 최석찬; 함승욱; 이강봉; 이치우; 김강진
1996-10Bacterial adhesion on modified polyurethanes(III).박기동; 김영수; 최규석; 김영하
1998-01Bacterial adhesion on PEG modified polyurethane surfaces박기동; 김영수; 한동근; 김영하; 배은희; 서활; 최규석
1997-01Bacterial repellence on modified polyurethanes surfaces using PEG and heparin박기동; 김영수; 한동근; 배은희; 김영하; Hwal Suh; Kyu Suk Choi
2013-12Bimolecular Fluorescence Complementation탁혜진; 마무눌 하크; 김민정; 이주현; 백자현; 김영수; 김동진; Regis Grailhe; 김윤경
2008-07Biological tactics to control in vitro beta-amyloid aggregation김혜연; 김영수; 김동진
2008-10Biological tactics to control in vitro beta-amyloid aggregation for Alzheimer's disease김혜연; 김영수; 김동진
2015-01Bis-styrylnaphthalene and Bis-styrylnaphthyridine Derivatives with High Binding Affinity to β-Amyloid Fibrils이여란; 김영수; 유경호
2008-07Bis-styrylpyridine and bis-styrylbenzene derivatives as inhibitors for beta-amyloid fibril formation김영수; 변성림; 김혜연; 이지훈; 손지훈; 묵인희; 김동진