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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-032D-3D registration for 3D analysis of lower limb alignment in a weight-bearing condition이득희; 김영준; 심응준; 이병훈; 우성경; 이건우
2016-082D/3D registration method for a single X-ray image and 3D geometrical data of a whole leg이득희; 김래현; 김영준; 신상균; 심응준
2016-103-D analysis method of rotation angle difference between ideal and actual anterior-posterior x-ray images of femur in standing posture박세형; 김영준; 심응준; 이병훈
2010-023D analysis of total knee arthroplasty using 2D-3D medical image registration김영준; 김강일; 이건우
2017-103D Boolean operations in virtual surgical planning김영준; Jerome Charton; Mathieu Laurentjoye
2018-053D computer simulation analysis of the flap volume change in total tongue reconstruction flaps김영준; 김현아; 정형화; 정우식; 최종우; 정승은; 남순열; 이윤세; Seung Ho Choi
2016-063D Inspection by Registration of CT and Dual X-ray Images이득희; 김영준; 김원태
2012-063D Position and Rotation Tracking of Multiple Laparoscopic Surgical Instruments Using Single Camera신상균; 이득희; 김영준; 박세형
2011-013D Positional and Rotational Tracking of Laparoscopic Surgery Instruments신상균; 김영준; 곽현수; 이득희; 박세형
2012-123D Preoperative Planning of Robotic Intracerebral Hematoma (ICH) Removal Surgery최진혁; 김영준; 이득희; 박세형
2013-103D Preoperative Surgical Planning Software for Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction최진혁; 임성환; 김영준; 이득희; 박세형; 박신형; 왕준호
2017-013D surgical planning and analysis software for orbital fracture reconstruction박세형; 이득희; 조현철; 김영준; 김현아; Jerome Charton; 김선희; 정우식; 최종우
2017-023D surgical planning simulation and analysis software for orbital wall reconstruction박세형; 조현철; 김영준; 김한나; 김현아; 심응준; 정우식; 최종우
2011-023D Tracking of Surgical Instruments Using a Single Camera for Laparoscopic Surgery Simulation신상균; 김영준; 곽현수; 이득희; 박세형
2018-013D virtual surgery systemfor orbitral fracture reduction박세형; 조현철; 김영준; 손태근; 김한나; 김성찬; 최종우
2019-08A novel motorized bending apparatus for surgical plates김영준; 노건우; 이정환; 박시명; 박승빈; 이정우; 박민수
2019-03A novel non-invasive patient-specific navigation method for orbital reconstructive surgery: a phantom study using patient data김영준; 손태근; 이정환; 컨데이 메퀘아; 정우식; 최종우
2014-10A Single Camera Tracking System for 3D Position, Grasper Angle, and Rolling Angle of Laparoscopic Instruments신상균; 김영준; 조현철; 이득희; 박세형; 김정현; 김래현
2017-06A study for non-rigid 2x2D-3D registration of coronary artery images using bifurcation points matching with bi-plane x-ray fluoroscopy박세형; 이득희; 김영준; 손진원; 윤시엽
2014-12Accuracy of surface registration compared to conventional volumetric registration in patient positioning for head-and-neck radiotherapy: A simulation study using patient data김영준; Ruijiang Li; 나용흠; 이레나; Lei Xing
2015-08Active Contour Segmentation using Level Set Function with Enhanced Image from Prior Intensity김선희; 김영준; 이득희; 박세형
1997-03Aerosol composition at Cheju Island, KoreaGregory R. Carmichael*; 홍민선; Hiromasa Ueda; Li-Ling Chen; Kentaro Murano; 박경윤; 이호근; 김영준; 강창희; 심상규
2008-11An investigation into seasonal and regional aerosol characteristics in East Asia using model-predicted and remotely-sensed aerosol properties송철한; Park M.E.; 이권호; 안현주; Lee Y.; 김진영; Han K.M.; 김준; 김영성; 김영준
2016-06Analysis of pitting corrosion failure of copper tubes in an apartment fire sprinkler system서상희; Suh Young Joon; 윤형국; 오정한; 김영준; 정기민; 권혁상
2015-09Application of Calibration Techniques to Enhance Accuracy of Markerless Surgical Robotic System for Intracerebral Hematoma Surgery박규식; 윤현민; 신상균; 조현철; 김영준; 김래현; 이득희
2016-07Arthroscopically blind anatomical anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction using only navigation guidance: a cadaveric study박세형; 이득희; 김영준; 박신형; 문상원; 이병훈; 임성환; 왕준호
2020-11Artificial Intelligence in Health Care: Current Applications and Issues김영준; 박찬우; 서성욱; 강노을; 고범석; 최병욱; 박창민; 장동경; 김휘영; 김현철; 이현나; 장진희; 예종철; 전종홍; 서준범; 김광준; 정규환; 김남국; 백승욱; 신수용; 유소영; 최윤섭; 윤형진
2021-04Artificial intelligence-based nomogram for small-incision lenticule extraction김래현; 김영준; 박승빈; 김한나; 김진국; 이인식; 류익희
2018-08Automated 3D orbital wall modeling and 3D surgical simulation for orbital wall reconstruction박세형; 조현철; 김영준; 손태근; 김한나; 정우식; 최종우
2018-08Automated detection and classifi cation of the proximal humerus fracture by using deep learning algorithm김영준; 정석원; 한승석; 이지환; 오경수; 김나라; 윤종필; 김준엽; 문성훈; 권지은; 이효진; 노영민