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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996-01A green light-emitting diode with a copolymer of an alternating structure.김영철; 김정엽; 조현남; D. Y. Kim; J. Y. Lee
2001-08A liquid-crystalline polyfluorene microcavity laser이태우; 박오옥; 조현남; 김영철
1995-09A new conductive polymer substrate for liquid crystal display cells.김정엽; 김영철; 김동영; J. Y. Lee
1997-01A study on multiple melting of isotactic polypropylene김영철; W. Ahn; 김정엽
1985-08A study on the mesophase formation from a pitch.김영철; 김정엽
2010-04Activation energies for proton migration in M-doped BaZrO3 (M = Y or Zn): A first principles calculations김대희; 정용찬; 박종성; 김병국; 김영철
2002-10Application of a novel fullerene-containing copolymer to electroluminescent devices이태우; 박오옥; 김정안; 김영철
2011-02Aqueous Phase Reforming of Glycerol Over the Pd Loaded Ni/Al2O3 CatalystsDhanapalan Karthikey; 신광수; 문동주; 김종호; 박남국; 김영철
2009-11Aqueous phase reforming of glycerol over the Pd loaded Ni/Al2O3 catalysts칼티케이안 다나팔란; 신관수; 문동주; 박남국; 김영철
2011-11Aqueous-phase reforming of glycerol over nanosize Cu-Ni catalysts김지연; 김성학; 문동주; 김종호; 박남국; 김영철
2013-01Aquoues Phase Reforming of Glycerol Over Nanosize Cu-Ni Catalysts김지연; Seong Hak Kim; 문동주; 김종호; 박남국; 김영철
2009-10ATR of propane on Ni supported perovskite, hydrotalcite and muti metal oxides catalysts김우리; 박남국; 문동주; 김영철
2009-11Autothermal Reforming of propane on Ni supported perovskite, hydrotalcite and metal oxide catalysts박남국; 김우리; 문동주; 김영철
2011-02Autothermal Reforming of Propane on Ni-Supported Perovskite, Hydrotalcite, and Metal Oxide Catalysts박남국; 김우리; 문동주; 서곤; 김영철
2009-10Autothermal reforming of propane over Ce Modified Ni/LaAlO3 perovskite-type catalysts임승수; 이홍주; 문동주; 김종호; 박남국; 신재순; 김영철
2010-05Autothermal Reforming of Propane Over Ni-based Hydrotalcite Catalysts박선영; 김종호; 문동주; 박남국; 김영철
2008-06Autothermal reforming of propane over Ni/CexZryO2 catalysts공진화; 문동주; 신재순; 김정호; 박남국; 김영철
1997-01Blue and green light emission from new soluble alternating copolymers조현남; 김동영; 김영철; 이준영; 김정엽
2004-12Blue Light-Emitting Polymer/Dielectric Nanolayer Nanocomposites: Impediment of Excimer Formation and Enhancement of Photostability박종혁; 임용택; 박오옥; 김재경; 김영철
2015-10Calculation of proton conductivity at the Σ3ð111Þ=½110 tilt grain boundary of barium zirconate using density functional theory김병국; 양진훈; 김영철
2015-01Carbon Deposition from the CO2-Steam Reforming of Methane Over Modified Ni/γ-Al2O3 catalysts대최봉관; 옥혜정; 문동주; 김정호; 박남국; 김영철
2016-02Carbon Deposition Onto Ni-Based Catalysts for Combined Steam/CO2 Reforming of MethanePeng Li; 박윤화; 문동주; 박남국; 김영철
2014-10Carbon depositions over Ni-based catalysts in Steam-CO2 reforming of methaneLI PENG; 김영철; 문동주; 박윤화
2001-08Carrier mobilities of polymer/organo-clay nanocomposite electroluminescent devices이태우; 박오옥; 홍재민; 김동영; 김영철
2000-12Carrier mobilities of polymer/organo-clay nanocomposite electroluminescent devices이태우; 박오옥; 홍재민; 김동영; 김영철
2002-12Cascade energy transfer in dye-doped trnary polymer blend light-emitting diodes.이태우; 박오옥; 조현남; 김영철
2009-10Catalytic influence of aqueous phase reforming of glycerol신관수; 칼시케이안; 문동주; 김영철
1989-10Catalytic oxidation of cyclopentadiene on V/Mo/P mixed oxide catalyst김재승; 박남국; 문동주; 김영철
2004-12Characteristics in bilayer organic light-emitting diodes with variation of the film thickness이광직; 유재웅; 김재경; 김영철; 박종혁; 박오옥
2006-07Characteristics of emissive bilayers in electrophosphorescent organic light-emitting diodes장범진; 박종혁; 이광희; 김영철; 유재웅; 김재경