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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-11A catalytic composite membrane reactor system for hydrogen production from ammonia using steam as a sweep gas남석우; 한종희; 김용민; 윤창원; 정향수; 손현태; 조영석; 박용하; 차준영; 오현택; 이태호; 이성훈; 박명곤
2021-12A compact catalytic foam reactor for decomposition of ammonia by the Joule-heating mechanism남석우; 김용민; 윤창원; 정향수; 손현태; 조영석; 이유진; 아라쉬 바다크쉬; 곽연수; 박찬우
2012-02A portable power-pack fueled by carbonsilane-based chemical hydrides김용민; 윤창원; 한원식; 강상욱; 남석우
2002-04Adsorption dynamics of toluene in an activated carbon fiber bed박지원; 이영환; 최대기; 이상순; 김용민
2002-04Adsorption of toxic acid gas using impregnated activated arbon fibers김현진; 이영환; 장성철; 최대기; 이은일; 김용민
2021-09Autothermal recirculating reactor (ARR) with Cu-BN composite as a stable reactor material for sustainable hydrogen release from ammonia남석우; 김용민; 윤창원; 정향수; 손현태; 조영석; 박용하; 이유진; 차준영; 아라쉬 바다크쉬; 박찬우
2013-11Autothermal reforming of iso-octane and gasoline over Rh-based catalysts: Influence of CeO2/γ-Al2O3-based mixed oxides on hydrogen production정연규; 김용민; 이대형; 장성철; 남석우; 한종희; 홍성안; 최대기; 윤창원
2014-04Catalytic Hydrogen Production via Dry Reforming of Methane Over Ni/Ce0.65Hf0.25M0.1O2-δ (M = Tb, Sm, Nd, Pr and La)하씨니; 이대형; 김용민; 남석우; 한종희; 함형철; 윤창원
2020-09Compact ATR-WGS-Integrated Bioethanol Fuel Processor for Portable and On-board Fuel Cell Applications남석우; 한종희; 김형준; 김용민; 윤창원; 정향수; 손현태; 조영석; 이유진; 곽연수
1996-01Comparison of local equilibrium model and trnasfer model for prediction of PSA performance.나병기; 송형근; 서성섭; 문기호; 김용민
2019-04Control of Braid Pattern on Every Side of a Braided Composite Part Produced by Asymmetrical Braiding Process나원진; Ali Fouladi; Reza Jafari Nedoushan; Jalil Hajrasouliha; Mohammad Sheikhzadeh; 김용민; 유웅열
2021-02Degradation mechanism of a Pd/Ta composite membrane: Catalytic surface fouling with inter-diffusion남석우; 한종희; 김용민; 윤창원; 정향수; 손현태; 조영석; 박용하; 유새롬; 이유진; 아라쉬 바다크쉬; 곽연수
2011-05Demonstration of a 20 W class high-temperature polymer electrolyte fuel cell stack with novel fabrication of a membrane electrode assembly이혜진; 김병각; 이동훈; 박세진; 김용민; 이증우; 헨켄스마이어디억; 남석우; 김형준; 김화용; 김주용
2011-08Development of 1 kW SOFC power package for dual-fuel operation김용민; 홍성안; 남석우; 서석호; 유영성; 이상혁
2010-09Development of 1kW SOFC Power Generation System for Dual-fuel Operation남석우; 김용민; 홍성안; 서석호; 유영성
2021-07Development of 3D open-cell structured Co-Ni catalysts by pulsed electrodeposition for hydrolysis of sodium borohydride남석우; 김용민; 정향수; 손현태; 이유진; 아라쉬 바다크쉬; 민동수; 조영석; 윤창원; 김광범
2013-05Development of a continuous hydrogen generator fueled by ammonia borane for portable fuel cell applications김용민; 김유종; 여신영; 김기범; 고정은; 서정은; 신석재; 최대기; 윤창원; 남석우
2009-11Development of a NaBH4 Hydrogen Storage System for an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle남석우; 김용민; 조은애; 최대기; 홍성안
2020-07Development of an Autothermal Formate-Based Hydrogen Generator: From Optimization of Formate Dehydrogenation Conditions to Thermal Integration with Fuel Cells남석우; 김용민; 윤창원; 정향수; 손현태; 조영석; 권예랑; 황연진; 김주훈; Tom Autrey
2020-07Development of porous nickel catalysts by low-temperature Ni?Al chemical alloying and post selective Al leaching, and their application for ammonia decomposition남석우; 김용민; 윤창원; 정향수; 손현태; 조영석; 이용석; 차준영; 이유진; 김광범
2005-08Diluted magnetic semiconductor of p-type InMnP:Zn epilayer손윤; H.C. Jeon; Y.S. Park; 이승주; D.Y. Kim; H.S. Kim; T.W. Kang; 박용주; Chong S. Yoon; 김창경; E.K. Kim; 김용민; Y.D. Woo
2020-08Direct Synthesis of Intermetallic Platinum-Alloy Nanoparticles Highly-Loaded on Carbon Supports for Efficient Electrocatalysis유성종; 이동욱; 이응준; 유태용; 유지문; Arun Kumar Sinha; Megalamane S. Bootharaju; 정위연; 이현석; 이병훈; 김지현; Wytse Hooch Antink; 김용민; 이종민; 조성표; 성영은; 현택환
2021-02Effect of the support properties in dehydrogenation of biphenyl-based eutectic mixture as liquid organic hydrogen carrier (LOHC) over Pt/Al2O3 catalysts남석우; 김용민; 윤창원; 정향수; 손현태; 조영석; 안창일; 박용하; 김아름; 문성은; 곽연수
2010-10Effects of low hydrocarbons on the solid oxide fuel cell anode윤상호; 김용민; 김선영; 배중면
2010-12Electrically induced conducting nanochannels in an amorphous resistive switching niobium oxide film정규호; 김용민; 정웅; 임현식; 박배호; 홍진표; 이지영; 박종구; 이전국
2014-04Enhanced oxygen storage capacity of Ce0.65Hf0.25M0.1O2-δ (M = rare earth elements): Applications to methane steam reforming with high coking resistance하씨니; 이대형; 정지훈; 김용민; 남석우; 함형철; 한종희; 임태훈; 윤창원
2020-01Facile synthesis of micro-sized Ni-Al alloy powders through low-temperature chemical alloying남석우; 최선희; 김용민; 윤창원; 정향수; 이용석; 이유진; 이병용; 김동휘; 김광범
2020-05High purity hydrogen production via aqueous phase reforming of xylose over small Pt nanoparticles on a gamma-Al2O3 support최선희; 김용민; 윤창원; 김진영; 정향수; 손현태; 조영석; 김윤도; 김민경; 함형철; 이승우; 송광호
2021-04Highly monodisperse sub-nanometer and nanometer Ru particles confined in alkali-exchanged zeolite Y for ammonia decomposition남석우; 한종희; 김용민; 윤창원; 정향수; 손현태; 조영석; 이유진; 이태호; 차준영; 이기봉
2021-07Hydrogen production from homocyclic liquid organic hydrogen carriers (LOHCs): Benchmarking studies and energy-economic analyses남석우; 김용민; 윤창원; 정향수; 손현태; 조영석; 안창일; 이유진; 곽재원; 엄태윤; 박라희; 문성은; 장문정; 곽연수