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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1994-011980-1993 년 기간의 서울의 시정 추이 .김용표; 문길주; 박세옥; 백남준; 김영성
2002-121980년대와 1990년대 우리나라의 시정 변화김영성; 이시혜; 김진영; 문길주; 김용표
1999-01Aerosol size distribution and composition at Kosan, Cheju Island: Measurements in April 1998김용표; 배귀남; 지준호; 진현철; 문길주
1999-04Air quality in Northeast Asia with emphasis on China김용표
1997-01Air-quality changes of the Seoul metropolitan area from year 1985 to 1995문길주; 심상규; 김영성; 김용표; 김종수; 김신도
1997-01Ambient concentrations of volatile organic compounds in Seoul김용표; 김진영; 김영성; 나광삼; 심상규; 문길주
1994-01Analysis of rainwater samples in Cheju심상규; 강창희; 김용표
1999-12Analysis of the present state of air pollutant emission data for the grater seoul area김진영; 김영성; 김용표
2004-07Atmospheric particulate polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons at a remote site in Korea between 2001 and 2003이지이; 김용표; 강창희; 김영성
2000-01Characteristics of a wet air cleaning system for removal of air pollutants배귀남; 김용표; 백남준
2000-01Characteristics of air pollutants at three background sites in Korea in the winter of 1996/1997김용표; 이종훈; 문길주; 김희강; 정장표; 이종범
1997-12Characteristics of PM2.5 particles measured in the background sites of Korea이종훈; 김용표; 문길주; 김희강; 정용승; 이종범
1999-08Comments on air pollutant levels at background sites in Korea김용표; 김현진; 이승복
1998-04Comparative study of volatile organic compound concentrations in the Yochon industrial estate during spring and fall김영성; 송철한; 심상규; 김용표; 문길주
1998-10Comparison of sampling and analysis methods for volatile organic compounds inambient air나광삼; 김용표; 문길주; 백성옥; 황승만; 김성렬; Kochy Fung; 이강봉; 박현미
1999-01Comparison of the concentrations of ambient volatile organic compounds at an Ulsan industrial site in 1997 and 1998나광삼; 김용표; 문길주
2003-12Composition and Characteristics of Ionic Components of Aerosols Collected at Gosan Site in Jeju Island, Korea강창희; 김원형; 유철구; 김용표; 심상규; 홍민선; 김기현
1997-01Concentration of particulate and gaseous ionic and organic species in the ambient air of the Yochon industrial estate김용표; 이종훈; 진현철; 문길주
1998-04Concentrations of C2∼C9 volatile organic compounds in ambient air in Seoul나광삼; 김용표; 김영성
1998-08Concentrations of water-soluble particulate, gaseous ions and volatile organic compounds in the ambient air of Ulsan나광삼; 김용표; 진현철; 문길주
2008-03Effect of light intensity on the ozone formation and the aerosol number concentration of ambient air in Seoul배귀남; 박주연; 김민철; 이승복; 문길주; 김용표
1996-01Effects of crystal species on characteristics of aerosols: simulation of measurements at Kosan, Cheju Island, 1994.김용표; 문길주
1995-01Estimation of water content and strong acidity of ambient particles in Seoul.김진영; 김용표; 심상규; 문길주; 천만영; 김희강
-Fluorescence sensitivity of UVAPS to bioaerosols and standard particlesSunyoung Park; Jung Jae Hee; Bae, Gwi-Nam; 김용표
1996-01Measurement and analysis of visibility impairment during June, 1994 in Seoul김용표; 문길주; 이종훈; 백남준
1997-06Measurement of carbonaceous species in fine particles at Kosan, Cheju Island during the two summer seasons of 1994 and 1995이종훈; 백남준; 심상규; 김용표
1998-12Measurement of carbonaceous species in fine particles at the background sites in Korea during 1996 and 1997김용표; 이종훈; 문길주; 김희강; 이종범
1996-01Measurement study at Kosan, Cheju Island during March-April, 1994: (I) Transport of ambient aerosol.김용표; 김진영; 박세옥; 심상규; 문길주; 이호근; 장광미; 박경윤; 강창희
2000-11Modeling of composition change of a yellow sand during its long-range transport김용범; 최문규; 김용표; 심상규
1999-01On the correction of the acidity data of wet precipitation till 1997김현진; 김용표; 김진영; 조하만; 전영신