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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004-05A chemical prove for Ag ion using immobilized anthracene on self-assembled glass신동헌; 고영건; 최웅수; 김우년
2005-12A Study on the Characteristics of the Adiabatically Expanded Polyolefin Structured Foams황준호; 김우년; 전재호; 곽순종; 황승상; 홍순만
2005-09Analysis of various governing factors of microcapsulation for electrophoretic display system김예진; 이상수; 김준경; 김미선; 김우년
2006-01Bowing effect with fluorescence: A unique chemosensor for the silver ion신동헌; 고영건; 최웅수; 김우년
2008-01Crystal Structure and Ferroelectric Propereties of Poly(vinylidene fluoride)-Carbon nanotube Nanocomposite Film이지석; 김광호; 김우년; 오경환; 김형태; 황승상; 홍순만
2006-12Deformation and Durability Control of Microcapsules for Electrophoretic Display System김예진; 김준경; 이상수; 김우년; 김미선
2017-09Density-tunable lightweight polymer composites with dual-functional ability of efficient EMI shielding and heat dissipation홍순만; 구종민; 이승환; 유승건; Faisal Shahzad; 김우년; 박철민
2004-05Design of High Efficiency Chelate Fibers with an Amine Group To Remove Heavy Metal Ions and pH-Related FT-IR Analysis신동헌; 고영건; 최웅수; 김우년
2005-10Disordering of clay layers in the nylon 6 / clay nanocomposites prepared by anionic polymerization박정훈; 김우년; 계형산; 이상수; 박민; 김준경; 임순호
2004-08E-beam aided 2-D,3-D array of submicron PS for photonic band gap신동헌; 고영건; 최웅수; 김우년
2007-09Effect of complex ion beam/plasma treatment on the surface functionalization and crystal phase transition of piezoelectric poly(vinylidene fluoride)김광호; 이지석; 김형태; 김우년; 홍순만
2010-06Effects of Fiber Characteristics on the Mechanical and Rheological Properties of Poly(butylene terephthalate)/Glass Fiber Composites장선호; 김연희; 임순호; 최기대; 김세현; 김우년
2021-03Effects of Fiber Length on the Reflection Loss of Electromagnetic Wave Absorbing Polypropylene/Carbon Fiber Composites Prepared by Injection Molding and by Screw Extrusion Process구종민; 이승환; 한권형; 김태석; 송광호; 김우년
1999-09Effects of processing conditions of injection molding on the microstructure of long fiber reinforced nylon composites박정훈; 김우년; 권익환; 임순호; 고문배; 최철림
1999-12Effects of processing conditions of injection molding on the microstructure of long fiber reinforced nylon composites박정훈; 김우년; 임순호; 고문배; 최철림
2017-09Effects of processing methods on the electrical conductivity, electromagnetic parameters, and EMI shielding effectiveness of polypropylene/nickel-coated carbon fiber composites구종민; 이승환; Jae Young Kim; 김우년
2007-10Electrical Behavior of Polyurethane Composites with acid treatment-induced damage to multiwalled carbon nanotubes장필규; 서광석; 박민; 김준경; 김우년; 윤호규
2010-06Electrical Enhancement of Polyurethane Composites Filled with Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes by Controlling their Dispersion and Damage김윤진; 장용균; 김우년; 박민; 김준경; 윤호규
2011-01Electromechanical Strain Responses of SEBS/CB and SEBS/SWCNT Composites김일진; 홍순만; 구종민; 김우년
2006-12Evaluation on Dielectric Properties of Epoxy/Montmorillonite Nanocomposites장용균; 김우년; 김준경; 박민; 윤호규
2006-10Fabrication and characterization of Nylon 6 filled with MWNTs김동민; 김우년; 김준경; 박민
2004-10Fabrication of 3-D porous TiO2 material with assembles of submicrospheres as templates신동헌; 최웅수; 고영건; 김우년
2019-03FeSiAl/metal core shell hybrid composite with high-performance electromagnetic interference shielding황승상; 홍순만; 구종민; 프라딥 삼비얼; 노석진; 아미르 이크발; 홍준표; 김우년
2017-05Highly anisotropic Cu oblate ellipsoids incorporated polymer composites with excellent performance for broadband electromagnetic interference shielding홍순만; 구종민; 이승환; 유승건; 홍준표; 김우년; 박철민; Faisal Shahzad
2009-06Light Light harvesting effect of colloid-templeated TiO2 electrode for dye-sensitized solar cells이현정; 김민아; 서영곤; 이원목; 김우년
2019-09Low percolation 3D Cu and Ag shell network composites for EMI shielding and thermal conduction홍순만; 구종민; 노석진; 홍준표; 이승환; 유승건; Faisal Shahzad; 김우년
2014-03Mechanical, dielectric, and electromechanical properties of silicone dielectric elastomer actuators김일진; 민경호; 박현철; 홍순만; 김우년; 강승현; 구종민
2006-10Morphology and Physical Properties of binary blend base on PVDF and Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotube홍순만; 김우년; 황승상; 조용한; 김광호; 조항규; 남영완
2007-04Morphology and Physical PropertIies of binary blend based on PVDF and Multi-walled Carbon Nanotube남영완; 김우년; 조용한; 채동욱; 김광호; 홍승표; 황승상; 홍순만
2009-11Novel preparation of DSSCs using electrolyte_based pastes이현정; 김민아; 김우년