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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001-06A method for the removal of colloidal silica from CMP wastewater조영상; 정소연; 김주희; 김우식; 조철형; Young-il Kim
2001-04A method for the removal of the colloidal silica from CMP wastewater정소연; 김우식; 조영상
2001-03A study on CMP wastewater recycle조영상; 정소연; 김주희; Young Ill Kim; 조철형; 김우식
2001-03A study on the CMP wastewater recycle조영상; 정소연; 김주희; Young Ill Kim; 조철형; 김우식
1995-01A study on the photoluminescence of porous Si.김석; 최두진; 윤영수; 양두영; 김우식
2016-10Accurate characterization of mask defects by combination of phase retrieval and deterministic approach박민철; 송진동; 티보르펄티에; 김우식
2004-07Analysis of the structure-property correlation of SOFC electrodes정화영; 김우식; 최선희; 김주선; 이해원; 송휴섭; 이종호
2001-04Biological media system for removing NOM강연석; 명복태; 심상준; 김우식
2005-01Characterization of ZrO2 co-doped with Sc2O3 and CeO2 electrolyte for the application of intermediate temperature SOFCs이동석; 김우식; 최선희; 김주선; 이해원; 이종호
2004-10Chemical stability of electrode/electrolyte interfaces and its influence on power generating characteristics of LSGM-based SOFCs김광년; 문주호; 김우식; 김형철; 김주선; 이해원; 이종호; 김병국
2000-10CoCO₃ reaction crystallization for removing cobalt ion and crystal aggregation by using ultrasonic김미애; 김우식; 심상준
2005-04Development of Sol-Gel Precursor System for Direct-Patternable PZT Ferroelectric Films Containing La as a Dopant배상우; 황재섭; 김우식; 박형호; 김태송
2002-01Direct methanol molten carbonate fuel cell남석우; 하명주; 임태훈; 한종희; 윤성필; 홍성안; 임희천; 김우식
2001-10Direct methanol reforming MCFC하명주; 최명훈; 남석우; 한종희; 윤성필; 임태훈; 홍성안; 김우식
2001-06Direct methanol reforming MCFC하명주; 남석우; 한종희; 윤성필; 임태훈; 홍성안; 김우식
2006-04Effect of cathode current-collecting layer on unit-cell performance of anode-supported solid oxide fuel cells정화영; 김우식; 최선희; 김형철; 김주선; 이해원; 이종호
2005-04Effect of Cathode Porosity of Mixed Conducting La0.6Sr0.4Co0.2Fe0.8O3 on the Power Generating Characteristics of Anode Supported SOFCs윤중철; 김우식; 김형철; 이종호; 김주선; 이해원; 김병호
2004-04Effect of excess bismuth on ferroelectric properties of Bi4-xNdxTi3O12 thin films김영미; 김익수; 최인훈; 김우식; 김용태; 김영환
2006-11Effects of Ru Co-Sputtering on the Properties of Porous Ni Thin Films김우식; 최선희; 이해원; 김주선
2014-09Endothelial dysfunction in heart failure rats exposed to real urban air pollution배귀남; 황승준; 이경혜; 김창수; 김진용; 우종신; 장현희; 이소라; 김진배; 김우식; 신동천; 김원
2005-11Fabrication and characterization of the thin film electrolyte for integrated on-plane type micro-SOFCs최선희; 김우식; 손지원; 이종호; 이해원; 김주선
2007-05Fabrication and effect of Ru co-sputtering on the properties of porous Ni thin films조태신; 최선희; 김우식; 김성문; 이종호; 이해원; 김주선
2006-05Fabrication and Properties of Porous Ni Thin Films최선희; 김우식; 김성문; 이종호; 손지원; 김주선
2004-10Fabrication of Small SOFC Stack based on Anode-Supported Unit Cells and its Power Generating Characteristics정화영; 김우식; 최선희; 김주선; 이해원; 고행진; 이기춘; 이종호
2002-03Formation and characterization of self-patterned PZT film for applying to micro-mechanical detecting system하수민; 김우식; 박형호; 김태송
2018-06High mechanical properties of super aligned carbon nanocomposite by polyurethane based crosslinking molecules문숙영; 김우식
2014-12Hollow Co3O4 Mesoporous Structures with Predominantly Exposed (111) Planes for CO Oxidation베누고팔; Pullur Anil Kumar; 김우식; 하헌필
2011-11In-line monitoring and interpretation of an indomethacin anti-solvent crystallization process by near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS)이혜은; 이민정; 김우식; 정명영; 조영상; 최광진
2002-02Influence of reaction conditions on sol-precipitation process producing silicon oxide particles김경수; 김준경; 김우식
2019-06Influence of the Sulfur Content Catalyst on the Packing Density of Carbon Nanotube Forests김승민; 문숙영; 강인지; 김우식