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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005-06A chemical route to room-temperature synthesis of nanocrystalline TiO2 thin films파탄; 김우영; 정광덕; 주오심
2021-05A novel synthetic microtubule inhibitor exerts antiproliferative effects in multidrug resistant cancer cells and cancer stem cells.김수남; 박민아; 황지원; 조예나; 김새건; 한상훈; 유진서; 하소정; 김우영; 김인수; 김용기
2020-01CDK7 is a reliable prognostic factor and novel therapeutic target in epithelial ovarian cancer안형준; 김지혜; 조영재; 류지윤; 황일선; 한희동; 김우영; 조한별; 정준용; 스테펜 헤위트; 김재훈; 김병기; 배덕수; 최철헌; 이정원
2015-10Effect of oxygen plasma treatment on the mechanical properties of carbon nanotube fibers박옥경; 김우영; 김승민; 유남호; 정영진; 이헌수; 구본철
2021-06Electrical conductivity of polymer composites based on carbonized wood flour via plasma post-treatment as an effective and economical filler이헌수; 김우영; 장지운; 김성륜
2009-01Electrochemical capacitive properties of spray-pyrolyzed copper-ferrite thin films함득호; 장진호; 파탄; 김우영; 마네; B.N. Pawar; 주오심; Hoeil Chung; 윤문영; 한성환
2008-08Electrochemical Characterization of Ni-Mo-Fe Composite Film in alkali solution자야; 김우영; 정광덕; 주오심
2007-09Electrochemically deposited nanograin ruthenium oxide as a pseudocapacitive electrode구저르; 김우영; 피타; 정광덕; 주오심
2007-10Fluorination of Ceramic Membrane for the Control of Surface Property오석일; 김남동; 주지봉; 김우영; 강태욱; 김영훈; 김홍곤; 이종협
2008-04Formation of CdO films from chemically deposited Cd(OH)2 films as a precursorTanaji Gujar; V.R. Shinde; 김우영; 정광덕; 록핸드; 주오심
2014-11Mechanical properties of plasma treated carbon nanotube fibers박옥경; 김우영; 김승민; 정영진; 이헌수; 구본철
2008-07Photoelectrochemical water splitting for hydrogen production using a Ni-ferrite catalytic thin film민병권; 박종원; 김우영; 주오심
2008-04Porous weblike network of InSe on a compact layer by electrodeposition구저르; 김우영; 정광덕; 주오심
2007-10Removal of Bisphenol-A (BPA) Using Ceramic Membrane Modified with Trimethylchlorosilane (TMCS) via Grafting Method오석일; 김남동; 주지봉; 김우영; 강태욱; 김영훈; 김홍곤; 이종협
2007-03Spray deposited amorphous RuO2 for an effective use in electrochemical supercapacitorT.P. Gujar; V.R. Shinde; C.D.Lokhande; 김우영; 정광덕; 주오심
2005-09Spray Pyrolytic deposition of FeNiOx thin film from aqueous nickel acetate solution김우영; J.D. Desai; 이현경; 정광덕; 주오심
2011-12Spray pyrolytic deposition of polycrystalline Cu2S thin films김우영; 팔브; 파탄; 주오심
2015-10The characteristics of the MWCNT after treatment with inductively coupled plasma김우영; 정용채; 유재상; 이헌수
2016-10Volume change of expanded graphite via inductively coupled plasma treatment and mutual relation between expansion volume and thermal conductivity of polymer composites이헌수; 김성륜; 김우영; 김현수; 김종혁
2017-08Volume control of expanded graphite based on inductively coupled plasma and enhanced thermal conductivity of epoxy composite by formation of the filler network이헌수; 김성륜; 김종혁; 김현수; 김우영; 길명섭
2011-12-07기판건조장치 및 기판건조방법구교욱; 김우영; 김재훈; 박종민; 배정용; 송길훈; 최진영
2005-06-09직접 나노기공 복제법을 이용한 금속 산화물의 제조 방법김동찬; 김우영; 김지만; 주오심
2015-08플라즈마 필러처리를 통한 탄화목분 복합소재 전도도 향상김우영; 김성륜; 박형철; 황준연; 이헌수