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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-079-Aryl-1,2-dihydropyrrolo[3,4-b]indolizin-3-one (Seoul-Fluor) as a smart platform for colorful ratiometric fluorescent pH sensors이상희; 김은하; 박승범
2019-01A new-infrared probe targeting mitochondria via regulation of molecular hydrophobicity이상희; 추연정; 성준; 노준기; 전경; 민준식; 김종현; 김욱; 김은하
2012-02A Seoul-Fluor-based bioprobe for lipid droplets and its application in image-based high throughput screening이상희; 김은하; 박승범
2021-08A tetrazine-fused aggregation induced emission luminogen for bioorthogonal fluorogenic bioprobe이상희; 최상기; 이영준; 윤상은; 최홍서; 김종훈; 김종현; 김욱; 김은하
2013-01Charged Residues in the S1, S2, and S3 Transmembrane Domains affect the Speed, Size and Voltage Response of Genetically-Encoded Fluorescent Sensors of Membrane Potential브래들리 베이커; 김은하; 박홍화; 래리코헨; 정아롱; Lei Jin
2015-01Combinatorial Mutagenesis of the Voltage-Sensing Domain Enables the Optical Resolution of Action Potentials Firing at 60 Hz by a Genetically Encoded Fluorescent Sensor of Membrane Potential박홍화; 다나라잔 라자쿠마; 강복음; 김은하; 브래들리 베이커
2021-12Development of Small-Molecule STING Activators for Cancer Immunotherapy이상희; 정희라; 이혜림; 이지희; 추연정; 조성만; 전민재; 김은하; 송규용; 정철희; 김혜진
2019-06Development of Theragnostic Tool Using NIR Fluorescence Probe Targeting Mitochondria in Glioma Cells이상희; 추연정; 신민철; 성준; 박종민; 김은하
2013-05Discovery of autophagy modulators through the construction of high-content screening platform by monitoring lipid droplets이상희; 김은하; 박승범
2015-03Discovery, Understanding, and Bioapplication of Organic Fluorophore: A Case Study with an Indolizine-Based Novel Fluorophore, Seoul-Fluor이상희; 김은하; 이영준; 박승범
2021-07Fluorescent Materials for Monitoring Mitochondrial Biology이상희; 추연정; 박지수; 김은하
2015-04Linker length and fusion site composition improve the optical signal of genetically encoded fluorescent voltage sensors넥정아롱; Jessica E. Garcia; 김은하; 윤봉준; 브래들리 베이커
2018-10Near-IR Fluorescent Tracer for Glucose-Uptake Monitoring in Live Cells이상희; 조아라; 성준; 남현성; 이효원; 박종민; 김환명; 김은하; 박승범
2017-05Neuron-Material Nanointerfaces: Surface Nanotopography Governs Neuronal Differentiation and Development김영관; 김훈기; 김은하; 장홍제; 강경태
2015-01V220 Mutants of Ciona Voltage-Sensing Domain Based Genetically Encoded Fluorescent Voltage Sensors브래들리 베이커; 김은하; 다나라잔 라자쿠마; 박홍화; 강복음; 정아롱
2020-10-23아릴피페라진 유도체를 유효성분으로 포함하는 인터페론 유전자 자극제 조성물김은하; 벤카타 프라탑 레디 하줄라팔리; 이상희; 추연정
2020-10-23인돌리진 유도체를 유효성분으로 포함하는 인터페론 유전자 자극제 조성물김은하; 김현기; 이상희; 정희라; 최상기