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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996-03-041,1,-디클로로-1-플루오로에탄의 연속제조방법강윤환; 전주석; 김재덕; 이윤용
1998-101,1-difluoroethane synthesis from acetylene over fluorinated γ-Al2O3이윤우; 이경환; 임종성; 김재덕; 이윤용
1996-01-091,1-디클로로-1-플루오로에탄의 연속 제조방법강윤환; 전주석; 김재덕; 이윤용
1995-08-141,1-디클로로-1-플루오로에탄의 제조 방법강윤환; 이윤용; 김재덕
1998-12-181,1-디플루오로에탄의 연속적 제조방법임종성; 이윤용; 박종민; 김재덕; 최대기; 이윤우
1998-08-101,1-디플루오로에탄의 제조방법김재덕; 이윤용; 이윤우; 임종성
1994-03A study on the measurement of flame extinguishing concentration of halon alternatives by new test equipment.김재덕; 임종성; 이윤우; 이윤용
2002-11CFC 대체냉매김재덕; 이병권; 임종성
2004-03Comparison of Thermodynamic Properties of Alternative Fire Extinguishing Agent김재덕; 여미순; 이광진; 이윤우; 장윤호; 노경호
1998-06Condition monitoring technology for plant machinery system based on integrated wear monitoring윤의성; 장래혁; 공호성; 한흥구; 권오관; 송재수; 김재덕; 엄형섭
1988-08Desorption rate of phenol from activated carbon with supercritical carbon dioxide.김재덕; 이윤용; 전해수
1998-10Difluoromethane synthesis over fluorinated metal oxide이윤우; 이경환; 임종성; 김재덕; 이윤용
1995-01Difluoromethane synthesis over fluorinated metal oxides.이윤우; 임종성; 김재덕; 이윤용
1998-03Effect of reaction temperature on synthesis of heptafluoropropane over activated carbon김재덕; 이윤우; 임종성; 이경환; 이윤용
2003-02Effects of reaction conditions on selectivity of terephtalic acid in uncatalyzed partial oxidation of p-Xylene under subcritical and supercritical water.김영래; 김재덕; 임종성; 이윤우; 이성철
2002-06Empirical equations for physical properties of halon-1301 and CO₂노경호; 송명석; 한순구; 김재덕; 이윤우
2002-09Empirical equations for thermodynamic physical properties of Freon-23 and HFC-227ea김재덕; 이윤우; 송명석; 노경호
2003-03Empirical equations for thermodynamic physical properties of inert gas김재덕; 여미순; 이윤우; 노경호
2000-07Evaluation of gaseous fire extinguishing system김재덕
1994-01Extraction of oil from evening primrose seed with supercritical carbon dioxide.김재덕; B. C. Lee; K. Y. Hwang; Y. Y.Lee
2002-09Flame extinguishing concentrations and flue gas compositions of n-Heptane by mixed inert gas agents김재덕; 김영래; 홍승태; 이성철
2001-04Flame extinguishing concentrations of mixed gaseous agents김재덕; 임종성; 이윤우; 이윤용
1998-01GC를 이용한 청정소화약제의 분석김재덕
2005-04Halon Alternative Fire Extinguishing Agent and Fire Protection Technology김재덕
1999-04Influence of reaction condition on CF₄ synthesis by fluorination of CF₂Cl₂ and CCl₄이윤우; 이경환; 임종성; 김재덕; 이윤용
1996-01Manufacture of new fluorinated refrigerants.김재덕
2002-10Measurement of mutual solubility of high-pressure gaseous fire extinguishing agents(HFCs) and nitrogen임종성; 박지영; 이병권; 김재덕; 이윤용
1997-08Separation of EPA and DHA from fatty acid of fish oil by supercritical fluid rectification김재덕; 임종성; 이윤우
1997-08Separation of EPA and DHA from fatty acid of fish oil by urea adduct formation using spuercritical carbon dioxide solvent김재덕; 임종성; 이윤우
2001-08Supercritical fluid extraction of catechin compounds from Green Tea나영진; 이윤우; 김재덕; 노경호