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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-033D Quantitative Light-intensity Dispersion Index of Polymer Nanocomposites Based on Optical Microscopy박민; 박종혁; 김재우; 장지운; 오진우; 김성륜
2017-04A combined analytical formulation and genetic algorithm to analyze the nonlinear damage responses of continuous fiber toughened composites이헌수; 양철민; 정용채; 유재상; 김재우; 양범주; Haemin Jeon; G. M. Kim
2017-05A theoretical study on the piezoresistive response of carbon nanotubes embedded in polymer nanocomposites in an elastic region유재상; 김재우; 양범주; Hamid Souri; Haemin Jeon; 유남호; 양철민
2018-03Adhesion enhancement and damage protection for carbon fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP) composites via silica particle coating정용채; 김재우; 양범주; Kyungtae Kim; Seong Yun Kim
2019-04Analysis of force transferring mechanism depending on crosslinking density via spiropyran molecular sensor in PMMA, the glassy polymer system김재우; 조준용; 이도창
2018-08Antimicrobial properties of lignin-decorated thin multi-walled carbon nanotubes in poly(vinyl alcohol) nanocomposites박민; 황준연; 정용채; 김재우; 김영오; 이은실; 임다운; 하유미; 조재환
2019-03Application of supercritical water for green recycling of epoxy-based carbon fiber reinforced plastic박민; 정용채; 김재우; 양범주; 김영오; 김영남; 김성륜
2021-10Colorless polyimides with excellent optical transparency and self-healing properties based on multi-exchange dynamic network정용채; 김재우; 김영남; 이주헌; 김영오; 한학수
2019-04Comprehensive study of effects of filler length on mechanical, electrical, and thermal properties of multi-walled carbon nanotube/polyamide 6 composites김재우; 김동우; 장한결; 조준용; 김윤상; 길명섭; 김성륜
2019-10Comprehensive study of effects of filler length on mechanical, electrical, and thermal properties of multi-walled carbon nanotube/polyamide 6 composites김재우; 장한결; 김성륜; 양범주; 길명섭
2018-12Copolymerization of simple methacrylates by Cu(0)-mediated reversible deactivation radical polymerization김재우; 장한결; Woo Jung Lee; Youngjoo Song; Jae Hyun Sim; Keewook Paeng; Jongwon Choe; Myungwoong Kim
2020-02Development of a continuous manufacturing process for self-reinforced composites using multi-step highly drawn polypropylene tapes정용채; 김재우; 김민국; 김윤상; Dong Woo Kim; Seong Yun Kim; Jong Man Song
2021-07Effect of draw ratio on the mechanical properties of polypropylene self-reinforced composite정용채; 김재우; 조준용; 김윤상; 최우혁; 송종만; 최선웅
2020-11Effect of plasma gas and Ar incorporation on the shear strength between carbon fiber-reinforced thermoplastic polymer and Al이헌수; 정용채; 김재우; 정운석; 김윤상; 최선웅
2018-01Electrical resistivity reduction with pitch-based carbon fiber into multi-walled carbon nanotube (MWCNT)-embedded cement composites정용채; 김재우; 양범주; 김민국; 박형민; 이솔이; G.M. Kim; Haemin Jeon; Seong Yun Kim
2020-01Enhanced electrical and electromagnetic interference shielding properties of uniformly dispersed carbon nanotubes filled composite films via solvent-free process using ring-opening polymerization of cyclic butylene terephthalate김재우; Ji-un Jang; Ji Eun Cha; Seung Hwan Lee; Beomjoo Yang; Seong Yun Kim; Seong Hun Kim
2020-08Enhanced mechanical properties and thermal conductivity of polyimide nanocomposites incorporating individualized boron-doped graphene정용채; 김재우; 김영오; 하유미; 김영남; 소찬; 이재석
2020-09Enhancement of Mechano-Sensitivity for Spiropyran-Linked Poly(dimethylsiloxane) via Solvent SwellingGrigori A. Medvedev; James M. Caruthers; You-Yeon Won; 김재우; 김동우; 조준용
2019-04Environmentally friendly, highly efficient Epoxy-based Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic Green Recycling system using Supercritical water박민; 정용채; 김재우; 김영오; 김영남; 김성륜; 양범주
2019-10Facile and cost-effective strategy for fabrication of polyamide 6 wrapped multi-walled carbon nanotube via anionic melt polymerization of ε-caprolactam이헌수; 김재우; 장지운; 김성륜; 김성훈; 황인웅; 강병주; 강명구
2004-09Failure Modes of Silicon Powder Negative Electrode in Lithium Secondary Batteries김재우; Ji Heon Ryu; Yung-Eun Sung; Seung M. Oh
2021-01Flame retardant, antimicrobial, and mechanical properties of multifunctional polyurethane nanofibers containing tannic acid-coated reduced graphene oxide정용채; 김재우; 김영오; 하유미; 김영남; 조준용; 박재은; 한학수; 이도창
2016-11Flexible Transparent Conducting Films Composed of Photochemically Oxidized Thin Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes양철민; 정용채; 김재우; 고영일; 하유미; Takuya Hayashi; 김융암; Morinobu Endo
2005-02Improvement of silicon powder negative electrodes by copper electroless deposition for lithium secondary batteries김재우; Ji Heon Ryu; Kyu T. Lee; Seung M. Oh
2015-02Mechanoactivation of Spiropyran Covalently Linked PMMA: Effect of Temperature, Strain Rate, and Deformation Mode김재우; Yukyung Ju; Geoffrey W. Coates; Meredith N. Silberstein
2013-12Mobility evolution during tri-axial deformation of a glassy polymer김재우; Grigori A. Medvedev; James M. Caruthers
2012-07Molecular dynamics simulations and experimental studies of the thermomechanical response of an epoxy thermoset polymer김재우; Chunyu Li; Grigori A. Medvedev; Eun-Woong Lee; James M. Caruthers; Alejandro Strachan
2016-02Morphing Metal and Elastomer Bicontinuous Foams for Reversible Stiffness, Shape Memory, and Self-Healing Soft Machines김재우; Ilse M. Van Meerbeek; Benjamin C. Mac Murray; Sanlin S. Robinson; Perry X. Zou; Meredith N. Silberstein; Robert F. Shepherd
2021-06Nano-bridge effect on thermal conductivity of hybrid polymer composites incorporating 1D and 2D nanocarbon fillers김재우; 장지운; 이승환; 김성륜; 김성훈
2013-04Nonlinear stress relaxation in an epoxy glass and its relationship to deformation induced mobility김재우; Grigori A. Medvedev; James M. Caruthers