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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1976-061,1,1- 삼염화에탄의 합성공정개발김재진; 이화영; 강희동; 이기준
1977-101,1,2- 삼염화에탄의 기상 염소화 반응김재진; 이화영; 강희동
1977-101,1,2- 삼염화에탄의 액상염소화공정김재진; 이화영
1992-0112- 텅스토인산 촉매와 폴리머의 블렌딩으로 제조된 촉매고분자막송인규; 이화영; 김재진
2007-083MA 프리폴리머와 첨가제를 함유한 정형외과용 하이브리드형 고성능 생분해성 골시멘트의 제조 및 특성김재진; 손준식; 박귀덕; 한동근
1991-12A Study on the Orientation and Crystallinity and Membrane Performance of Microporous Polyethylene Hollow Fiber Membranes by Melt Spinning and Drawing장태석; 김재진; 김은영
2001-06Antimicrobial activity and antioxidative activity of water soluble chitosan정병옥; 정석진; 이영무; 김재진; 서상봉; 이경원
1979-03Catalytic oxidation of ethylene to acetaldehyde with palladium chloride.B. Sung*; 이화영; 김재진
1993-09Design and Diafiltration Performance of Modified Cellulose and Regenerated Cellulose Hollow Fiber Membrane Hemodiafilter김재진; 박진용; 서상봉; 김성수; 김은영; 강성종; 연인석; 고영환
1993-01Design and filtration performance of polysulfone hollow fiber membrane hemofilter김재진; 박진용; 서상봉; 김성수; 김은영; 강성종; 연인석; 고영환
2001-08Effect of surfactant treatment on the microfiltration performance of a ceramic membrane김종표; 남현희; 유종훈; 김재진; 배재흠; 김정호; 권영돈
1991-08Effects of Melt Spinning Conditions and Post-Treatment on the Orientation and Crystallization of Polypropylene Hollow Fiber for Membranes장태석; 김재진; 권영돈; 김은영
1998-06Experimental study on the backflushing for ultrafiltration treatment of alkaline cleaner containing cutting oils김종표; 전명석; 김재진; 정건용; 전성덕
1999-02Experimental study on the hindered diffusion of concentrated latexes through track-etched membrane pores전명석; 강은아; 김재진; 박철환; 이진원
1997-01Formation and performance of heat- and solvent-resistant ultrafiltration membranes based on poly(p-phenylene terephthalamide)유종훈; 김재진; 곽승엽
1997-01Fouling and solution of reverse osmosis membrane of spiral wound type for industrial water treatment김재진; 서상봉; 박진용; 장문석; 정두식
1998-11Graft copolymerization of chitosan and mono(2-methacryloyl oxyethyl) acid phosphate and its antifungal effect정병옥; 정석진; 정택상; 이영무; 최규석; 김재진; 한승희
1994-01Membrane applications and market in Korea김재진
1999-12Membrane filtration characteristics of oil/water emulsions김종표; 임진수; 유종훈; 김재진; 정건용; 전명석; 민병렬
1994-01Membrane formation via thermally-induced phase separation from polypropylene/fatty acids systems김재진; 황정림; 김은영; 김성수
1997-05Membrane fouling phenomena in membrane filtration system and control practice전명석; 김재진; 장문석
1998-12Microfiltration characteristics for emulsified oil in water정건용; 김재진; 김규진; Anthony G. Fane
1990-01Microporous Polypropylene Hollow Fiber Membrane$ by Melt Spinning and Drawing김재진; 권영돈; 장태석; 김은영
1988-05Morphological studies of cellulose acetate hollow fiber membranes김성수; 차준석; 김재진; 김은영
1986-01Morphological studies on melt spun cellulose acetate hollow fiber membranes.김재진; 김성수; 차준석; 김은영
1986-10Oxygen-Nitrogen Separation Characteristics of Poly(dimethylsiloxane)-Polysulfone Thin Film Composite Membranes송승원; 김재진; 김은영
1982-08Perovskite형 촉매에 의한 일산화탄소와 산화질소간의 산화환원반응김재진; 정석진; 최정욱; 이화영
1990-01Pharmacokinetics of amitriptyline demethylation : a crossover study with single doses of amitriptyline and nortriptyline장인진; 신재국; 신상구; 박찬웅; 김재진; 우종인; 차인준
1991-10Porosity Measurements of the Microporous Polypropylene Hollow Fiber Membrane장태석; 김재진; 김은영
1990-08Preparation and solute permeable properties of cross-linked (gelatin-carboxymethyl cellulose) polyelectrolyte complex membrane한병학; 이순홍; 김계용; 노시태; 김재진