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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-01A Facile Supercritical Alcohol Route for Synthesizing Carbon Coated Hierarchically Mesoporous Li4Ti5O12 Microspheres아궁; 정경윤; 김재훈
2008-11A new correlation to predict the stability of liquid jet in dense carbon dioxide함형철; 밤방; 김재훈; 김완주; 김재덕; 오성근; 이윤우
2010-10A New Strategy for Ultralow Biofouling Membranes: Uniform and Ultrathin Hydrophilic Coatings김재훈; 수산티; 한양수; 이영행; 김재덕
2013-08A new strategy for ultralow biofouling membranes: Uniform and ultrathin hydrophilic coatings using liquid carbon dioxideRanta F. Susanti; 한양수; 김재훈; 이영행; Ruben G. Carbonell
2016-03A Route to Synthesis Molybdenium Disulfide-Reduced Graphene Oxide (MoS2-RGO) Composites Using Supercritical Methanol and Their Enhanced Electrochemical Performance for Li-Ion Batteries김승민; 최무겸; Siva Kumar Koppala; 윤도현; 황지은; 김재훈
2016-11A simple, one-pot synthesis of molybdenum oxide-reduced graphene oxide composites in supercritical methanol and their electrochemical performance장원영; 황지은; 윤도현; 권보영; 김재훈
2008-04Analysis and fractionation after deacidification of palm oil using supercritical carbon dioxide extraction홍승아; 김재훈; 김재덕; 강정원
2007-10Applicability of Supercritical Water for Gasification of Hydrocarbons into Hydrogen밤방; 김재덕; 김재훈
2009-10Biodiesel Production from Vegetable Oil in Supercritical Methanol이홍식; 유성진; 김재훈; 이윤우
2006-08Blood Compatibility of Novel Zwitterionic PEG-coated Nitinol Alloy for Peripheral Arterial Stents김재훈; 한동근; 손준식; 박귀덕; 안광덕; 김종만
2006-11Blood Compatibility of Novel Zwitterionic PEG-coated Nitinol Alloy for Vascular Stents김재훈; 박귀덕; 안광덕; 김종만; 한동근
2007-12Blood Compatibility of Novel Zwitterionic PEG-grafted Nitinol Alloy for Peripheral Arterial Stents김재훈; 손준식; 김종만; 김재진; 박귀덕; 안광덕; 한동근
2012-02Bulk Heterojunction Formation between Indium Tin Oxide Nanorods and CuInS2 Nanoparticles for Inorganic Thin Film Solar Cell Applications조진우; 박세진; 김재훈; 김웅; 박후근; 도영락; 민병권
2007-10Caffeine and Catechin Extraction from Korea Green Tea Using Supercritical Carbon Dioxide김완주; 김재덕; 오성근; 김재훈
2012-08Carbon coating on lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4): Comparison between continuous supercritical hydrothermal method and solid-state method홍승아; 김수진; 김재훈; 이병권; 정경윤; 이윤우
2018-01Carbon with Expanded and Well-Developed Graphene Planes Derived Directly from Condensed Lignin as a High-Performance Anode for Sodium-Ion Batteries장원영; 윤도현; 황지은; 김재훈
2020-01CDK7 is a reliable prognostic factor and novel therapeutic target in epithelial ovarian cancer안형준; 김지혜; 조영재; 류지윤; 황일선; 한희동; 김우영; 조한별; 정준용; 스테펜 헤위트; 김재훈; 김병기; 배덕수; 최철헌; 이정원
2011-04CdS Deposition onto Mesoporous Titania Films for Sensitizer of Photovoltaic devices by high Pressure Free Meniscus Coating장원호; 조성민; 김재훈; 민병권; 유기풍
2021-10Cerium chloride-assisted subcritical water carbonization for fabrication of high-performance cathodes for lithium-ion capacitors장원영; Ratna Frida Susanti; Hans Kristianto; Claudius Chrismanto; Filbert Christian Ondy; 김재훈
2007-09Characteristics of Nano-Floating-Gate Memory with Au Nanoparticles in SiO2 Dielectrics이민승; 이동욱; 김재훈; 김은규; 김원목; 조원주
2012-05Characterization and Electrochemical properties of Lithium Titanate Synthesized in Supercritical Fluids아궁; 김재훈
2012-04Characterization of hydrotreated biodiesel (HBD) using GC x GC-TOFMS and reaction pathway of catalytic deoxygenation of triglycerides김석기; 한재영; 염태우; 홍문현; 김연제; 김재훈
2007-10Characterization of Palladium (Pd) on Alumina Catalysts Prepared Using Liquid Carbon Dioxide김재훈; Roberts; Kiserow; 김재덕
2008-08Characterization of Palladium (Pd) on Alumina Catalysts Prepared Using Liquid Carbon Dioxide김재훈; M. J. Kelly; H. H. Lamb; G. W. Roberts; D. J. Kiserow
2008-08Characterization of Pd/γ-Al2O3 Catalysts Prepared Using [Pd(hfac)2] in Liquid CO2M.J. Kelly; 김재훈; George W. Roberts; H. Henry Lamb
2009-08Characterization of Surface-modified Ceria Oxide Nanoparticles Synthesized Continuously in Supercritical MethanolBambang Veriansyah; 박현채; 김재덕; 민병권; 신영호; 이윤우; 김재훈
2009-04Complex Effects of the Sweep Fluid on Solid-State Polymerization: Poly(bisphenol A carbonate) in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide김재훈; L.B. Dong; D. J. Kiserow; G. W. Roberts
2009-05Complex Effects of the Sweep Fluid on Solid-State Polymerization: Poly(bisphenol A carbonate) in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide김재훈; George W. Roberts; Douglas J. Kiserow
2021-07Computational design of Mg alloys with minimal galvanic corrosion석현광; 이승철; 김유찬; 한형섭; 이광철; Krishnamohan Thekkepat; 최지원; 윤을식; 김재훈; 차필령