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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-04Bioactive Compounds Isolated from Pinus densiflora and koraiensis and their Applications엄병헌; 김남희; 윤순권; 김정원
2010-05Derivatives of 8-hydroxyquinoline activate angiogenesis by stabilizing functional hypoxia-inducible factor-1α양은경; 박현성; 이명진; 김정원
2009-06Diameter-Tunable CdSe Nanotubes from Facile Solution-Based Selenization of Cd(OH)2 Nanowire Bundles for Photoelectrochemical Cells심희상; 신디; 김정원; 구저르; 주오심; 김해진; 김원배
2012-12Effects of clioquinol analogues on the hypoxia-inducible factor pathway and intracelullar mobilization of metal ions김소연; 이명진; 김정원; 나유란; 이호열; 조현주; 이큰별; 이유미; 이철주; 박현성; 양은경
2015-11Efficiencies of Micro - Hydro Pelton Turbine with Variation of Number of buckets김정원; 조인찬; 박주훈; 신유환; 정진택
2021-08Enhanced Electron Heat Conduction in TaS3 1D Metal Wire김정원; 이호준; 방재욱; 박세환; Dang Suan Dang; 사강원길; 강승수; 안병욱; 김기강; 임종태; 임성주
2021-06Enhancement of thermoelectric performance in a non-toxic CuInTe2/SnTe coated grain nanocomposite김정원; 황준필; 이민주; 유병규; 한미경; 김우철; Rabih Al Rahal Al Orabi; Hongchao Wang; Somnath Acharya; 김지용; Yingshi Jin; 박환주; 김수진; 양소현; 김성진
2004-10Fabrication and characterization of Fe3O4 nano sized powders by glycothermal process최유진; 김락희; 김정원; 한경섭; 배동식
2021-04Freely Shapable CNT Foam and Sponge for Flexible Thermoelectric Power Generators김정원
2010-05Hinokitiol activates the hypoxia-inducible factor (HIF) pathway through inhibition of HIF hydroxylases이명진; 김정원; 양은경
2011-07Inhibition of a prolyl hydroxylase domain (PHD) by substrate analog peptides권혁성; 최연경; 김정원; 박용근; 양은경; 안대로
2016-03Jet qualty characteristics according to nozzle shape of energy-recovery Pelton turbines in pressure-retarded osmosis조인찬; 박주훈; 김정원; 신유환; 정진택
2017-03Manganese oxide nanorods as a robust Fenton-like catalyst at neutral pH: Crystal phase-dependent behavior김은주; 오다솜; 이충섭; Jianyu Gong; 김정원; 장윤석
2021-03Measurement Technique for High Thermal Conductivity Nanomaterials김정원
2001-02Mechanical properties of styrene ionomer blended with diacid molecules김준섭; 김정원; 장순덕; 이연희; 김환기
2013-03Order-disorder transition in the Molecular Orientation dueing Initial Grwoth of Organic Thin Film권순남; Tae Gun Kim; 최원국; 강상욱; 김정원
2016-06Supported metal nanoparticles: their catalytic applications to selective alcohol oxidation엄병헌; 무하마드 아시프 후세인; 느얀즈 조셉; 강온유; 조용훈; 김정원
2021-04Synergetic Enhancement of Thermoelectric Performances by Localized Carrier and Phonon Scattering in Cu2Se with Incorporated Fullerene Nanoparticles김정원; 김영실; 황준필; 김수진; 김성진
2017-09Theoretical method of selecting number of buckets for the design and verification of a Pelton turbine신유환; 박주훈; 김정원; 조인찬; 정진택
2021-09Thermal Barrier Coating for Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Composite Materials이민욱; 김정원; 김희진; Juhyeong Lee
2011-09TiO2 Photocatalysis for the Redox Conversion of Aquatic Pollutants이재상; 김정원; 최원용
2021-04Wikstroemiaganpi Extract Improved Atopic Dermatitis-Like Skin Lesions via Suppression of Interleukin-4 in 2,4-Dinitrochlorobenzene-Induced SKH-1 Hairless Mice.김수남; 봉심규; 박노준; 제갈종환; 조범근; 김태영; 최상호; 백진협; 김정원; 양민혜
2013-10-25셰일가스 폐수 처리 시스템김정원; 이석헌; 정성필; 홍승관
2009-11-12히노키티올의 프롤릴 하이드록실라제 2 활성 저해 용도김정원; 양은경; 이명진