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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-07A dual catalytic strategy by the nature of the functionalization effect as well as active species on vanadium-based catalyst for enhanced low temperature SCR하헌필; 김종식; 권동욱; 김동호; 이석현
2021-01An electro-Fenton system with magnetite coated stainless steel mesh as cathode변지영; 김상훈; 김종식; 최윤정
2015-07As(III) and As(V) removal from the aqueous phase via adsorption onto acid mine drainage sludge (AMDS) alginate beads and goethite alginate beads이홍균; 김도형; 김종식; 지민규; 한영수; 박영태; 윤현식; 최재영
2013-11Carbothermal reduction of Ti-modified IRMOF-3: an adaptable synthetic method to support catalytic nanoparticles on carbon김종식; Nicholas D. McNamara; Theresa H. Her; Jason C. Hicks
2016-05Catalytic activity and stability of carbon supported V oxides and carbides synthesized via pyrolysis of MIL-47 (V)김종식; Nicholas D. McNamara; Jason C. Hicks
2018-01Challenging endeavor to integrate gallium and carbon via direct bonding to evolve GaN on diamond architecture김종식; Jong Cheol Kim; Jinhyung Lee; Rajiv K. Singh; Puneet Jawali; Ghatu Subhash; Haigun Lee; Arul Chakkaravarthi Arjunan
2021-08Comparative Study of HSOA-/SOA2-versus H3-BPO4B-Functionalities Anchored on TiO2-Supported Antimony Oxide-Vanadium Oxide-Cerium Oxide Composites for Low-Temperature NOX Activation하헌필; 김종식; 남기복
2017-05Composition-Directed FeXMo2-XP Bimetallic Catalysts for Hydrodeoxygenation Reactions김종식; Dallas J. Rensel; Varsha Jain; Yolanda Bonita; Neeraj Rai; Jason C. Hicks
2016-01Controlling the pyrolysis conditions of microporous/mesoporous MIL-125 to synthesize porous, carbon-supported Ti catalysts with targeted Ti phases for the oxidation of dibenzothiophene김종식; Nicholas D. McNamara; Jason C. Hicks
2021-08Deciphering Evolution Pathway of Supported NO3? Enabled via Radical Transfer from ?OH to Surface NO3? Functionality for Oxidative Degradation of Aqueous Contaminants김상훈; 김종식; 최윤정; 최인석; 정근홍
2021-01Decomposition of the Simulant 2-Chloroethyl Ethyl Sulfide Blister Agent under Ambient Conditions Using Metal-Organic Frameworks백경열; 김상훈; 김종식; 서진영; 김홍현; 정상조; 민세인; 정근홍; 김희정
2021-06Effective degradation of sulfur mustard simulant using novel sulfur-doped mesoporous zinc oxide under ambient conditions김상훈; 김종식; 마하요니; 민세인; 정근홍
2015-06Enhanced CO2 capture capacities and efficiencies with N-doped nanoporous carbons synthesized from solvent-modulated, pyridinedicarboxylate-containing Zn-MOFs김종식; Allen G. Oliver; Jason C. Hicks
2016-07Enhancing C-H bond activation of methane via temperature-controlled, catalyst-plasma interactions김종식; Marshall S. Abbott; David B. Go; Jason C. Hicks
2019-09Enhancing the decomposition of refractory contaminants on SO42--functionalized iron oxide to accommodate surface SO4- generated via radical transfer from OH김상훈; 김종식; 최윤정; 정근홍
2018-09Epoxide-Functionalized, Poly(ethylenimine)-Confined Silica/Polymer Module Affording Sustainable CO2 Capture in Rapid Thermal Swing Adsorption이승용; 조소혜; 김종식; 박성현; Young-June Won; Chaehoon Kim; Minkee Choi; Wonho Jung; Kwang Soon Lee; Jeong-Geol Na; Jong Suk Lee
2021-01Er Composition (X)-Mediated Catalytic Properties of Ce1-XErXVO4 Surfaces for Selective Catalytic NOX Reduction with NH3 at Elevated Temperatures하헌필; 김종식; 권동욱; 이소민
2019-07Establishment of surface/bulk-like species functionalization by controlling the sulfation temperature of Sb/V/Ce/Ti for NH3-SCR하헌필; 김종식; 권동욱
2018-08Evaluation of subsurface damage inherent to polished GaN substrates using depth-resolved cathodoluminescence spectroscopy김종식; 이진형; 김종철; Rajiv K. Singh; Arul C. Arjunan; 이해근
2014-07Exceptional control of carbon-supported transition metal nanoparticles using metal-organic frameworks김종식; Gregory T. Neumann; Nicholas D. McNamara; Jason C. Hicks
2018-11Exploration of surface properties of Sb-promoted copper vanadate catalysts for selective catalytic reduction of NOX by NH3하헌필; 김종식; 권동욱; 이소민
2018-10Fe3S4/Fe7S8-promoted degradation of phenol via heterogeneous, catalytic H2O2 scission mediated by S-modified surface Fe2+ species변지영; 김상훈; 김종식; 최윤정
2006-12Graphitic spherical carbon as a support for a PtRu-alloy catalyst in the methanol electro-oxidation김종식; Pil Kim; Ji Bong Joo; Wooyoung Kim; In Kyu Song; Jongheop Yi
2019-09Grasping periodic trend and rate-determining step for S-modified metals of metal sulfides deployable to produce OH via H2O2 cleavage이승철; 김상훈; 김종식; 최윤정; Satadeep Bhattacharjeed
2012-07High-yield postsynthetic modification of MOF with organic-metal precursors김종식; Dong Ok Kim; Dong Wook Kim; Jeasung Park; Mi Sun Jung
2021-01Influence of support composition on enhancing the performance of Ce-V on TiO2 comprised tungsten-silica for NH3-SCR하헌필; 김종식; 권동욱; 이소민; 이관영
2020-10Investigating multi-functional traits of metal-substituted vanadate catalysts in expediting NOX reduction and poison degradation at low temperatures하헌필; 김종식; 김동호
2016-08Investigating the multifunctional nature of bimetallic FeMoP catalysts using dehydration and hydrogenolysis reactions김종식; Dallas J. Rensel; Yolanda Bonita; Jason C. Hicks
2018-05Micro-architecture embedding ultra-thin interlayer to bond diamond and silicon via direct fusion김종식; Jong Cheol Kim; Yan Xin; Jinhyung Lee; Young-Gyun Kim; Ghatu Subhash; Rajiv K. Singh; Arul C. Arjunan; Haigun Lee
2010-05Molybdenum and tungsten promoted carbons for use as catalyst supports in methanol electro-oxidation김종식; Ji Bong Joo; Pil Kim; Jongheop Yi