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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-04A review of Carbon Nanotube-Reinforced Carbon Fibers채한기; 이성호; 구본철; 박민; 김준경
2000-01Biomechanical analysis of Korean radiolucent carbon/graphite ring fixator최인호; 김준경; 최귀원; 정진엽; 조태준; 이기석
1999-08Clay 분산 유/무기 나노복합재 제조 기술고문배; 김준경
2004-02Concentration effect of silane coupling agents with chloropropyl end group on the interfacial characteristics of glass/nylon 6 composites조동환; 윤숙향; 방대석; 김준경; 임순호; 박민
2003-06Curing and rheological behavior of epoxy resin compositions for underfill.김윤진; 박민; 김준경; 김진모; 윤호규
2007-02Deveopment and application of nanoclay polymer nanocomposite이상수; 박민; 임순호; 김준경; 황진택
2011-03Effect of Process Condition on Tensile Properties of Carbon Fiber이성호; 김지훈; 구본철; 김준경; 정용식
2004-03Effect of the interfacial interaction on the intercalation in EVOH/layered silicates nanocomposites이상수; 김준경
2004-03Effects of fiber surface-treatment and sizing on the dynamic mechanical and interfacial properties of carbon/nylon 6 composites조동환; 윤석향; 김준경; 임순호; 박민; 이건웅; 이상수
2010-06Electrical Enhancement of Polyurethane Composites Filled with Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes by Controlling their Dispersion and Damage김윤진; 장용균; 김우년; 박민; 김준경; 윤호규
2010-07Electrophoresis-based e-Paper Display이상수; 박민; 임순호; 김준경
2002-02Influence of triboactivation of components in bidegradable polymer compositesV.S. Mironov; V.S. Randichenko; O.P Yurkrerich; 박민; 김준경
1982-12N-carbazyl methyl styrene과 2,4-dinitrophenyl methacrylate 및 picryl methacrylate와의 공중합김준경; 홍성일
2000-10POF technology : current status and applications박민; 김준경; 이무성
1996-01Poly(butadiene-g-acrylonitrile-styrene) core/shell 고무에 의한 에폭시 수지의 강인화 = Toughening of epoxy resin by inclusion of poly(butadiene-g-acrylonitrile-styrene) core/shell rubber.손성균; 김성태; 홍성일; 김준경; 최철림
2007-11Preparation and electrphoretic characterization of microcapsules containing pigment embedded electro-active nanoparticles문재석; 임종주; 김준경; 이상수
2007-05Preparation of Microcapsules containing electrophoretic hybrid nanoparticles문재석; 임종주; 김준경; 이상수
2003-09Preparation of polymer/clay nanocomposites in exfoliated state by interface stabilization.김준경; 이상수
2012-04Structural Evolution of Polyacrylonitrile Fibers in Stabilization and Carbonization이성호; 김지훈; 구본철; 김준경; 조한익
1998-02Study on the resin flow in the sadwich structure using resin infusion process최중식; 김대흠; 이건웅; 임순호; 김준경; 최철림
2004-03Synthesis of PBT-layered silicate nanocomposites using cyclic ester oligomers이상수; 김준경
2003-09Synthesis of PET-layered silicate nanocomposites using cyclic ester oligomers이상수; 김준경
2005-02Technical Trend of Anisotropic Conductive Film이상수; 박민; 임순호; 김준경
2004-12Technical Trend of E-Paper김미선; 이상수; 김준경
1995-01Toughening of epoxy by inclusion of thermoplastic particles : Effect of crosslinking density of epoxy and of particle morphology김준경; 김성태; 최철림; 노승언; 이명천
1992-02Toughening of polymers김준경; 최철림
2000-10Viscoelastic bending behaviors of unidirectional fiber reinforced composite C-rings with asymmetric materials properties이명규; 이창주; 박종현; 정관수; 김준경; 강태진
1996-10-03결정성 폴리아미드 구형 분말의 제조방법최철림; 김준경; 박민; 이광희; 임순호
1997-10-20결정성 폴리아미드 구형 분말의 제조방법최철림; 김준경; 박민; 이광희; 임순호
1997-04-11결정성 폴리에스테르 분말의 제조방법최철림; 김준경; 박민; 이광희; 임순호