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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004-10A study on the characteristics o fwaste tire/waste PE composite pipes김준석; 임순호; 한춘
2014-02Both targeted mass spectrometry and flow sorting analysis methods detected the decreased serum apolipoprotein e level in Alzheimer's disease patients한선호; 김준석; 이영주; 최희선; 김종원; 나덕률; 양은경; 유명희; 황대희; 이철주; 묵인희
2016-02Comparison of optimization algorithms for modeling of Haldane-type growth kinetics during phenol and benzene degradation강수연; 이상길; Dong-Ju Kim; 신재민; 김준석; 이순재; 최재우
2014-02Demonstrating the feasibility of large-scale development of standardized assays to quantify human proteinsJacob J Kennedy; Susan E Abbatiello; Kyunggon Kim; Ping Yan; Jeffrey R Whiteaker; Chenwei Lin; 김준석; Yuzheng Zhang; Xianlong Wang; Richard G Ivey; Lei Zhao; Hophil Min; 이영주; 유명희; 양은경; 이철주; Pei Wang; Henry Rodriguez; Youngsoo Kim; Steven A Carr; Amanda G Paulovich
2014-08Detection and quantification of plasma amyloid-beta by selected reaction monitoring mass spectrometry.김준석; 안희성; 조수민; 이지은; 김영수; 이철주
2019-04Enhanced sinterability and electrochemical performance of solid oxide fuel cells via a roll calendering process이해원; 이종호; 손지원; 지호일; 윤경중; 신지수; 김준석; 안준성; 신동욱
2015-11Evaluation of Multi-tRNA Synthetase Complex by Multiple Reaction Monitoring Mass Spectrometry Coupled with Size Exclusion Chromatography박성준; 안희성; 김준석; 이철주
1999-08Implementation of high speed, precise position control algorithm for linear machine drive system이유인; 김준석; 김용일
2013-06Multiple reaction monitoring of multiple low-abundance transcription factors in whole lung cancer cell lysates김준석; 이영주; 이민영; 신지혜; 한정민; 양은경; 유명희; 김성훈; 황대희; 이철주
2004-03N´-(phenyl-pyridin-2-yl-methylene)-hydrazine carbodithioic acid methyl ester enhances radiation-induced cell death by targeting Bcl-2 against human lung carcinoma cells박종국; 정영민; 김병규; 유영아; 양범석; 김준석; 유영도
2015-05Quantification of functional modules in gastric cancer protein networks using multiple reaction monitoring mass spectrometry안희성; 김준석; 김민형; 양은경; 유명희; 황대희; 이철주
2013-12Reinvestigation of Aminoacyl-TRNA Synthetase Core Complex by Affinity Purification-Mass Spectrometry Reveals TARSL2 as a Potential Member of the Complex김규태; 박성준; 나승진; 김준석; 최형원; 김윤기; 백은옥; 이철주
2020-12Solid oxide fuel cells with zirconia/ceria bilayer electrolytes via roll calendering process이해원; 이종호; 손지원; 지호일; 윤경중; 김준석; 김준환; 이종흔
2019-05Structural recovery of highly oxidized single-walled carbon nanotubes fabricated by kneading and electrochemical applications황준연; 이원기; 한중탁; 조준영; 김정훈; 장정인; 김준석; 이혜정; 박종환; 채지수; 노광철; 김호영; 정희진; 정승렬; 이건웅
2020-01Suppression of processing defects in large-scale anode of planar solid oxide fuel cell via multi-layer roll calendering이해원; 이종호; 손지원; 지호일; 윤경중; 박정훈; 신지수; 김준석
2007-06Synthesis of [1,2,4]-Triazole Derivatives and Their Anticancer Activities김준석; 전제호; 이숙자; 이소하
2003-12The effects of additives in waste tire/plastic composites using internal mixer김준석; 김상준; 안기철; 임순호; 김대흠; 한춘
2020-11-18캘린더링 공정을 이용한 다층의 전해질층을 포함하는 고체산화물 연료전지의 제조방법김병국; 김준석; 김형철; 박상백; 손지원; 양성은; 윤경중; 이종호; 지호일
2007-05-31T-형 칼슘 채널 차단제로 유용한 트리아졸 유도체김준석; 배애님; 서선희; 이소하; 임혜원; 전제호; 정세진