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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-11An analysis of technology needs for environmental issues in developing countries정성필; 손정민; 김준영; 황지연; 독고석; 최영균
2000-01Color and fluorescence imaging with t-Boc-Protected dihydroxynaphthacenedione김종만; 김준영; 김태호; 한동근; 안광덕
1999-01Color and fluorescent photoimaging in polymer films containing protected anthraquinone derivatives.김준영; 김태호; 장태은; 강종희; 김종만; 한동근; 안광덕
2012-07Dielectric function study on AlAsSb alloys by in situ ellipsometry황순용; 김준영; NILESH BARANGE; 김영동; 윤재진; 이은혜; 배민환; 송진동
2013-02Droplet epitaxy 법을 이용한 GaAs quantum ring 형성이은혜; 송진동; 김지훈; 김수연; 배민환; 연규혁; 김준영; 한일기; 장수경; 김종수
2008-09Electro-fluorescence Switching of Bis-imidazolium Ionic Liquids이우람; 김유나; 김준영; 김태호; 안광덕; 김은경
2007-08Electrochemical and Optical Behavior of Bis-Imidazolium Ionic Liquids이우람; 김유나; 김준영; 김태호; 안광덕; 김은경
2014-08Ellipsometric Study of the Temperature Dependences of the Dielectric Function and the Critical Points of AlSb at Temperatures from 300 to 803 K박한결; 김태정; 황순영; 김준영; 최준호; 김영동; 신상훈; 송진동
2007-10Facile Preparation of Fluorescent Polymers by Click Chemistry이현석; 강종희; 김준영; 김태호; 박찬진; 공명선; 안광덕
1999-11Fluorescent photoimaging in polymer films by use of protected anthraquinone dyes(II)안광덕; 김종만; 강종희; 장태은; 한동근; 김준영; 김태호
2013-07Formation of GaAs droplet quantum rings by droplet epitaxy이은혜; 송진동; 김지훈; 김수연; 배민환; 연규혁; 김준영; 한일기; 최원준; 장수경; 김종수
2013-08Formation of III-V Droplet Epitaxial Nanostructures for Nano-photonics이은혜; 송진동; 윤재진; 김지훈; 김수연; 배민환; 연규혁; 김준영; 한일기; 최원준; 장수경; 김영동; 김종수
2013-06Formation of low density GaAs droplet quantum dots by internal thermal heating이은혜; 송진동; 김지훈; 배민환; 연규혁; 김준영; 한일기; 최원준; 장수경; 김종수
2017-09Gintonin, an exogenous ginseng-derived LPA receptor ligand, promotes corneal wound healing임혜원; 김현중; 김준영; 이병환; 최선혜; 김형춘; 안성엽; 정순욱; 장민희; 조익현; 나승열
2013-07Growth of InAs and InP nanowires using Au nanoparticle catalyst in molecular beam epitaxy연규혁; 이은혜; 배민환; 김준영; 송진동
2018-11Growth of pure wurtzite InGaAs nanowires for photovoltaic and energy harvesting applications강종윤; 송진동; 노명섭; 강항규; 김준영; 김영동; 조만호
2014-02High Contrast Grating 구조체를 이용한 빛의 제어김준영; 연규혁; 김지훈; 조운조; 김영동; 송진동
2014-02High-Index Contrast Grating and Its Applications김준영; 연규혁; 김지훈; 조운조; 송진동; 김태정; 김영동
2013-02In situ monitoring of the MBE growth of AlSb by spectroscopic ellipsometry김준영; 윤재진; 이은혜; 배민환; 송진동; 김영동
2013-03Interband transitions and dielectric functions of InGaSb alloys김태중; 윤재진; 변준석; 황순용; D. E. Aspnes; 신상훈; 송진동; C.-T. Liang; Y.-C.Chang; 닐리쉬; 김준영; 김영동
1999-01Ionic conductivity of polymer electrolytes based on phosphate and polyether copolymers김성훈; 김준영; 김한상; 조현남
2020-09Low-loading IrO2 supported on Pt for catalysis of PEM water electrolysis and regenerative fuel cells김형준; 장종현; 유성종; 박현서; 박희영; 임아연; 이혜진; 김준영; 성영은
2012-05Nature-inspired self-assembled anti-reflectors윤재진; 김준영; 김영동; 이은혜; 배민환; 송진동
2001-08New antireflective coating materials containing a novel chromophore for KrF laser lithography안광덕; 한동근; 김준영; 하성현; 이대엽; 남종림
2001-11New antireflective coating materials for high resolution imaging in deep UV microlithography안광덕; 강종희; 한동근; 김준영; 하성현
2009-02Novel piperidinium salts as latent initiators for cationic polymerization of epoxide and vinyl ether김준영; 김남순; P.S. Patil; 안광덕; 김진환; 김태호
2007-10Novel Thixotropic Gel Electrolytes Based on Dicationic Bis-Imidazolium Salts for Quasi-Solid-State Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells김준영; 김태호; 김동영; 박남규; 안광덕
2005-10Oligomeric Bis-Imidazolium Salts for Application in Quasi-Solid-State Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells김준영; 김태호; 김동영; 안광덕
2013-07Optical properties of AlAsxSb1-x alloys determined by in situ ellipsometry김준영; 윤재진; T. J. Kim; Y. D. Kim; 이은혜; 배민환; 송진동; 최원준; C.-T. Liang; Y.-C. Chang
2007-05Optical Properties of Bis-Imidazolium Ionic Liquids이우람; 김유나; 김은경; 안광덕; 김준영; 김태호