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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-073D Stereoscopic Augmented Reality with a Monocular Camera황재인; 노승민; 이진우; 김준호
2019-11A comparative study of ginseng berry production in a vertical farm and an open field노주원; 유지혜; 함정엽; 박재억; 김준호; 최선준; 김혜빈
2019-10A comparative study of ginseng berry production in a vertical farm and an open field노주원; 유지혜; 박재억; 김준호; 김혜빈
2014-01Automatic Piano Tutoring System Using Consumer-Level Depth Camera노승민; 황재인; 김준호
1999-11Bulk polymerization of vinyl pivalate using low-temperature azoinitiator and saponification for the preparation of poly(vinyl alcohol) microfibrils류원석; 한성수; 김준호; 윤원식; 이철주; 권익찬; 이진원; 지병철; 한문희
2005-09Catalytic pyrolysis of chlorodifluoromethane over metal fluoride catalysts to produce tetrafluoroethylene성대진; 문동주; 문상진; 김준호; 홍석인
2004-10Catalytic pyrolysis of difluorochloromethane of produce tetrafluoroethylene성대진; 김준호; 문상진; 문동주; 홍석인
2020-04Characteristics of Sr1-xYxTi1-yRuyO3+/-δ and Ru-impregnated Sr1-xYxTiO3+/-δ perovskite catalysts as SOFC anode for methane dry reforming윤성필; 윤정우; 김희수; 전유권; 김준호; 장균용
2002-10Characterization of Ni-GDC composite material for solid oxide fuel cell anodes by equilibrium adsorption method이상욱; 김준호; 김태윤; 문동주; 홍석인
1996-01Computational method for identifying critical dimensions in the automobile body asembly.장민호; 김준호; David C. Gossard
2003-04Cu를 담지한 perovskite 산화물 촉매의 제작과 전자 전기전도도에 미치는 영향이현철; 성대진; 김준호; 문동주; 홍석인
2000-08Demonstration of rapid single-flux-quantum RS flip-flop using YBCO/Co-YBCO/YBCO ramp-edge Josephson junction with and without ground plane김준호; 성건용; 박종혁; 김창훈; 정구락; 한택상; 강준희
2010-05Development of Scene Graph Library for Mobile Platforms김준호; 서진석; 박창훈; 황재인; 고희동
2003-04Effect of Cu/perovskite anode for simultaneous reaction in SOFC reactor이현철; 김준호; 성대진; 문동주; 홍석인
2001-06Effect of stereosequences on crystallinity and properties of zon-drawn poly(vinyl alcohol) microfibrils류원석; 김준호; 구강; 이준석; 김삼수; 윤원식; 지병철; 권익찬; 이철주
2021-03Effects of long light exposure and drought stress on plant growth and glucosinolate production in pak choi (Brassica rapa subsp. chinensis)노주원; 유지혜; 박재억; 손양주; 김준호; Erdenetsogt Purevdorj
2001-05Effects of polymer concentration and zone drawing on the physical properties of poly(N-vinylcarbazole) thick film류원석; 김준호; 윤원식; 김대흠; 최진현; 지병철; 이철주
2017-03Electrical and optical characteristics of transparent conducting Si-doped ZnO/hole-patterned Ag/Si-doped ZnO multilayer films이경석; 임형섭; 김준호; 황대웅; 김선경; 배덕규; 유영조; 성태연
2014-01Electrical properties of CIGS/Mo junctions as a function of MoSe2 orientation and Na doping윤주헌; 김준호; 김원목; 박종극; 백영준; 성태연; 정증현
2013-02Finding the M-best consistent correspondences between 3D symmetric objects성민혁; 김준호
2011-04Implementing Parallel Tracking and Mapping on Android Phones이진우; 성민혁; 황재인; 김준호
2019-01Lemon balm and its constituent, rosmarinic acid (RA), alleviate liver damage in an animal model of nonalcoholic steatohepatitis노주원; 김명석; 진창호; 박재억; 손양주; 홍시락; 김준호; 김혜빈; 정다슬; 아흐마드 란디
2013-10Level-of-Detail AR황재인; 성민혁; 최용민; 김준호; 김익재; 고희동
2020-12Manufacture of Multiwalled Organic/Inorganic Hybrid Microcapsules and Their Application to Silicon Rubber Composites정용채; 김건원; 장용준; 김희정; 김준호; 노경탁; 정재우
2003-06Methane dry reforming by carbon dioxide in SOFC type reactor with ceria-based membrane김준호; 김태윤; 문동주; 홍석인
2004-10Methane reforming by carbon dioxide in SOFC type reactor with Ceria based membrane김준호; 성대진; 문상진; 문동주; 홍석인
2004-10Methane reforming by carbon dioxide in SOFC type reactor with Copper based alloy / perovskite catalyst anode장성혁; 김준호; 성대진; 문상진; 문동주; 홍석인
2005-01Methane reforming by carbon dioxide in SOFC with ceria based membrane김준호; 김태윤; 문동주; 홍석인
2014-03Microfluidic fabrication of cell-derived nanovesicles as endogenous RNA carriers조원주; 정다영; 김준호; 조시우; 장수철; 한충민; 강지윤; 고용송; 박재성
2009-10Mobile OpenSceneGraph김준호; 서진석; 황재인; 고희동