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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-05A Bird’s Eye View of Gamma Oscillations in the Basolateral Amygdala of Freely Exploring Mice최지현; 김지수; 김채우; Sung Q Lee; Jun Young Park
2020-12A bird’s-eye view of brain activity in socially interacting mice through mobile edge computing최지현; 김지수; 김채우; 한효빈; 조철준; 염우섭; 이성규
2019-01Atomistic assessments of lithium-ion conduction behavior in glass-ceramic lithium thiophosphates김병국; 이종호; 김형철; 손지원; 정경윤; 정훈기; 김지수; 정으뜸
2020-11Behavioral microstate analysis reveals gamma oscillations in BLA are associated with escaping-related context rather than threat itself최지현; 한효빈; 김지수; 조철준
2019-02Carbon-Free TiO2 Microspheres as Anode Materials for Sodium Ion Batteries김형철; 정훈기; 김지수; 윤빈나; 정민기; 황장연; Hoang-Long Du; 선양국
2019-10cBRAIN: Tracking all individuals and marking their brain activity for the study of collective brain research최지현; 김지수; 김채우; 염우섭; 이성규
2014-08Effect of Cu alloying on S poisoning of Ni surface via ab initio thermodynamics calculations김지수; 김병국; 김영철
2015-10Effect of Cu alloying on S poisoning of Ni surfaces and nanoparticle morphologies using ab-initio thermodynamics calculations김지수; 김병국; 김영철
2006-12Effect of Particle Size on the Oxidation Behavior of Nanophase Tin Synthesized by Inert Gas Condensation김지수; 허무영; 안재평
2003-06Formation and characterizations of ultra-shallow p+-n junctions using B10H14 ion implantation전기영; 김지수; 황정남; 임성일; 송종한; 송재훈; 최원국; 김현경
2020-10Functionalized Sulfide Solid Electrolyte with Air-Stable and Chemical-Resistant Oxysulfide Nanolayer for All-Solid-State Batteries김병국; 김형철; 정훈기; 김지수; 신성수; 전민재; 정으뜸; 이종흔; 정용재
2019-10Gamma oscillations in basolateral amygdala during escape behaviors: Observations in a group최지현; 김지수; 김채우; W. YOUM; S. LEE
2019-10Gamma oscillations in basolateral amygdala: individual mouse and collective mice최지현; 김지수
2019-09Gamma oscillations in basolateral amygdala: observations in a group최지현; 김지수
2019-09Gamma oscillations in basolateral amygdala: observations in a group최지현; 김지수; 김채우; Wooseup Youm; Sung Q Lee
2016-01Gintonin enhances performance of mice in rotarod test: Involvement of lysophosphatidic acid receptors and catecholamine release임혜원; 이병환; 김지수; 이라미; 최선혜; 김현중; 황성희; 이명구; 배춘식; 김형춘; 임기원; 나승열
2020-05How can the weak subdue the stronger without fighting?최지현; 김지수; 김채우; SUNG Q LEE
2020-11Investigation of hierarchy-dependency in the intragroup vigilance convergence and transmission최지현; 김정영; 한효빈; 이유진; 조철준; 김지수; 안우영
2020-05LED tracking: A bridge of social behavior and neural circuit최지현; 김지수; 김채우; 박준영; Sung Q Lee; 장원철
2019-09Mathematical approach on social hierarchical behaviors with cBRAIN(The novel system for research of collective animals)최지현; 김지수; 김채우; 염우섭; 이성규
2014-07Neuronal Ensemble Decoding Using a Dynamical Maximum Entropy Model신두호; 김지수; 최지현; 김성필
2020-11Open Ni site coupled with SO42- functionality to prompt the radical interconversion of ?OH ↔ SO4?? exploited to decompose refractory pollutants김형철; 김종식; 김지수; 최윤정
2019-10Progranulin attenuates liver fibrosis by downregulating the inflammatory response이철주; 카비르; 유원백; 이재민; 노경희; 이상민; 정단아; 박동민; 권기선; 김지수; 김석호
2015-07Proton conduction at BaO-terminated (001) BaZrO3 surface using density functional theory김지수; 양진훈; 김병국; 김영철
2018-07Quantitative analysis of microstructures and reaction interfaces on composite cathodes in all-solid-state batteries using a three-dimensional reconstruction technique이종호; 김형철; 정훈기; 최성민; 김지수; 전민재; 최성준; 정으뜸; 안준성; 임재민; 장용준; 상병인
2021-04Quantitative determination of lithium depletion during rapid cycling in sulfide-based all-solid-state batteries이종호; 김형철; 정경윤; 지호일; 윤경중; 김지수; 신성수; 최성준
2021-09Roles of polymerized anionic clusters stimulating for hydrolysis deterioration in Li7P3S11김병국; 이종호; 김형철; 양성은; 박상백; 김지수; 신성수; 정으뜸; 이종흔
2020-05Secured inside in a group: revealing a neurological feature of defensive aggregation under threat최지현; 김지수; 김채우; SUNG Q LEE
2020-03Structural and electronic descriptors for atmospheric instability of Li-thiophosphate using density functional theory김병국; 이종호; 김형철; 김지수; 전민재; 김성민
2015-04Study of S3 BaZrO3 (210)[001] tilt grain boundaries using density functional theory and a space charge layer model김지수; 양진훈; 김병국; 김영철