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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-05All-fiberized Mode-locked Ytterbium Fiber Laser for Supercontinuum Generation in Photonic Crystal Fiber신종근; 이관일; 이재하; 김지원; 이상배
2018-01Black ginseng activates Akt signaling, thereby enhancing myoblast differentiation and myotube growth김수남; 이설림; 이수연; 고가연; Tuan Anh Vuong; 김지원; 조아영; 안준민; 서동완; 김진석; 김용기; 강종선; 이상진; 배규운
2020-03Capturing activated neurons and synapses김진현; 최정은; 김지원
2020-12Current challenges and opportunities in non-native chemical production by engineered yeasts이선미; 김지원; 푸옹 뉴옌 호앙 트란
2017-10Cytokine Response to Diet and Exercise Affects Atheromatous Matrix Metalloproteinase-2/9 Activity in Mice권익찬; 김광명; 손수민; 장희정; Dawid Schellingerhout; 김정연; 류위선; 이수경; 김지원; 박진용; 오지혜; 강정욱; 제강훈; 박정이; 이준영; Matthias Nahrendorf; 박정호; 김동억
2020-04Effects of exercise training and detraining on atheromatous matrix metalloproteinase activity in mice권익찬; 김광명; 김지원; 장희정; Dawid Schellingerhout; 강정욱; 최승범; 오혜린; 김여진; 이수경; 이지성; 고영준; 류의선; 김동억
2019-03Efficient lipid extraction from the oleaginous yeast Yarrowia lipolytica using switchable solvents이선미; 엄영순; 김지원; 육상도; 우한민
2012-02Efficient second harmonic generation of externally coupled Yb fiber lasers김지원; 신종근; 정지호; 이관일; 이상배
2012-09Efficient second-harmonic generation of continuous-wave Yb fiber lasers coupled with an external resonant cavity김지원; 정지호; 이관일; 이상배
2011-12Efficient Second-Harmonic Generation Using Yb Fiber Lasers김지원; 신종근; 정지호; 이관일; 이상배
2019-10Electrochemical CH4 Oxidation into Acids and Ketones on ZrO2/NiCo2O4 Nanowire Catalyst박종혁; 김지원; 오철우
2019-10Electrochemical oxidation of methane into acids and ketones with ZrO2:NiCo2O4 nanowire catalyst박종혁; 김지원; 오철우
2019-07Enzyme-Inspired Formulation of the Electrolyte for Stable and Efficient Vanadium Redox Flow Battery at High Temperatures하흥용; 황진연; 살림 아바스; 김희진; 채신애; 김지원; 쉬라즈 메흐붑; 안아름; 한옥희
2012-05Green light generation from Yb-doped fiber laser정지호; 이관일; 이재하; 이상배; 신종근; 김지원; 정제명
2020-09High-yield lipid production from lignocellulosic biomass using engineered xylose-utilizing Yarrrowia lipolytica공경택; 이선미; 엄영순; 고자경; 김지원; 육상도; Sung Ok Han
2021-10Metabolic engineering for the utilization of carbohydrate portions of lignocellulosic biomass이선미; 황성민; 김지원
2012-12Mode-locked Ytterbium Fiber Laser and Amplifier for Supercontinuum Generation신종근; 김지원; 이관일; 이상배
2020-10Monocular 3D object detection for an indoor robot environment김강건; 김준식; 김지원; 이기재; 김현우
2017-05Quantitative Imaging of Cerebral Thromboemboli In Vivo The Effects of Tissue-Type Plasminogen Activator권익찬; 김광명; 류주희; 전상민; 김동억; 김정연; Dawid Schellingerhout; 이수경; 이지성; 김지원; 장희정; 박정이; 김오진; 안철희; Matthias Nahrendorf
2009-09Ring expansion and N,N-dimethylformamide-solvation of the cyclodimeric complex bis(3-pyridyl)dimethylsilanedicholoropalladium(II)김초롱; 강현지; 김지원; 유경호; 정옥상
2019-11Robust Nucleus Detection With Partially Labeled Exemplars김진현; 펭 린칭; 송준호; 박진성; 김지원
2021-03Short-term Cessation of Dabigatran Causes a Paradoxical Prothrombotic State권익찬; 김광명; 전상민; 김지원; 장희정; Dawid Schellingerhout; 이수경; 김하; 김용대; 이경열; 최혜연; 조한진; 장성수; Wi-Sun Ryu; Mattias Nahrendorf; 최승범; 김동억
2019-05Smart Microcapsules with Molecular Polarity- and Temperature-dependent Permeability이상석; 김지원; 박진호; 구민희; 양재문; 김신현
2020-12Study and evaluation of the potential of lipid nanocarriers for transdermal delivery of siRNA전호정; 이경우; 민대진; 최용현; 김지원; 윤세미; 장재희; 박수민; 타나카 마사요시; 조용우; 구형준; 최종훈
2013-05Supercontinuum Generation by use of Fiber Laser이관일; 신종근; 김지원; 이상배
2018-01Thrombin-activatable fluorescent peptide incorporated gold nanoparticles for dual optical/computed tomography thrombus imaging권익찬; 김광명; 류주희; 윤홍열; 최대일; 전상민; 권성필; 이성훈; 김정연; 김지원; 박재형; 김동억; 안철희
2021-03Understanding morphological degradation of Ag nanoparticle during electrochemical CO2 reduction reaction by identical location observation황윤정; 오형석; 원다혜; 최웅; 윤혜원; 한만호; 김지원; 박종혁; 곽경원
2017-12Unique binding mode of Evogliptin with human dipeptidyl peptidase IV김은경; 이형기; 김미경; 김하동; 김흥재; 김지원; 이지오; 김찬화