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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-04A comparative study of solution-processed low- and high-band-gap chalcopyrite thin-film solar cells박세진; 조윤애; 문성환; 김지은; 이도권; 곽지혜; 김지현; 김동욱; 민병권
2015-12A simple chemical route for composition graded Cu(In,Ga)S2 thin film solar cells: multi-stage paste coating박세진; 안상희; 김지은; 전효상; 윤석구; 황윤정; 김지현; 김동욱; 민병권
2004-10Anammox bacteria enrichment in upflow anaerobic sludge blanket (UASB) reactorThuan, Tran Hung; 장덕진; 정진영; 김동진; 김원경; 박영주; 김지은; 안대희
2014-09Antibacterial activity and cytotoxicity of multi-walled carbon nanotubes decorated with silver nanoparticles서영민; 황장선; 김지은; 정윤; 황민태; 최종훈
2005-04Anticancer drug release from biodegradable thermosensitive poly(organophosphazene) gel허정윤; 정성범; 김지은; 이선미; 안철희; 송수창
2014-02Behavior and Differentiation Studies of hASCs and rBMSCs by the γ-ray Irradiation김지은; 김수현; 정재훈; 지영훈; 정영미
2018-05Clinical Test of Gait Rehabilitation Training with Lower-limb Exoskeleton based on Gait Intention according to EMG Signals for Post-stroke Hemiparetic Patients이종민; 최준호; 김형민; 최태진; 최준혁; 김승종; 김지은; 이지연; 전민호
2016-03Combined treatment with systemic and local delivery of Substance P coupled with self-assembled peptides for a hind limb ischemia model김수현; 정영미; 김지은; 정기문
2011-11Comparative study of phosphate removal from aqueous solution by various surface modified adsorbents이승연; 최재우; 홍석원; 김지은; 이상협
2012-07Comparison of Surface-Modified Adsorbents for Phosphate Removal in Water최재우; 이상협; 이승연; 김지은; 박기영; 김동주; 홍석원
2016-12Current status of three-dimensional printing inks for soft tissue regeneration김수현; 정영미; 김지은
2005-10Effect of electron acceptors on the anaerobic biodegradation of BTEX and MTBE in the Petroleum hydrocarbon contaminated site김지은; 백지혜; 상병인
2015Effect of platelet-rich plasma with self-assembled peptide on the rotator cuff tear model in rat김상준; 이상목; 김지은; 김수현; 정영미
2014-01Effect of self-assembled peptide-mesenchymal stem cell complex on the progression of osteoarthritis in a rat model김지은; 이상목; Phil Tatman; Albert O Gee; 김덕호; 이경은; 정영미; 김수현; 김상준
2005-05Efffect of electron acceptors on the anaerobic biodegradation of BTEX and MTBE at contaminated sites김원석; 김지은; 백지혜; 상병인
2015-08Enhanced photovoltaic performance of Cu(In,Ga)S2 and CuInS2 stacked thin film solar cells by multi-stage paste coating박세진; 안희상; 김지은; 김동욱; 민병권
2015-07In situ chondrogenic differentiation of bone marrow stromal cells in bioactive self-assembled peptide gels김지은; 김수현; 정영미
2021-03Modulation of SETDB1 activity by APQ ameliorates heterochromatin condensation, motor function, and neuropathology in a Huntington’s disease mouse model배애님; 추현아; 김윤경; 성지혜; 임성수; 류훈; 조용서; 현승재; 리자베타 고티나; 황유진; 김영희; 이민영; 김지은; 아쉬위니; 김윤하; 서혜명; 민선준
2019-02Non-swellable, cytocompatible pHEMA-alginate hydrogels with high stiffness and toughness정영미; 김지은; 김용우; 선정윤
2012-08Photocatalytic degradation of chlorophenols using block copolymer김지은; 정승건; 최재우; 최동훈; 이상협
2022-03Porphyrin-cored Amphiphilic Star Block Copolymer Photocatalysts: Hydrophobic-layer Effects on Photooxidation백경열; 조상호; 서진영; 김지은; 권영제; 김세훈; 최동훈; 조계용
2017-01Recovery from Posttraumatic Stress Requires Dynamic and Sequential Shifts in Amygdalar Connectivities임혜원; 윤수정; 김지은; 황재욱; 강일향; 전새롬; 임주연; 김보리; 이선호; 김건하; 임수미; 류인균
2015-04Self-Assembling Peptide Nanofibers Coupled with Neuropeptide Substance P for Bone Tissue Engineering김수현; 정영미; 김수희; 김지은; 허우준; 민혜정; 김석화; 민혜숙; 김병규; 최태현
2018-01Skin regeneration with self-assembled peptide hydrogels conjugated with substance P in a diabetic rat model김수현; 정영미; 김지은; 이정화
2009-06Spin coating nanopatterned multielemental materials via self-assembled nanotemplatesGuodong Xia; 정성준; 김지은; 김봉훈; 구종민; 김상욱
2017-12Substance P/dexamethasone-encapsulated PLGA scaffold fabricated using supercritical fluid process for calvarial bone regeneration김수현; 정영미; 김수희; 김지은
2012-10Synthesis of amphiphilic star block copolymer with photosensitive porphyrin core by ATRP김지은; 조계룡; 최재우; 최동훈; 이상협; 백경열
2013-04Synthesis of Amphiphilic Star Polymer Catalyst for Photo-oxidation Reaction김지은; 조계룡; 최재우; 최동훈; 이상협; 백경열
2005-10The analysis of microbial communities in soil and sediment during the anaerobic degradation of BTEX and MTBE under various electron acceptors김지은; 김원석; 백지혜; 상병인
2016-01Therapeutic Effects of Neuropeptide Substance P Coupled with Self-Assembled Peptide nanofibers on the Progression of Osteoarthritis in a Rat model김상준; 김지은; 김수희; 김선정; 전수정; 김수현; 정영미