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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-05Amorphous indium tin oxide electrodes for piezoelectric and light-emitting device deposited by vacuum roll to roll process이상엽; 김지환; 배병택; 박동희; 최지원; 최원국
2007-10Characteristics of large area ITO/PET fabricated by vacuum web coater김지환; 박동희; 김종빈; 변동진; 최원국
2008-07Correlation of photoluminescent quantum efficiency and device characteristics for the soluble electrophosphorescent light emitter with interfacial layers강남수; 주병권; 김지환; 김장주; 유재웅; 진병두
2013-12Electroless deposition of SERS active Au-nanostructures on variety of metallic substratesJegatha Nambi Krishnan; 김인태; 안성현; 김지환; 조소혜; 김상경
2015-09Electronic structure modification of platinum on titanium nitride resulting in enhanced catalytic activity and durability for oxygen reduction and formic acid oxidation양성은; 정동영; 탁영주; 김지환; 한학수; 유종성; Aloysius Soon; 성영은; 이현주
2009-10Fabrication and Properties of Au Nanoflowers for SERS Substrates제가타; 김인태; 안성현; 김지환; 김상경
2009-04Fabrication and properties of Au nanoflowers on a variety of metallic substrates제가타; 김인태; 박원화; 김지환; 김상경
2008-05Fabrication of large area Cu/PI and ITO/PET substrates by vacuum roll-to-roll coating최원국; 이상엽; 김지환; 박동희
2007-10High throughput and high efficiency electroporation chip with polyelectrolyte salt bridge김재현; 김지환; 김상경
2018-01Highly durable platinum single-atom alloy catalyst for electrochemical reactions양성은; 김지환; 노치우; Suman Kalyan Sahoo; 배준민; 한정우; 이현주
2008-02Linear ion source with closed drift and extended acceleration region박동희; 김지환; Yury Ermakov; 최원국
2021-06Long-term reliable physical health monitoring by sweat pore?inspired perforated electronic skins박민철; 김대연; 고결; 연한울; 이한열; 김영인; 이도윤; 이영주; 이종성; 신지호; 최찬열; 강지훈; 서준민; 김현석; 검현승; 이재용; 마부수; Peng Lin; 한상욱; 김성규; 배상훈; 김택수; 주영창; 김은주; 한지연; 김지환
2008-02Nonvolatile flexible organic bistable devices fabricated utilizing CdSe/ZnS nanoparticles embedded in a conducting poly N-vinylcarbazole conducting polymer layer손동익; 김지환; 박동희; 최원국; Fushan Le; 함정훈; 김태환
2014-11One-Pot Synthesis of Pd@PdPt Core-Shell Nanocubes on Carbon Supports김청희; 김지환; 양성은; 이현주
2008-10Physical Properties of ITO/PVDF as a Function of Oxygen Partial Pressure이상엽; 김지환; 박동희; 변동진; 최원국
2016-05Platinum-titanium intermetallic nanoparticle catalysts for oxygen reduction reaction with enhanced activity and durability양성은; 김지환; 이현주
2007-01Red Emitting Phenothiazine Dendrimers Encapsulated 2-{2-[2-(4-Dimethylaminophenyl)vinyl]-6-methylpyran-4-ylidene}malononitrile Derivatives김고운; 조민주; 유영준; 김지환; 진정일; 김동영; 최동훈
2016-02Single-Atom Catalyst of Platinum Supported on Titanium Nitride for Selective Electrochemical Reactions양성은; 김지환; 탁영주; Aloysius Soon; 이현주
2017-02Support Effects in Single-Atom Platinum Catalysts for Electrochemical Oxygen Reduction양성은; 탁영주; 김지환; Aloysius Soon; 이현주
2003-11The analysis on centrifugal compressor rotating stall김지환; 김광호; 신유환
2018-12Ultimate limit in size and performance of WSe2 vertical diodes황준연; 이동수; 김경수; Ghazanfar Nazir; 김학성; 김지환; 신동훈; Muhammad Farooq Khan; 황찬용; 서준호; 엄종화; 정수용
2007-03Vacuum web-coater with high speed surface modification equipment for fabrication of 300 mm wide felexibel copper clad laminate (FCCL)최형욱; 박동희; 김지환; 최원국; 손영진; 송범식; 조정; 김영섭
2008-02-22압전 폴리머 기판을 이용한 하이브리드 전기소자와 그제조방법김지환; 박동희; 박인석; 손동익; 이동수; 이상엽; 최원국