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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-12A new catalyst-embedded hierarchical air electrode for high-performance Li-O2 batteries임희대; 송혜린; 권혁조; 박규영; 김진수; 배영준; 김형섭; 정성균; 김태우; 김용협; Xavier Lepro; Raquel Ovalle-Robles; Ray H. Baughman; 강기석
2019-07A new etching process of zinc oxide with controllable etching rate and crystal plane: experiment, calculation, and membrane application유성종; 이정희; 유태경; 정지용; 김경학; 이재영; 한정우; 김진수
2015-08A new perspective on Li-SO2 batteries for rechargeable systems임희대; 박혁준; 김형섭; 김진수; 이병주; 배영준; 권혁조; 강기석
2014-05A Novel Two-dimensional Locomotion Scheme of a Micro-robot with Only a Uniform Magnetic Field김진수; 김승종
2003-03A study on contamination of hydrogen permeable Pd-based membranes한종희; 윤성필; 남석우; 임태훈; 홍성안; 김진수
1999-02Adsorption and desorption characteristics of MEK with activated carbon and polymer adsorbents이화웅; 김진수; 한춘; 송형근; 나병기
2013-03Analysis of optical band-gap shift in impurity doped ZnO thin films by using nonparabolic conduction band parameters김원목; 김진수; 정증현; 박종극; 백영준; 성태연
2018-11Aqueous-phase synthesis of Pd/TiO2/Fe3O4 hybrid nanostructures and their enhanced catalytic properties안재평; 조아영; 한근호; 김진수; 이재철; 이관영; 유태경
2012-10Automatic Generation of Face Robot Motion using Vision-based Recognition Data이정우; 정찬열; 김진수; 문요한; 박신석; 김승종
2021-04Bimetallic ZIFs derived nitrogen-doped hollow carbon with carbon nanotube bridges as a superior oxygen reduction reaction electrocatalyst유성종; 장주혁; 이정희; 김진수
2020-11Bimodal-porous Hollow MgO Sphere Embedded Mixed Matrix Membranes for CO2 Capture유성종; 임경민; 이재훈; 한상진; 김진수; 김종학
2019-04Catalytically Active Au Layers Grown on Pd Nanoparticles for Direct Synthesis of H2O2: Lattice Strain and Charge-Transfer Perspective Analyses안재평; 김홍규; 김진수; 김성훈; 김인호; 유태경; 한근호; 이관영; 이재철
2007-12Cathode Microstructure Control and Performance Improvement for Low Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells강중구; 김진수; 윤성필
2010-01Comparative study of three different catalyst coating methods for direct methanol fuel cells최형주; 김진수; 권영채; 한종희
2012-11Comparative study on the thickness-dependent properties of ITO and GZO thin films grown on glass and PET substrates김진수; 박종극; 백영준; 김원목; 정증현; 성태연
2009-11Comparative study on thickness dependent properties of TCO thin films grown on glass and PET substrates김진수; 양찬우; 성태연; 박진우; 이택성; 이경석; 정증현; 김원목
2010-11Comparison of Thickness Dependent Properties of ITO and GZO Thin Films Grown on Glass and PET Substrates김진수; 정증현; 박종극; 이경석; 백영준; 성태연; 김원목
2015-04Completely Transparent Conducting Oxide-Free and Flexible Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Fabricated on Plastic Substrates유기천; 김재엽; 이진아; 김진수; 이도권; 김경곤; 김진영; 김봉수; 김홍곤; 김원목; 김종학; 고민재
2017-10Conversion Seeding of ZnO layer and Secondary Growth Synthesis of ZIF-8 Membranes for Propylene/Propane Separation유성종; 이정희; 김동휘; 김진수
2004-12Deposition of SrFeO3-d-Dispersed SrMoO4 Oxide Thin Films on Si (100) Surface for Spintronic Applications김달영; 김진수; 박배호; 이전국; 맹서영; 윤석진
2007-12Design and analysis of a signal readout integrated circuit for the bolometer type infrared detect sensors김진수; 박민영; 노호섭; 이승훈; 이제원; 문성욱; 송한정
2015-06Development of a permanent magnet type micro-robot actuated by external electromagnetic system박찬; 김진수; 김승종; 유정훈
2018-07Direct observation of DNA target searching and cleavage by CRISPR-Cas12a정철현; 김인산; 전용문; 이계준; 구지영; 최유희; 장윤수; 유지현; 정유경; 이승환; 김진수; 이상화; 배상수
2016-02Dissolution and Ionization of NaO2 in Sodium-Oxygen Batteries임희대; 김진수; 박혁준; 이병주; 성원모; 배영준; 김해겸; 김원근; 류경한; 강기석
2011-11Effect of deactivation and reactivation of palladium anode catalyst on performance of direct formic acid fuel cell (DFAFC)백승민; 한종희; 김진수; 권용채
1994-06Effect of pressure on interfacial heat transfer coefficient in the squeeze casting process.김진수; 안재영; 한요섭; 이호인; 홍준표
2008-11Effective dispersion of electrode catalysts for direct formic acid fuel cells by electrospray method권병완; 김진수; 권용재; 한종희
1997-01Effects of halothane anesthesia on the fetal rabbit in utero최승훈; 한석주; 김명수; 박종세; 김진수; 안덕선; 이철; 박용원; 송찬호; 황의호
1997-01Effects of Healothane Anasthesia on the Fetal Rabbit in Utero최승훈; 한석주; 김명수; 박종세; 김진수; 안덕선; 이철; 박용원; 송찬호; 황의호
2012-11Electrical, Optical and Etching Properties of Zn-Sn-O Thin Films Deposited by Combinatorial Sputtering김진수; 박종극; 백영준; 김원목; 정증현; 성태연