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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-027Li MAS NMR studies of Li4P2O7 and LiFePO4 materials한덕영; 박남신; 이상혁; 이학만; 김창삼
2020-06A facile control in free-carbon domain with divinylbenzene for the high-rate-performing Sb/SiOC composite anode material in sodium-ion batteries김창삼; 정훈기; 김형우; 임효준; 김도원; 김기재; 변동진; 최원창
2002-04A new process for Al ₂ O ₃ /SiC nanocomposites by polycarbosilane infiltration하정수; 임창성; 김창삼; 정덕수
2008-10A new process to grow β-Si3N4 whiskers using thermal decomposition and closed pores김창삼; 김신우
1999-01A new route to the fabrication of Si3N4/SiC nanocomposite김창삼; 오윤석; 조우석; 정덕수
2005-09A Novel Method to Grow Silicon Nitride Whiskers During Sintering김신우; 김창삼
2009-09A simple way to prepare nanosize NiO powder by mixing acidic Ni compound with basic Ni compound정덕수; 윤동훈; 박상환; 김창삼
2009-09A study on the growth behavior of nano NiO crystals synthesized by a solid state reaction김창삼; 정덕수; 강승민
2009-10A study on the Ni formation by reduction of NiO nano crystals김창삼; 강승민
2007-05A Study on the Structural Changes of Li1-xFePO4 and Its Derivatives during Lithium Extraction/Insertion Using Synchrotron Based In Situ X-ray Diffraction정경윤; 신호철; 민원식; 윤원섭; Yang, Xiao-Qing; 김창삼; 조병원
2009-11Amorphous-Nanocrystalline Silicon Plasma Enhanced CVD Grown on Porous Alumina SubstrateA. Khodin; 이중기; 김창삼; 김상옥
2016-07An innovative electronically-conducting matrix of the cathode for sodium sulfur battery김성인; 박원일; 정기영; 김창삼
1996-01Change of high temperature strength of Si3N4/SiC nanocomposites with sintering additives황광택; 김창삼; 정덕수; 오근호
2005-07Characteristics of the new three-dimensional carbonaceous materials prepared by mutal condensation of C60 and ethylenediamine이중기; Oleh Vovk; 김창삼
1999-01Characterization of interface and grain boundary in Si//3N//4/SiC nanocomposites정덕수; 황광택; 김창삼
1999-01Characterization of Si3N4/SiC nanocomposite by Raman scattering and XPS조우석; 오윤석; 김창삼; Minoru Osada; Masato Kakihana; 임대순; 정덕수
2014-02Characterization of surface-modified LiMn2O4 cathode materials with indium tin oxide (ITO) coatings and their electrochemical performance김창삼; 권순호; 윤종원
2006-03Combinational Effects of Ni Precursors on Ni/YSZ Cermet Anode임경란; 정윤지; 김창삼; 이해원
2006-04Coupled TG-MS study on the intermediate for formation of PbO(t) from PbO(O) in synthesis of perovskite PMN-PT임경란; 김창삼; 권영순
2007-05Cu/GDC cermet anodes by sintering via surface modification with MgO sol임경란; 정윤지; 김창삼; 이해원
2010-04Degradation of solid oxide fuel cell cathodes accelerated at a high water vapor concentration김선혜; 심광보; 김창삼; J.T. Chou; T. Oshima; K. Ito; K. Sasaki
2003-03Development of SnO ₂ based semiconductor gas sensor with Fe ₂ O ₃ for detection of combustible gas.임경란; 김창삼; 강건택; 구희진; 강덕일; Jingwen He
2002-03Direct evidence for the nonrandom nature of Al substitution in zeolite ZSM-5: an investigation by 27Al MAS and MQ MAS NMROc Hee Han; 김창삼; Suk Bong Hong
2004-07Effect of Boron doping on the groth and microstructure of carbon nanaotubes grown by PECVD김선혜; 이중기; 심광보; 김창삼
2004-12Effect of NiO on Microstructure and Properties of PMN-PT-BT Ceramics Prepared by Mixed Oxide Method임경란; 정정웅; 김창삼
1996-01Effect of SiC mean particle size on mechanical properties and microstructure of Si3N4/SiC nanocomposites황광택; 김창삼; 정덕수; 오근호
1996-01Effect of SiC volume fraction on mechanical properties and microstructure of Si3N4/SiC nanocomposites황광택; 김창삼; 정덕수; 오근호
2010-02Effect of strain rate on plastic deformation behavior of Y-CSZ single crystal정덕수; 김창삼
2003-08Effect of TiB₂ coating on the mechanical properties of B₄C/Al composites prepared by infiltration process.김선혜; 임경란; 심광보; 김창삼; Seon Hye Kim