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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999-04CMR 물질 La0.67Sr0.33Mn1-x 57FexO3의 자기적 성질 연구박승일; 김철성; 서정철; 오영제
2006-03Co Ion-implanted GaN and its Magnetic Properties김우철; 강희재; 오석근; 신상원; 이종한; 송종한; 노삼규; 오상준; 김삼진; 김철성
2001-05Complex impedance analysis of granular La⅔Sr⅓MnO₃ manganite thin films심인보; 박계택; 김철성; 오영제
1996-09Crystallization and magnetic properties of Fe84B9Nb7 amorphois ribbons김광윤; 노태환; J. S. Lee; 김철성; 김성백
1994-05Crystallographic and magnetic properties of CoxFe₁-xCr₂S₄김철성; 하민용; 고흥문; 오영제; 이흥수; 이상렬; 서정철; 박재윤
1997-07Crystallographic and magnetic properties of Sr-Ba hexaferrite김철성; 오영제; 이승화; 박승일
2004-07Easy Synthesis and Magnetic Properties of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles우경자; 홍장원; 최성문; 이해원; 안재평; 김철성; 이상원
1994-01Effects of additives on magnetic properties of sheet Sr-Ba ferrite magnets오영제; 심인보; 정형진; 박재윤; 박승일; 엄영랑; 이영종; 이승화; 김철성
1997-07Fabrication and characterization of sol-gel derived cobalt ferrite thin layers on silicon substrate오영제; 이재광; 김철성; 정형진
1997-07Fabrication of CoFe2O4 thin films prepared by a sol-gel method and their magnetic properties오영제; 이재광; 이영숙; 박승일; 이희민; 김철성
2004-05Low temperature activation of benzylic C-H bonds with heterogeneous Fe/MgO catalyst under atmospheric molecular oxygen조성훈; 정민석; 정광덕; 김철성; 한성환
2006-03Magnetic and Structural Properties of Co Ion-Implanted GaN김우철; 강희재; 오석근; 신상원; 이종한; 송종한; 노삼규; 오상준; 김철성
1999-01Magnetic properties and colossal magnetoresistance of La0.67Ca0.33Mn0.99Fe0.01O3 materials김철성; 박승일; 오영제
1998-01Magnetic properties of CoFe2O4 powders and thin films grown by a sol-gel method이재광; 이희민; 김철성; 오영제
1998-09Magnetic properties of CoFe2O4 thin films prepared by a sol-gel method이재광; 박재윤; 오영제; 김철성
1998-01Magnetic properties of sol-gel derived Ni-Zn ferrite thin films배승영; 정형진; 김철성; 오영제
1999-04Magnetic properties of sol-gel derived Ni-Zn ferrite thin films on yttria stabilized zirconia buffered Si(100)배승영; 김철성; 오영제
1995-01Magnetic properties of Sr0.75Ba0.25Fe12O19 hexaferrite김철성; 박승일; 엄영랑; 박재윤; 심인보; 오영제
2000-01Mossbauer studies of CMR compound La0.67Ca0.33 Mn0.9757Fe0.03O3김철성; 박승일; 오영제
1997-09Mossbauer studies of nanocrystalline Fe83B9Nb7Cu1 alloy by flash annealing김철성; 김성백; 이희민; 엄영랑; 김광윤; 노태환; 옥항남
1998-04Perovskite Gd1-xSrxFeO3-y (x=0.0, 0.5)의 Mossbauer 연구엄영랑; 김철성; 서정철; 오영제
1997-05Preparation and characterization of ultra-fine CoFe2O4 powders by a sol-gel method이재광; 오영제; 서정철; 박승일; 김철성
2000-09Proceedings of the International Symposium on Magnetics for the 10th Anniversary of the Korean Magnetics Society.임상호; 김철성; 이택동
2003-10Redox behavior of Cu-ferrite for CO₂ decomposition신현창; 김종원; 김철성; 주오심; 정광덕
2001-05Role of intermediate layer for La₂/₃Sr₁/₃MnO₃/SiO₂/Si(1 0 0) granular thin films.심인보; 김철성; 박계택; 오영제
1995-01Sol-gel derived (Pb,La)(Zr,Ti)O₃ thin films오영제; 정형진; 김태송; 김철성
2010-07Structural and morphological features of concentric iron oxide/carbon nanotubes obtained from phospholipidsMin Yu; Jane Howe; 정경훈; 심인보; 김우철; 김철성; 안재평; Jaegab Lee; Marek W. Urban
2021-07Structural Evolution of Atomically Dispersed Fe Species in Fe?N/C Catalysts Probed by X-ray Absorption and 57Fe M?ssbauer Spectroscopies유성종; 김진영; 장주혁; 우진우; 최현경; 사영진; 김호영; 임태정; 김철성; 주상훈
1994-11Structure and magnetic properties of Gd1-xSrxFeO3-δ compounds김철성; 엄영랑; 박승일; 지상희; 오영제; 박재윤; 이성주; 여철현
2011-02Study on the Geometrically-frustrated Magnet Ni1/2Fe1/2Ga2S4명보라; 김철성; 김삼진; 오영제