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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-06Big Data Analysis of Genes Associated With Neuropsychiatric Disorders in an Alzheimer's Disease Animal Model임혜인; 함수지; 김태규; 홍희옥; 김용식; Ya-Ping Tang
2015-09Design, analysis, and performance evaluation of steam-CO2 reforming reactor for syngas production in GTL process문동주; 김태규; 박대일; 이창욱
2017-02Drug Abuse and Psychosis: New Insights into Drug-induced Psychosis정수영; 임혜인; 함수지; 김태규
2022-01Dysfunction of striatal MeCP2 is associated with cognitive decline in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease이상준; 임혜인; 류훈; 류지원; 최지은; 현승재; 함수지; 김태규; 천유림; 최윤정; 유민수; 김혜선
2005-03Effect of Calcium Sulfate-Chitosan Composite: Pellet on Bone Formation in Bone Defect조병채; 김태규; 양정덕; 정호윤; 박재우; 권익찬; 노경호; 정혜선; 이동신; 박낭운; 김인산
2017-04Effect of Tungsten Addition on Nickel-Based Catalyst for Combined Steam and CO2 Reforming of Methane문동주; 조샤론; 김태규; 김영철
2014-09Effects of Gelation Agents on La1-xSrxNiO3 Perovskite-Type Catalyst for Steam-CO2 Reforming of Methane박대일; 김나영; 문동주; 김태규
2015-01Effects of polyvinyl-pyrrolidone in a polyol method on preparaion of a perovskite-type catalyst for steam-CO2 reforming of methane박대일; 문동주; 김태규
2014-05Humidification of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell using short circuit control for unmanned aerial vehicle applications김진철; 김동민; 김성욱; 남석우; 김태규
2007-01Identification of Leukemia-Specific Fusion Gene Transcripts with a Novel Oligonucleotide Array천성민; 김유리; 최희백; 오용택; 김유진; 이석; 김태규; 양은경; 박용근; 김동욱; 한병돈
2018-06MicroRNA Profiling in Aging Brain of PSEN1/PSEN2 Double Knockout Mice이상준; 임혜인; 함수지; 김태규; Ya-Ping Tang
2014-12Microstructure and Properties of Silicon-Incorporated DLC Film Fabricated Using HMDS Gas and RF-PECVD Process송병주; 송우진; 한준현; 김가람; 윤수종; 김태규; 김진권; 조현; 김긍호; 황대원; 김혜성
2013-11Modified Nano-Particulate Perovskite Catalyst for Steam and CO2 Reforming of Methane박대일; 문동주; 김태규
2015-08Modified Nano-Perovskite Catalysts for the Steam and CO2 Reforming of Methane문동주; 박대일; 배종욱; 김태규
2014-12Novel macro-micro channel reactor for reforming glycerol produced from biodiesel productions박대일; 이창욱; 문동주; 김태규
2012-10Performance comparison of metallic foam catalyst to pelletized catalyst for SCR reaction박대일; 문동주; 김태규
2014-05Portable ammonia-borane-based H2 power-pack for unmanned aerial vehicles서정은; 김유종; 김용민; 김기범; 이진희; 이대형; 김영천; 신석재; 김동민; 김승욱; 김태규; 윤창원; 남석우
2012-04Preparation and characterixation of Ni-Foam based Reforming catalyst권태운; 이수빈; 양은혁; 정재선; 박대일; 김태규; 문동주
2012-10Preparation and characterization of metal-foam based reforming catalysts권태운; 김승훈; 이재석; 양은혁; 박대일; 김태규; 문동주
2014-08Preparation and evaluation of a metallic foam catalyst for steam-CO2 reforming of methane in GTL-FPSO process박대일; 문동주; 김태규
2013-03Preparation, Characterization and Performance Evaluation of Metallic Foam Catalyst for Steam-CO2 Reforming of Methane박대일; 문동주; 김태규
2013-08Steam-CO2 reforming of methane on Ni/γ-Al2O3-deposited metallic foam catalyst for GTL-FPSO process박대일; 문동주; 김태규
2013-08Structured Perovskite Type Catalyst for Steam-CO2 Reforming of Methane박대일; 문동주; 김태규
2012-04Studies on CFD simulation for Steam CO2 reforming of Methane in fixed bed reactorMuksh Upadhyay; 이진희; 권태운; 이윤주; 김태규; 안병성; 문동주
1997-06The effects of rolling process on microstructures and high temperture tensile properties of Al-Mg alloy김태규; 전채홍; 권숙인; 박종우
2013-04글리세롤 개질을 위한 매크로-미아크로 채널 반응기의 열유동 해석박대일; 문동주; 김태규
2013-04메탄 SCR 개질을 위한 페로브스카이트 타입 금속폼 지지 촉매와 분말 촉매의 성능 비교 연구박대일; 문동주; 김태규
2012-11-21수증기-이산화탄소 복합개질을 위한 고내구성 금속폼 지지 촉매 및 그 제조방법김태규; 문동주; 박대일