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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-04A Multi-Section Complex-Coupled DFB Laser with a Very Wide Range of Self-Pulsation Frequency and High Modulation Index김부균; 김태영; 김상택; 김선호; 박경현
2009-10A Study of the Load Capacity of Air Foil Thrust Bearings김태영; 박동진; 이용복
2010-12A Study on the Rotordynamic Performance of a 300HP Oil-Free Turbo Compressor조상범; 김태영; 김태호; 김창호; 이용복
2000-04A tubeless AC-plasma display panel(PDP) packaged by electrostatic bonding technology이덕중; 주병권; 정진욱; 김영조; 최은하; 김태영; 장진; 이윤희
2005-04Adsorption Dynamics of Water Vapor on Acid Treated Activated Carbon최도영; 심왕근; 김태영; 정흥조; 최대기; 이재욱
2003-05Carbon nanotube growth enhanced by nitrogen incorporation김태영; 이광렬; 은광용; 오규환
2011-05CO2 Removal Rate Comparison of Selected Herbaceous Plants Using Phyto-Batch Reactor and Portable Photosynthesis Analyzer안툰 푸스판티; J.lamchaturapatr; 이광현; 김태영; 옥타비아; 부얀; 이재성
2018-03Contact­Engineered Electrical Properties of MoS2 Field­Effect Transistors via Selectively Deposited Thiol­Molecules정승준; 조경준; 박진수; 김재근; 강기훈; 김태영; 신지원; 최유리; 이탁희
2019-08Dose-dependent effect of proton irradiation on electrical properties of WSe2 ambipolar field effect transistors정승준; 신지원; 조경준; 김태영; 박진수; 김재근; 이우철; 김재영; 홍웅기; 이탁희
2017-04Dynamic and coordinated single-molecular interactions at TM4SF5-enriched microdomains guide invasive behaviors in 2- and 3-dimensional environments송대근; 김혜진; 권소정; 남서희; 정재우; 강민경; 류지혜; 김지언; 정진규; 조창연; 김소미; Yong-Nyun Kim; 김태영; Min-Kyo Jung; 이경민; Chan-Gi Pack; 이정원
2007-11Effect of finite substrate plane on the radiation characteristics of microstrip patch antennas김상우; 김태영; 김부균; 신종덕; 김세윤
2019-04Effect of Topically Applied Wikstroemia dolichantha Diels on the Development of Atopic Dermatitis-Like Skin Symptoms in Mice.김수남; 박노준; 제갈종환; 김태영; 최상호; 이상우; 항진; 양민혜
2018-05Effects of Electron Beam Irradiation and Thiol Molecule Treatment on the Properties of MoS 2 Field Effect Transistors정승준; 최유리; 조경준; 박진수; 김태영; 김재근; 신지원; 서준석; 이탁희
2012-01Effects of Mesh Density on Static Load Performance of Metal Mesh Gas Foil Bearings이용복; 김창호; 김태호; 김태영
2011-06Effects of Meshl Density on Static Load Performance of Metal Mesh Gas Foil Bearings이용복; 김창호; 김태영; 김태호
2011-03Evaluating Annual Water Quality of Anyang-stream Using Spatial Analysis and Self-purification Criteria이재성; Janjit Iamchaturapatr; 윤성일; 이광현; 최승일; 김태영
2003-08Frictional behavior of nano-undulated surface of diamond-like carbon films.이철승; 김태영; 이광렬; 윤기현
2002-06FT-IR and isotherm study on anion adsorption onto novel chelating fibers고영건; 최웅수; 김태영; 안동준; 전영진
2020-04Highly transparent phototransistor based on quantum-dots and ZnO bilayers for optical logic gate operation in visible-light한일기; 정신영; 김병준; 조남광; 박성호; 전도연; 강예빈; 김태영; 김연상; 강성준
2005-04HPLC analysis and pharmacokinetic characteristics of 11-hydroxyaclacinomycin X (ID-6105), a novel anthracycline, in rats and beagle dogs유보임; 안광복; 강민희; 문동철; 권오승; 이홍섭; 류정수; 김태영; 송석길; 정연복
2004-12Humidity Dependence of the Residual Stress of Diamond-like Carbon Film이영진; 김태영; 이광렬; 양인상
2021-12Inhibitory Effects of Luteolin 7-Methyl Ether Isolated from Wikstroemia ganpi on Tnf-A/Ifn-Γ Mixture-Induced Inflammation in Human Keratinocyte김수남; 박노준; 제갈종환; 김태영; 조범근; 조근아; 최한석; 양민혜
2003-01Investigation of input power dynamic range enhancement of a cross-phase enhancement of a cross-phase modulation wavelength converter by pre-amplification전용수; 강증모; 김태영; 한상국; 이석
2005-01Investigation of the Nitrogen Effect on the Carbon Nanotube Growth by Ab-initio Calculation안효신; 김태영; 이승철; 이광렬; 김도연
2013-01Model Prediction and Experiments for the Electrode Design Optimization of LiFePO4/Graphite Electrodes in High Capacity Lithium-ion Batteries류승호; 김수; 김태영; 남진현; 조원일
2003-08Nano Ni dot effect on the structure of tetrahedral amorphous carbon films이철승; 김태영; 이광렬; 윤기현
2003-10Nanocomposite ta-C films prepared by the filtered vacuum arc process using nanosized Ni dots on a Si substrate이철승; 김태영; 이광렬; 안재평; 윤기현
2004-01Nanoscale Manipulation of Tetrahedral Amorphous Carbon Films이철승; 김태영; 이광렬; 윤기현
2011-05Nitration of Aquatic Plant Biomass using Biological Method옥타비아; J.lamchaturapatr; 이광현; 김태영; 안툰 푸스판티; 부얀; 이재성
2003-03Nitrogen effect on vertically aligned CNT growth김태영; 오규환; 정민재; 이승철; 이광렬