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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000-03A cationic lipid emulsion/DNA complex as a physically stable and serum-resistant gene delivery system이선우; 윤태영; 김태우; 정혜선; 최영욱; 권익찬; 배은희; 정서영
2013-12A new catalyst-embedded hierarchical air electrode for high-performance Li-O2 batteries임희대; 송혜린; 권혁조; 박규영; 김진수; 배영준; 김형섭; 정성균; 김태우; 김용협; Xavier Lepro; Raquel Ovalle-Robles; Ray H. Baughman; 강기석
2015-02A polymeric conjugate foreignizing tumor cells for targeted immunotherapy in vivo이영호; 윤홍열; 신정민; G. Saravanakumar; 노경희; 송권호; 전주홍; 김동완; 이경미; 김광명; 권익찬; 박재형; 김태우
2000-07Airway gene delivery using cationic lipid emulsions in vitro and in vivo김태우; 정혜선; 권익찬; 성하진; 정서영
2005-06Airway gene transfer using cationic emulsion as a mucosal gene carrier김태우; 정혜선; 권익찬; 성하진; 신병철; 정서영
2014-08An Immunoassay Utilizing DNA-Coated Cage Protein As a Signal Generator화; Hoa Thi Le; 이태민; 김병수; 안형준; 김태우; 신미란; 안대로
2010-06Attenuation of β-amyloid-induced neuroinflammation by KHG21834 in vivo김은아; 한호규; 김태우; 최수영; 조성우
2001-04Brazing parameters and mechanical properties of silicon nitride/stainless steel joint김태우; 장희석; 박상환
1996-10BRC001윤태영; 이선우; 김태우; 김영희; 배은희
2001-09Cationic lipid emulsion for gene therapy김영진; 김태우; 정혜선; 권익찬; 정서영
1998-03Core oils affect on oil-in-water emulsion-mediated gene delivery systems정서영; 김태우; 정혜선; 김용희; 권익찬
1996-11Development of interlayer system for high strength ceramic/metal joint.박상환; 김태우
1999-01Drug delivery systems using lipid microstructures정혜선; 김태우; 권미윤; 권익찬; 정서영
2002-12Effect of residual stress on fracture strength of Si ₃ N ₄ /stainless joints with a Cu-interlayer장희석; 박상환; 최성철; 김태우
2000-08Effects of interface and residual stress on mechanical properties of ceramic/metal system김태우; 박상환
1996-03Effects of interlayers on the bending strength of silicon nitride/stainless steel joints.박상환; 최영화; 김태우
2016-09Engineered Human Ferritin Nanoparticles for Direct Delivery of Tumor Antigens to Lymph Node and Cancer Immunotherapy권익찬; 김광명; 류주희; 나진희; 고호경; 이보람; 안금영; 이영호; 오세진; 김태우; 변영로; 이지원
1996-02FEM residual stress analysis and mechanical properties of silicon nitride/stainless steel joint with multi-interlayer.박상환; 김태우; 최영화
1998-01In virto and in vivo gene delivery using cationic lipid emulsion정서영; 김태우; 정혜선; 권익찬; 성하진
1999-01In vitro and in vivo gene delivery using cationic lipid emulusion김태우; 정혜선; 권익찬; 성하진; 정서영
2000-04In vivo gene transfer to the mouse nasal cavity mucosa using a stable cationic lipid emulsion김태우; 정혜선; 권익찬; 성하진; 정서영
1998-01In vivo gene transfer using cationic lipid emulsion-mediated gene delivery system by intra nasal administration정서영; 김태우; 김용희; 이선우; 권익찬; 성하진
2001-07Induction of Diastereoselectivity in Fe(II) Tris(amino acid-bipyridine) Complexes안대로; 김태우; 홍종인
2006-10Induction of Immunity Against Hepatitis B Virus Surface Antigen by Intranasal DNA Vaccination Using a Cationic Emulsion as a Mucosal Gene Carrier김태우; 정혜선; 권익찬; 성하진; 강태흥; 한희동; 정서영
1998-01Lipid emulsions and solid lipid nanoparticles having triacylglycerol cores정서영; 정혜선; 이규백; 김상희; 김태우; 권익찬
1998-03Mechanical properties of Si3N4/stainless steel joint with joint configuration changes김태우; 양난선; 장희석; 박상환
2005-03Mechanical properties of synthesized Ti3SiC2 by hot pressing from TiCx-Si powder mixture황성식; 박상환; 김태우
1995-01Mechanical strength and FEM residual stress analysis of stainless steel/Si3N4 joints김태우; 박상환
2001-06Micromechanical analysis for transverse properties of ceramic/metal composite.김태우; 박상환
2016-04Nanocrack-regulated self-humidifying membranes이소영; 박치훈; 황두성; 신동원; 조두희; 이강혁; 김태우; 김태욱; 이목원; 김덕수; 카라; 아론; 아니타; 마이클; 이영무