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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-023D Stackable Synaptic Transistor for 3D Integrated Artificial Neural Networks김형준; 한재훈; 정연주; 이윤중; 김한성; 김성광; Pavlo Bidenko; 임형락; 전유림; 금대명; 최창환; 김상현
2021-08A highly controllable doping technique via interdiffusion between epitaxial germanium layers and GaAs구현철; 김형준; 주건우; 김승환; 김한성; 이기영; 정명호
2018-11A study on artificial passivation film coating for the excellent stable Zn metal anode이중기; 김지영; 김한성
2016-11A Study on Electrochemical Stability of LixSiyOz Thin Film Coated Lithium Metal Anode이중기; 김아영; 김지영; 김한성
2007-10A Study on the Compositional Characteristics of PtSn Alloy Catalyst for Direct Ethanol Fuel Cell김이영; 정원석; 김수길; 한종희; 임태훈; 김한성
2018-03Anisotropic surface morphology in a tensile-strained InAlAs layer grown on InP(100) substrates원성옥; 김형준; 김상현; 이병현; 김성광; 김한성; 주건우; 심재필
2007-11Carbon-supported, nano-structured, manganese oxide composite electrode for electrochemical supercapacitor오형석; Raj Kishore Sharma; 설용건; 김한성
2013-11Convenient metal embedment into mesoporous silica channels for high catalytic performance in AB dehydrogenation박진형; 김성관; 김한성; 조용재; 박정희; 이경은; 윤창원; 남석우; 강상욱
2009-11Corrosion resistance and sintering effect of carbon supports in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells오형석; 임희은; 노범욱; 황인철; 김한성
2011-08Development of highly active and stable non-precious oxygen reduction catalysts for PEM fuel cells using polypyrrole and a chelating agent오형석; 오종길; 노범욱; 황인철; 김한성
2018-01Double-gated ultra-thin-body GaAs-on-insulator p-FETs on Si김형준; 김상현; 심재필; 주건우; 김한성; 김성광; 임희정
2012-09Early diagnosis and progression visualization of rheumatoid arthritis using fluorogenic MMP-3 polymeric probes류주희; 이애주; 고창용; 김한성; 권익찬; 윤인찬; 김광명
2010-01Effect of chemical oxidation of CNFs on the electrochemical carbon corrosion in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells오형석; 김광현; 고영진; 김한성
2010-05Effect of heat treatment temperature on carbon corrosion in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells오형석; 고영진; 김한성
2009-09Effect of operating conditions on carbon corrosion in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells오형석; 임희은; 장상은; 고영진; 김현종; 김한성
2011-10Efficient synthesis of Pt nanoparticles supported on hydrophobic graphitized carbon nanofibers for electrocatalysts using noncovalent functionalization오형석; 김한성
2018-06Electrical spin injection and detection in a GaAs(110) channel구현철; 김형준; 김성광; 김한성; 박희겸; 임형락
2020-11Electrical spin transport in a GaAs (110) channel장준연; 구현철; 김형준; 민병철; 한석희; 김한성; 박희겸
2012-07Electrochemical carbon corrosion in high temperature proton exchange membrane fuel cells오형석; 이진희; 김한성
2017-11Electrochemical characterization of 3D matrix with lithiophilic surface for stabilizing Li metal electrode이중기; 김지영; Guicheng Liu; 김한성
2017-05Electrochemical characterization of SiO2 thin film coated Li metal electrode for Li-S batteries이중기; 김아영; 김지영; Guicheng Liu; 김한성
2021-06Electrochemical Nitrogen Reduction Kinetics on a Copper Sulfide Catalyst for NH3 Synthesis at Low Temperature and Atmospheric Pressure장종현; 허가현; 박현서; 박희영; 김민석; 공지민; 라마비 피트라; 김한성
2017-02Epitaxial growth of strained germanium using InxAl1-xAs buffer layer김형준; 김상현; 주건우; 김한성; 심재필; 김성광; 임희정
2017-08Fabrication of InGaAs-on-Insulator Substrates Using Direct Wafer-Bonding and Epitaxial Lift-Off Techniques최원준; 송진동; 김형준; 김상현; 심재필; 김한성; 김성광; 금대명; Chang Zoo Kim; Sung Jin Choi; Dae Hwan Kim; Dong Myong Kim
2018-02Fabrication of Ultra-low Dit(E) InGaAs MOSFETs최원준; 송진동; 김형준; 김상현; 김성광; 김한성; 금대명; 심재필; 김창주; 최성진; 김대환; 김동명
2001-06Feature-based disparity estimation for intermediate view reconstruction of multiveiw images김한성; 김성식; 손정영; 손광훈
2011-03Gas-phase substitution synthesis of Cu1.8S and Cu2S superlattice nanowires from CdS nanowires김한성; 성태광; 장소영; 명윤; 조용재; 이치우; 박정희; 안재평; 김진규; 김윤중
2008-05Growth and characterization of carbon-supported MnO2 nanorods for supercapacitor electrode오형석; Raj Kishore Sharma; 설용건; 김한성
2008-03Growth behavior and microstructure of oxide scales grown on WSi2 coating김한성; 윤진국; 김긍호; 도정만; 권숙인; 홍경태
2017-02Growth temperature dependent Ge epitaxy on GaAs(100) substrate김형준; 김상현; 주건우; 김한성; 심재필; 김성광; 임희정