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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-03A new rigid planar low band gap PTTDPP-DT-DTT polymer for organic transistors and performance improvement through the use of a binary solvent system김민제; 최종용; 안국일; 김현정; 강영종; 김재경; 손해정; 이정헌; 조정호; 김봉수
2020-01A novel chalcone derivative as Nrf2 activator attenuates learning and memory impairment in a scopolamine-induced mouse model배애님; 박기덕; 박종현; 변성림; 최지원; 장보고; 김현정; 박선준; 이용섭; 정은지
2014-10Alkoxyphenylthiophene Linked Benzodithiophene Based Medium Band Gap Polymers for Organic Photovoltaics: Efficiency Improvement upon Methanol Treatment Depends on the Planarity of BackboneKranthiraja, Kakaparthi; Gunasekar, Kumarasamy; 조우섬; 송명관; 박영근; 이진용; 신유림; 강인남; 김아정; 김현정; 김봉수; 진성호
1999-09An evaluation of visual reality in virtual environment서형준; 김현정; 고희동; 최윤철
2010-12Analgesic effect of highly reversible ω-conotoxin FVIA on N type Ca2+ channels이승규; 김윤지; 백성근; 최희우; 이주연; 정현호; 류재하; 서홍원; 나흥식; 김현정; 임혜원; 김재일
2019-07Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and neuroprotective effects of novel vinyl sulfonate compounds as Nrf2 activator배애님; 박기덕; 박종현; 최지원; 신수정; 김현지; 김현정; 이회진; Yong Sun Bahn
2010-11Arylpiperazine-containing pyrimidine 4-carboxamide derivatives targeting serotonin 5-HT2A, 5-HT2C, and the serotonin transporter as a potential antidepressant김종엽; 김득준; 강석연; 박우규; 김현정; 정명은; 손은정; 배애님; 김정민; 이진화
2010-03Arylpiperazine-containing pyrrole 3-carboxamide derivatives targeting serotonin 5-HT2A, 5-HT2C, and the serotonin transporter as a potential antidepressant강석연; 박은정; 박우규; 김현정; 정대영; 정명은; 송광섭; 이석호; 서희정; 김민주; 이민우; 한호견; 손은정; 배애님; 김정민; 이진화
2017-02Balancing intermolecular interactions by variation of pendent alkyl chains for high performance organic photovoltaics고민재; 손해정; 옥주원; 김동진; 김현정; 정혜승; 고준석; 김봉수
2011-01Cellular uptake of ginsenosides in Korean White Ginseng and Red Ginseng and their apoptotic activities in human breast cancer cells이정일; 하영완; 최태원; 김현정; 김성무; 장형진; 최정혜; 최만호; 정봉철; Gautam Sethi; 김성훈; 안규석; 최승훈; 심범상; 안광석
1998-11Comparison of different substrate pre-treatment for GaN growth by MOCVD김현정; 변동진; 박달근; 금동화
2013-06Correlation between crystallinity, charge transport, and electrical stability in an ambipolar polymer field-effect transistor based on poly(naphthalene-alt-diketopyrrolopyrrole)김범준; 이효상; 이중석; 조상혁; 김현정; 손해정; 김홍곤; 고민재; 박성남; 강문성; 오세영; 김봉수; 조정호
2012-12Crystallinity-controlled naphthalene-alt-diketopyrrolopyrrole copolymers for high-performance ambipolar field effect transistors이효상; 이중석; 조상혁; 김현정; 곽경원; 윤영운; 손선경; 김홍곤; 고민재; 이도권; 김진영; 박성남; 최동훈; 오세영; 조정호; 김봉수
2019-03Cytotoxic Constituents from the Roots of Asarum sieboldii in Human Breast Cancer Cells김수남; 김은애; 김현정; 곽아원; 강복윤; 조승식; 심정현; 윤구; Ha-Na Oh
2021-02Development and optimization of halogenated vinyl sulfones as Nrf2 activators for the treatment of Parkinson's disease박기덕; 박종현; 김시원; 김현지; 김현정; 엘리자 리; 최지원; 김병은; 유종석; 이용섭
2014-10Directed self-assembly of organic semiconductors via confined evaporative capillary flows for use in organic field-effect transistors김도환; 임정아; 차원석; 이정헌; 김현정; 조정호
2020-10Discovery of N-(1-(3-fluorobenzoyl)-1 H-indol-5-yl)pyrazine-2-carboxamide: a novel, selective, and competitive indole-based lead inhibitor for human monoamine oxidase B배애님; 노은주; 박기덕; 박종현; 백소라; Elkamhawy Ahmed; 김현정; 아쉬위니; Kueong Lee
2021-10Discovery of novel and potent safinamide-based derivatives as highly selective hMAO-B inhibitors for tratment of Parkinson's disease노은주; 박기덕; 박종현; 백소라; 김현정; Ahmed Elkamhawy; Ahmed E. Hassan; 이경
2000-06Effects of reactive ion beam treatment of sapphire surface to optimize the deposition of GaN films김현정; 변동진; 김긍호; 금동화
2016-10Enhancement of charge transport properties of small molecule semiconductors by controlling fluorine substitution and effects on photovoltaic properties of organic solar cells and perovskite solar cells고민재; 손해정; 이효상; 박성민; 윤재훈; 허진혁; 윤성원; 강진백; 임상혁; 김현정; 이원목; 김봉수; 정대성
2015-01Enhancement of Organic Photovoltaic Efficiency via Nanomorphology Control using Conjugated Polymers Incorporating Fullerene Compatible Side-Chains박성민; 서동균; 류태인; 안국일; 곽경원; 김현정; 천철홍; 박남규; 김봉수; 고민재; 이도권; 김진영; 김홍곤; 손해정
2016-08Enhancement of the ferroelectricity of poly(vinylidene fluoride)/multiwalled carbon nanotube composite scaffolds and its effect on the cellular metabolic activity곽순종; 서용석; 임준영; 박숙영; 김현정
2010-08Further optimization of novel pyrrole 3-carboxamides for targeting serotonin 5-HT2A, 5-HT2C, and the serotonin transporter as a potential antidepressant강석연; 박은정; 박우규; 김현정; 최길돈; 정명은; 서희정; 김민주; 배애님; 김정민; 이진화
2014-05High Crystalline Dithienosilole-Cored Small Molecule Semiconductor for Ambipolar Transistor and Nonvolatile Memory강웅기; 정민우; 차원석; 장석재; 윤영운; 김현정; 손해정; 이도권; 김봉수; 조정호
2015-03High Performance of Low Band Gap Polymer-Based Ambipolar Transistor Using Single-Layer Graphene Electrodes최종용; 강웅기; 강보석; 차원석; 손선경; 윤영운; 김현정; 강영종; 고민재; 손해정; 조길원; 조정호; 김봉수
2014-09Hypoglycemic Effect of Paeonia lactiflora in High Fat Diet-Induced Type 2 Diabetic Mouse Model윤인수; 정유정; 김현정; 임현진; 조승식; 심정현; 강복윤; 천승훈; 김수남; 윤구
2020-12Identification and evaluation of a napyradiomycin as a potent Nrf2 activator: antioxidative and anti-inflammatory activities박기덕; 박종현; 최지원; 김현정; 김주신; 김금진; 남주원; 진정욱; 최혁재
2012-04Importance of Solubilizing Group and Backbone Planarity in Low Band Gap Polymers for High Performance Ambipolar field-effect Transistors이중석; 손선경; 송상훈; 김현정; 이동렬; 김경곤; 고민재; 최동훈; 김봉수; 조정호
2018-12Inhibitory Effect of Phenanthrenes and Dihydrostilbenes from Dendrobium moniliforme on Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase 1B김수남; 김은애; 이우정; 조성식; 심정현; 김현정; 윤구
2021-10KDS2010, a Newly Developed Reversible MAO?B Inhibitor, as an Effective Therapeutic Candidate for Parkinson’s Disease오수진; 박기덕; 박종현; 남민호; 김현정; 이효원; 최지원; 김시원; 박선준; 송효정; 장보고; 윤형호; 허준영; 안희영; Doo?Wan Cho; 양영수; 한수철; 김상욱; 전상용; 이창준