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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-07Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and neuroprotective effects of novel vinyl sulfonate compounds as Nrf2 activator배애님; 박기덕; 박종현; 최지원; 신수정; 김현지; 김현정; 이회진; Yong Sun Bahn
2021-05Application of PCM to building walls for heating/cooling electric load reduction신유환; 강상우; 채명선; 김현지; 윤용태
2016-10Control of hard block segments of methacrylate based triblock copolymers for enhanced electromechanical performance황승상; 백경열; 구종민; 박상희; 김현지; 조계룡; 조아라; 곽영제; 윤호규
2016-05Controlled synthesis of multi-armed P3HT star polymers with gold nanoparticle core황승상; 백경열; 고민재; 김현지; 조계룡; 최동훈
2021-02Development and optimization of halogenated vinyl sulfones as Nrf2 activators for the treatment of Parkinson's disease박기덕; 박종현; 김시원; 김현지; 김현정; 엘리자 리; 최지원; 김병은; 유종석; 이용섭
2018-08Effects of Methacrylate based Amphiphilic Block Copolymer Additives on Ultra Filtration PVDF Membrane Formation황승상; 백경열; 박상희; 김현지; 안여진; 장문정; 조계룡; Jung-Hyun Lee
2019-05Facile control of defect site density and particle size of UiO-66 for enhanced hydrolysis rates: insights into feasibility of Zr(IV)-based metal-organic framework (MOF) catalysis황승상; 백경열; 한상수; 서진영; 후이 도 쑤언; 조계룡; 김현지; 배성진; 윤호규
2008-05Functional Human 5-HT6 Receptor Assay for High Throughput Screening of Cemical Ligands and Binding Proteins김현지; 윤형문; 김태현; 남길수; 노은주; Evi Kostenis; 박혜영; 배애님; 임혜원
2010-08Gold Nanoparticle stabilized by Thiol-terminated Poly(3-hexylthiophene)김현지; 김성원; 황승상; 최동훈; 백경열
2018-03Highly enhanced electromechanical properties of PVDF-TrFE/SWCNT nanocomposites using an efficient polymer compatibilizer황승상; 백경열; 구종민; 박현철; 김현지; 후이 도 쑤언; 조계룡; 윤호규
2012-08Highly purified cyclic olefin polymer by ROMP and In situ hydrogenation with ruthenium supported catalyst이상호; 김현지; 최동훈; 황승상; 채헌승; 백경열
2012-01Hybrid Nanocomposite of CdSe Quantum Dots and a P3HT-b-PDMAEMA Block Copolymer for Photovoltaic Applications김성원; 김동환; 김현지; 이윤재; 황승상; 백경열
2015-10Interfacial control of PVDF-TrFE/SWCNT nanocomposites using P3HTPMMA block copolymer for ultra-low percolation threshold조계룡; 이윤재; 김현지; Yoon, Ho Gyu; 황승상; Han, Yang-Kyoo; 백경열
2010-03Morphology Control of Highly Sulfonated Block Copolymers by a Simple Thermal Process백경열; 김현지; 이상호; 조계룡; 김형태; 황승상
2014-10Multi-armed Poly(3-hexyl thiophene) Star Polymers by Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization김현지; 최동훈; 백경열
2013-08Novel Polymer Nanowire Crystals of Diketopyrrolopyrrole-Based Copolymer with Excellent Charge Transport Properties김지호; 이대희; 양다슬; 허동욱; 김경환; 신지철; 김현지; 백경열; Kwangyeol Lee; 백현석; 조민주; 최동훈
2021-11Optimization and Evaluation of Novel Antifungal Agents for the Treatment of Fungal Infection박기덕; 박종현; 장보고; 연슬기; 김현정; 최지원; 김시원; 박선준; 이예림; 김현지; 이경태; 서경진; 이명하; 김다희; 이동기; 정은지; 이종승; 반용선
2019-03Organophosphorus hydrolase-poly-β-cyclodextrin as a stable self-decontaminating bio-catalytic material for sorption and degradation of organophosphate pesticide강순방; 백경열; 김현지; 서진영; 문영광; Ali Turab Jafry; Eui-Joong Kim; Jae-Gu Pan; Jae-Youl Choi; Kang Han Lee; Keunhong Jeong; Se Won Bae; Seunghan Shin; Jinkee Lee; Yongwoo Lee
2013-09PDMS-MWCNT nanocomposite actuators using silicone functionalized multiwalled carbon nanotubes via nitrene chemistrySantosh Kumar Yadav; 김일진; 김현지; 김주훈; 홍순만; 구종민
2019-04Potentially self-dopable poly (3-hexylthiophene) block copolymers/carbon nanotube nanocomposites for enhanced processibility and electrical properties황승상; 백경열; 서진영; 후이 도 쑤언; 조계룡; 김현지; 최동훈
2015-09Preparation of highly emissive, thermally stable, UV-cured polysilsesquioxane/ZnO nanoparticle composites전현열; 알버트 이성수; 김현지; 조소혜; 백경열; 황승상
2015-08Preparation of Self-doped SWCNT with P3HT-based Block Copolymers by Theral Process김현지; 황승상; 최동훈; 백경열
2015-09Preparation of Self-doped SWCNT with P3HT-based Block Copolymers by Thermal Process김현지; 황승상; 최동훈; 백경열
2014-10Preparation of SWCNT- P3HT-based Block copolymers generating a dopant by thermal김현지; 황승상; 최동훈; 백경열
2011-04Preparation of Well-defined P3HT Coated Gold Nanoparticle김현지; 김성원; 황승상; 최동훈; 백경열
2013-05Preparation of ZnO QD/Ladder-like Poly(phenyl-co-methacryl) silsesquioxane nanocomposites전현열; 알버트 이성수; 김현지; 김동영; 백경열; 황승상
2022-02Protein microarray analysis of amniotic fluid proteins associated with spontaneous preterm birth in women with preterm labor이지은; 박교훈; 김현지; 이영은; 김유미; 홍수빈
2021-10Proteomic identification of novel plasma biomarkers associated with spontaneous preterm birth in women with preterm labor without infection/inflammation이지은; 박교훈; 김현지; 김유미; 최지웅; 신 수; 이경노
2021-06Real-time measurement method of Ortho-Para hydrogen강상우; 김현지; 윤용태
2010-04Regioregular 폴리티오펜을 매크로개시제로 이용한 P3HT-b-PDMAEMA의 합성 및 분석이윤재; 김현지; 황승상; 한양규; 백경열