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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-06A Review of Aerosol Chemistry in Asia: Insights from Aerosol Mass Spectrometer Measurements김화진; Wei Zhou; Weiqi Xu; Qi Zhang; Yele Sun; Pingqing Fu; Douglas R. Worsnop
2018-02Characterization of PM2.5 and identification of transported secondary and biomass burning contribution in Seoul, Korea김진영; 김화진; 서지훈; Yumi Kim; Ji Yi Lee; Bong Mann Kim
2018-12Chemical Processing of Water-Soluble Species and Formation of Secondary Organic Aerosol in Fogs김화진; Sonya Collier; Xinlei Ge; Jianzhong Xu; Yele Sun; Wenqing Jiang; Youliang Wang; Pierre Herckes; Qi Zhang
2019-06Chemistry of new particle growth during springtime in the Seoul metropolitan area, Korea김화진; Qi Zhang
2014-05Dependence of Real Refractive Indices on O:C, H:C and Mass Fragments of Secondary Organic Aerosol Generated from Ozonolysis and Photooxidation of Limonene and α-Pinene김화진; Shang Liu; Lynn M. Russell; Suzanne E. Paulson
2007-01Effects of surface fluorination of TiO2 on photocatalytic oxidation of gaseous acetaldehyde김화진; 최원용
2010-12Genetic Algorithm Retrieval of Real Refractive Index from Aerosol Distributions that are not Lognormal김화진; Suzanne E. Paulson; Brian Barkey
2011-06Hydrogen peroxide generation from α- and β-pinene and toluene secondary organic aerosols김화진; Ying Wang; Suzanne E. Paulson
2017-03Hygroscopic properties of urban aerosols and their cloud condensation nuclei activities measured in Seoul during the MAPS Seoul campaign배귀남; 김화진; 김나진; 박민수; 염성수; 박종성; 송인호; 신혜정; 안준영; 곽경환; 이강웅
2016-06Hygrosopicity measurements of aerosol particles in the San Joaquin Valley, CA, Baltimore, MD, and Golden, CO김화진; Orozco, D; Beyersdorf, AJ; Ziemba, LD; Berkoff, T; Zhang, Q; Delgado, R; Hennigan, CJ; Thornhill,KL; Young, DE; Parworth, C; Hoff, RM
2018-05Influence of intense secondary aerosol formation and long-range transport on aerosol chemistry and properties in the Seoul Metropolitan Area during spring time: results from KORUS-AQ김화진; 허종배; Qi Zhang
2016-05Influences of emission sources and meteorology on aerosol chemistry in a polluted urban environment: results from DISCOVER-AQ California김화진; Shan Zhou; Caroline Parworth; Xiaolu Zhang; Dominique Young; Qi Zhang; Christopher D. Cappa; Roger Seco; , Saewung Kim
2020-07Investigation of factors controlling PM2.5 variability across the South Korean Peninsula during KORUS-AQ김화진; Carolyn E. Jordan; James H. Crawford; Andreas J. Beyersdorf; Thomas F. Eck; Hannah S. Halliday; Benjamin A. Nault; Lim-Seok Chang; JinSoo Park; Rokjin Park; Gangwoong Lee; Jun-young Ahn; Seogju Cho; Hye Jung Shin; Jae Hong Lee; Jinsang Jung; Deug-Soo Kim; Meehye Lee; Taehyoung Lee; Andrew Whitehill; James Szykman; Melinda K. Schueneman; Pedro Campuzano-Jost; Jose L. Jimenez; Joshua P. DiGangi; Glenn S. Diskin; Bruce E. Anderson; Richard H. Moore; Luke D. Ziemba; Marta A. Fenn; Johnathan W. Hair; Ralph E. Kuehn; Robert E. Holz; Gao Chen; Katherine Travis; Michael Shook; David A. Peterson; Kara D. Lamb; Joshua P. Schwarz
2020-10Measurement report: Characterization of severe spring haze episodes and influences of long-range transport in episodes the Seoul metropolitan area in March 2019김화진; Qi Zhang; Yele Sun
2020-01Modeling air quality in the San Joaquin valley of California during the 2013 Discover-AQ field campaign김화진; Jianjun Chen; Dazhoung Yin; Zhan Zhao; Ajith P. Kaduwela; Jeremy C. Avise; John A. Damassa; Andreas Beyersdorf; Sharon Burton; Richard Ferrare; Jay R. Herman; Andy Neuman; John B. Nowak; Caroline Parworth; Amy Jo Scarino; Armin Wisthaler; Dominique E. Young; Qi Zhang
2016-03On the effectiveness of nitrogen oxide reductions as a control over ammonium nitrate aerosol김화진; S. E. Pusede; K. C. Duffey; A. A. Shusterman; A. Saleh; J. L. Laughner; P. J. Wooldridge; Q. Zhang; C. L. Parworth; S. L. Capps; L. C. Valin; C. D. Cappa; A. Fried; J. Walega; J. B. Nowak; A. J. Weinheimer; R. M. Hoff; T. A. Berkoff; A. J. Beyersdorf; J. Olson; J. H. Crawford; R. C. Cohen
2017-08On the multiday haze in the Asian continental outflow: the important role of synoptic conditions combined with regional and local sources진현철; 김진영; 김화진; 임용빈; 서지훈; 윤대옥; 이지이; 김유미
2016-01Optical Properties of Wintertime Aerosols from Residential Wood Burning in Fresno, CA: Results from DISCOVER-AQ 2013Xiaolu Zhang; 김화진; Caroline L. Parworth; Dominique E. Young; Qi Zhang; Andrew R. Metcalf; Christopher D. Cappa
2016-10Photochemical organonitrate formation in wet aerosols김진영; 김화진; Yong Bin Lim; Barbara J. Turpin
2015-12Physicochemical and optical properties of combustion generated particles from a coal-fired power plant, automobiles, ship engines and charcoal kilns김화진; 김진영; 김종수; 진현철
2013-08Real refractive indices and volatility of secondary organic aerosol generated from photooxidation and ozonolysis of limonene, α-pinene and toluene김화진; S. E. Paulson
2012-01Real refractive indices of secondary organic aerosol generated from photooxidation of limonene and α-pinene: the effect of HC/NOx ratio김화진; Brian Barkey; Suzanne E. Paulson
2010-12Real refractive indices of α- and β-pinene and toluene secondary organic aerosols generated from ozonolysis and photo-oxidation김화진; Brian Barkey; Suzanne E. Paulson
2016-04Review of recent smog chamber studies for secondary organic aerosol배귀남; 김진영; 이승복; 김화진; 임용빈
2014-08Seasonal Characteristics of Particulate Matters Measured in Seoul, Korea김유미; 김진영; Soon-Ho Choi; 서지훈; 진현철; 이지이; 이세표; 김화진
2016-01Seasonal variations in the light-absorbing properties of water-soluble and insoluble organic aerosols in Seoul, Korea김화진; 김진영; 진현철; 이지이; 이세표
2021-08Source attribution of air pollution using a generalized additive model and particle trajectory clusters김화진; Benjamin de Foy; Jongbae Heo; Ji-Yoon Kang; James J. Schauer
2017-02Sources and atmospheric processing of winter aerosols in Seoul, Korea: insights from real-time measurements using a high-resolution aerosol mass spectrometer배귀남; 김진영; 이승복; 김화진; Qi Zhang
2017-03Wintertime water-soluble aerosol composition and particle water content in Fresno, California김화진; Caroline L. Parworth; Dominique E. Young; Xiaolu Zhang; Christopher D. Cappa; Sonya Collier; Qi Zhang
2020-12-07브라운 카본의 측정된 시료 브라운 카본의 광흡수 효율 수치화 방법김대영; 김영진; 김정현; 김화진; 전지원