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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-0225-Hydroxycholesterol is involved in the pathogenesis of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis이강미; 이재익; 차은주; 김성민; 노민영; 김희정; 천소영; 박경석; 이광우; 성정준; 김성현
2004-07Antiinflammatory effects of genipin, an active principle of gardenia구혜진; 송윤선; 김희정; 이용하; 홍성민; 김수정; 김병철; 진창배; 임창진; 박은희
1997-08Comparison of the thermoelectric properties of n-type PbTe fabricated with different powder processing methods최재식; 김희정; 김항종; 현도빈; 오태성
2021-01Decomposition of the Simulant 2-Chloroethyl Ethyl Sulfide Blister Agent under Ambient Conditions Using Metal-Organic Frameworks백경열; 김상훈; 김종식; 서진영; 김홍현; 정상조; 민세인; 정근홍; 김희정
1997-08Effects of a reduction treatment and Te doping on thermoelectric properties of (Bi1-xSbx)2Te3 fabricated by mechanical alloying김항종; 최재식; 김희정; 현도빈; 오태성
2021-06Fluorescent Protein-Based Autophagy Biosensors성지혜; 김희정
2004-04Glucuronic acid is a novel inducer of heat shock response김영미; 김희정; 송은주; 이공주
2016-09Glycyrrhizic acid prevents astrocyte death by neuromyelitis optica-specific IgG via inhibition of C1q binding박기덕; 김지선; 천소영; 김승우; 김보람; 김희정; 김성민
2005-03Human Fas-associated factor 1 interacts with heat shock protein 70 and negatively regulates chaperone activity김희정; 송은주; 이윤석; 김은희; 이공주
2020-12Manufacture of Multiwalled Organic/Inorganic Hybrid Microcapsules and Their Application to Silicon Rubber Composites정용채; 김건원; 장용준; 김희정; 김준호; 노경탁; 정재우
1997-01Microstructure and thermoelectric properties of n-type Bi2(Te0.9Se0.1)3 fabricated by mechanical alloying and hot pressing methods김희정; 최재식; 현도빈; 오태성
1997-02Power characteristics and thermoelectric properties of n-type Bi2(Te0.95Se0.05)3 fabricated by mechanical alloying process오태성; 현도빈; 김희정; 최재식
2007-02Proteomic analysis of tyrosine phosphorylations in vascular endothelial growth factor- and reactive oxygen species-mediated signaling pathway김영미; 송은주; 서자원; 김희정; 이공주
2015-10Structural and biochemical insights into the role of testis-expressed gene 14 (TEX14) in forming the stable intercellular bridges of germ cells김희정; 윤정빈; Atsushi Matsuura; 나정현; 이원규; 김현욱; 최지웅; 박지은; 박성진; 김경태; 장낙우; 이병일; 유연규; 신년균; 정철현; 이건수; 이형호
2014-10Synthesis of 1,2-amino alcohols via catalytic C-H amidation of sp(3) methyl C-H bonds강택; 김희정; 김정곤; 장석복
1997-08Thermoelectric properties of n-type (Pb1-xGex)Te fabricated by hot pressing method최재식; 김희정; 김항종; 오태성; 현도빈; 이희웅
1997-03Thermoelectric properties of n-type Bi2(Te1-xSex)3 fabricated by mechanical alloying and hot pressing김희정; 최재식; 오태성; 현도빈
1998-01Thermoelectric properties of p-type (Bi,Sb)2Te3 alloys fabricated by the ot pressing method김희정; 김항종; 현도빈; 오태성
1998-05Thermoelectric properties of the hot-pressed Bi2(Te1-xSex)3 alloys with the Bi2Se3 content김희정; 오태성; 현도빈
2000-03Thermoelectric properties of the hot-pressed n-type Bi₂(Te0.85Se0.15)₃ alloy prepared by mechanical alloying김희정; 오태성; 현도빈
2020-12Visualization of autophagy progression by Red-Green-Blue autophagy sensor성지혜; 김현빈; 김희정; 최재식; 인경수
2021-03-26표면 개질된 마이크로캡슐 및 이를 포함하는 수지 조성물김건원; 김준호; 김희정; 장용준; 정용채; 정재우