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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-04A Comparative Study of Various Fuel for Newly Optimized Onboard Fuel Processor System under the Simple Heat Exchanger Network나종걸; 정익환; 박찬샘; 박성호; 한종훈
2017-05A modified DIRECT algorithm for hidden constraints in an LNG process optimization나종걸; 임영섭; 한종훈
2019-08An experimental based optimization of a novel water lean amine solvent for post combustion CO2 capture process이현주; 이웅; 나종걸; 안병성; 이상득; 이희원; 김정남; 황준혁; 김훈식
2015-03Analysis on Thermal Effects of Process Channel Geometry for Microchannel Fischer-Tropsch Reactor Using Computational Fluid Dynamics나종걸; 이용규; 정익환; 박성호; 크리스나다쉬; 한종훈
2019-05Bayesian inference of aqueous mineral carbonation kinetics for carbon capture and utilization이웅; 나종걸; 박성언; 백지현; 이동우; 유윤성; 김인준; 박진원; 이종민; Minjun Kim
2020-09Catalyst-electrolyte interface chemistry for electrochemical CO2 reduction황윤정; 이웅; 이시영; 사영진; 이찬우; 나종걸
2016-01CFD Simulation of Microchannel Reactor Block for Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis: Effect of Coolant Type and Wall Boiling Condition on Reactor Temperature나종걸; 크리스나다쉬; 정익환; 박성호; 이용규; 박성언; 이철진; 한종훈
2014-09Comparative Study of Process Integration and Retrofit Design of a Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Regasification Process Based on Exergy Analyses: A Case Study of an LNG Regasification Process in South Korea이웅; 나종걸; 박성호; 박찬샘; 정익환; 크리스나다쉬; 한종훈
2016-01Computational Fluid Dynamics Based Optimal Design of Guiding Channel Geometry in U-Type Coolant Layer Manifold of Large-Scale Microchannel Fischer?Tropsch Reactor나종걸; 정익환; 크리스다나쉬; 박성호; 이용규; 안진주; 박성언; 이철진; 한종훈
2014-05Computational Fluid Dynamics Study of Channel Geometric Effect for Fischer-Tropsch Microchannel Reactor나종걸; 정익환; 크리스나다쉬; 박성호; 박찬샘; 한종훈
2020-09Data-driven pilot optimization for electrochemical CO mass production황윤정; 오형석; 이웅; 이웅희; 김경수; 나종걸
2016-08Design and economic analysis of natural gas hydrate regasification process combined with LNG receiving terminal나종걸; 신서린; 이용석; 송기욱; 박성호; 이영범; 이철진; 한종훈
2015-09Design and modeling of large-scale cross-current multichannel Fischer-Tropsch reactor using channel decomposition and cell-coupling method이웅; 나종걸; 박성호; 정익환; 크리스나다쉬; 이용규; 이철진; 한종훈
2021-11Design methodology for mass transfer-enhanced large-scale electrochemical reactor for CO2 reduction오형석; 이웅; 이웅희; 나종걸; 임철완; 정병찬; 박성호; 임영섭; 이철진
2018-01Design of carbon dioxide dehydration processusing derivative-free superstructure optimization이웅; 나종걸; 안진주; 한종훈
2016-04Design of microchannel Fischer-Tropsch reactor using cell-coupling method: Effect of flow configurations and distribution나종걸; 박성호; 정익환; 이용규; 크리스나다쉬; 박성언; 신서린; 하대근; 이영범; 정종태; 이철진; 한종훈
2021-09Electrocatalytic Reduction of Low Concentrations of CO2 Gas in a Membrane Electrode Assembly Electrolyzer이웅; 원다혜; 이동기; 최웅; 김동진; 최용준; 이희원; 이시영; 김웅; 나종걸; 황윤정
2019-11General Techno-Economic Analysis for Electrochemical Coproduction of CO2 Reduction and Anodic Oxidation오형석; 이웅; 서보라; 나종걸; 김정남
2019-11General technoeconomic analysis for electrochemical coproduction coupling carbon dioxide reduction with organic oxidation이현주; 민병권; 황윤정; 오형석; 이웅; 이동기; 서보라; 나종걸; Jeongnam Kim; 이찬우
2021-02Learning the properties of a water-lean amine solvent from carbon capture pilot experiments이현주; 이웅; 김경수; 김정남; 나종걸; 백지현
2020-03Mass Transport Control by Surface Graphene Oxide for Selective CO Production from Electrochemical CO2 Reduction민병권; 김희숙; 황윤정; 한상수; 오형석; 이웅; 원다혜; 김민철; 당 리 트리 뉴옌; 이시영; 이찬우; 나종걸; Nguyen Dien Kha Tu; 사영진
2018-02Modeling and validation of a pilot-scale aqueous mineral carbonation reactor for carbon capture using computational fluid dynamics나종걸; 김민준; 박성언; 박종호; 한종훈
2018-11Multi-objective Bayesian optimization of chemical reactor design using computational fluid dynamics나종걸; 김민준; 이종민; 박성언
2014-04Multi-objective optimization of microchannel reactor for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis using computational fluid dynamics and genetic algorithm이웅; 나종걸; Krishnadash S. Kshetrimayum; 한종훈
2018-06NARX modeling for real-time optimization of air and gas compression systems in chemical processes나종걸; 이원제; 김경수; 이철진; 이영근; 이종민
2018-06Optimal design and operation of Fischer-Tropsch microchannel reactor for pilot-scale compact Gas-to-Liquid process이웅; 나종걸; 크리스나다쉬; 정익환; 박성호; 이용규; 권옥배; 모용기; 정종태; 이종열; 한종훈
2017-05Optimal design of a large scale Fischer-Tropsch microchannel reactor module using a cell-coupling method나종걸; 정익환; 박성호; 전정우; 모용기; 이종열; 정종태; 한종훈
2014-12Optimal operation strategy of batch vacuum distillation for sulfuric acid recycling process나종걸; 정재흠; 송기욱; 박성호; 한종훈
2018-01Risk-based underground pipeline safety management considering corrosion effect나종걸; 신서린; 이건학; 우사마 아메드; 이용규; 한종훈
2018-10Robust design of ambient-air vaporizer based on time-series clustering나종걸; 이용규; 이원보