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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999-01A local thermal equilibrium problem in porous media and oscillating flow.변수영; 이대영; 노승탁
1996-01A new formulation for unsteady heat transfer of oscillatory flow in a circular tube.이대영; 강병하; 박상진; 노승탁
2000-07An analysis of heat and mass transfer process in evaporative heat exchanger송찬호; 이대영; 노승탁
1994-11An analysis of the extraction process of LNG and the prediction of the amount of cold energy.이근식; 장영수; 노승탁
1996-01Analysis of effectiveness for a stirling machine regenerator.조관식; 이대영; 노승탁
1989-01analysis of the phase change heat transfer around a horizantal cylinder considering the conducting wall.이윤표; 유호선; 김민수; 노승탁
1995-01Analytical estimation of stirling engine regenerator.이대영; 조관식; 노승탁; D. K. Shin
1995-01Approximate determination of the shape of solidified materials with either shrinkage or expansion.이윤표; 노승탁
1994-01Condensation heat transfer of a heat pump system using the refrigerant mixture R-32/R-134a노승탁; 전홍석; 장영수; 신지영
1993-11Condensation heat transfer of the refrigerant mixture of R32/R134a.전홍석; 장영수; 신지영; 노승탁
1997-01Condensing heat transfer characteristics of hydrocarbon refrigerants in a horizontal tube장영수; 김민수; 노승탁
2003-04Cooling enhancement in an air-cooled finned heat exchanger by thin water film송찬호; 이대영; 노승탁
2000-04Current status of heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, and refrigeration (HVAC & R) industry in Korea김호영; 강병하; 노승탁
1993-01Cycle performance of the refrigeration system using alternatives to R12 and R22.노승탁; 신지영; 장영수
1997-01Effectiveness analysis of stirling machine regenerator based on the analogy of laminar oscillating flow in a circular tube이대영; 조관식; 노승탁
1998-08Effectiveness analysis of the regenerator in an incompressible oscillating flow.조관식; 이대영; 노승탁
1995-01Estimation of striling engine regenerator on the analogy of laminar oscillating flow in a circular pipe.이대영; 조관식; 노승탁
1996-01Experimental investigation on the heat transfer characteristics of an oscillatory pipe flow.박상진; 이대영; 노승탁
1989-01Formation of surface shape due to volume contraction in a solidification process.이윤표; 노승탁
1996-01Heat transfer analysis on the heat exchanger of a stirling cycle machine.이대영; 조관식; 강병하; 노승탁
1997-08Heat transfer and performance characteristics of hydrocarbon refrigerants as R22 alternatives in an air conditioning system장영수; 김민수; 노승탁
1995-01Heat transfer by oscillating flow in a circular pipe with a sinusoidal wall temperature distribution이대영; 박상진; 노승탁
1998-06Heat transfer in the thermally developing region of a laminar oscillating pipe flow이대영; 박상진; 노승탁
1997-01Heat transfer in the thermally developing region of a laminar oscillating pipe flow이대영; 박상진; 노승탁
1995-01Performance analysis of a heat pump using hydrocarbon refrigerant.장영수; 김민수; 노승탁
1995-08Performance and evaluation of a refrigeration system with alternative refrigerants to R12 and R22장영수; 신지영; 노승탁
1997-01Performance and Heat transfer of an air conditioning system filled with hydrocarbon refrigerants장영수; 김민수; 노승탁
1996-09Performance and heat transfer of hydrocarbon refrigerants and their mixtures in a heat pump system.김민수; 장영수; 노승탁
1996-07Performance characteristics of an air conditioning system filled with hydrocarbon refrigerants.장영수; 김민수; 노승탁
1996-06Performance in a refrigeration system with heat transfer analysis of condenser and evaporator.장영수; 김민수; 노승탁