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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-10-253-아미노메틸 아제티딘 화합물, 이를 포함하는 우울증, 정신 질환, 조루증, 또는 신경병증성 통증의 예방 또는 치료용 약학 조성물, 및 상기 약학 조성물을 포함하는 제제남기달; 노은주; 송치만; 윤준; 한민수; 한호규
1998-01A new synthetic route to (3R,4S)-3-hydroxy-4-phenylazetidin-2-one as a taxol side chain precursor송충의; 이성우; 노은주; 이상기; 이원구
2006-06Action of nucleosides and nucleotides at 7 transmembrane-spanning receptorsKenneth A. Jacobson; Stefano Costanzi; Soo-Kyung Kim; 노은주; Bhalchandra V. Joshi; Susanna Tchilibon; Heng T. Duong; Zhan-Guo Gao
2001-06Asymmetric dihydroxylation of trans-cinnamates under high-pressure conditions: substantial increase of turnover number송충의; 오천림; 노은주; 최정훈
2007-10Caffeine prevents migration and invasion of glioblastoma by inhibiting IP3R3-mediated Ca2+ increase강상수; 한경석; 구보미; 이연경; Antoine G. Almonte; 우동호; 박정환; 백선하; 노은주; Daniel J. Brat; Stephen F. Traynelis; 이창준
2010-02Caffeine-Mediated Inhibition of Calcium Release Channel Inositol 1,4,5-Trisphosphate Receptor Subtype 3 Blocks Glioblastoma Invasion and Extends Survival강상수; 한경석; 구보미; 이연경; 홍진표; 신혜영; Antoine Almonte; 우동호; Daniel Brat; 황은미; 유승현; 정춘기; 박성혜; 백선하; 노은주; 이성중; 박재용; Stephen Traynelis; 이창준
2003-05Chiral Co( Ⅲ )(salen)-catalysed hydrolytic kinetic resolution of racemic epoxides in ionic liquids.오천림; 주동준; 심우호; Dong-Hoon Lee; 노은주; 이상기; 송충의
2000-01Cr(salen) catalysed asymmetric ring opening reactions of epoxides in room temperature ionic liquids송충의; 오천림; 노은주; 주동준
2019-01Death-associated protein kinase (DAPK) family modulators: Current and future therapeutic outcomes노은주; 아메드 카람
2015-07Design and synthesis of new [1,2,3]Triazolo[4,5-d]pyrimidine derivatives as potential antiproliferative agentsAhmed Mahammed Elkamhawy; Al-Sanea, Mohammad M; 송치만; 심태보; 노은주
2018-09Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of novel thiazolidinedione derivatives as irreversible allosteric IKK-β modulators노은주; 허우영; 김남윤; 박정은; Elkamhawy Ahmed; Ahmed H.E. Hassan; 양정은; 오광석; 이병호; 이미영; 신계정; 이경태
2018-12Design, synthesis, and biological evaluation of novel aminopyrimidinylisoindolines as AXL kinase inhibitors유경호; 오창현; 이소하; 노은주; 심태보; 허우영; 최민정; 이선화; 김종승
2017-06Design, synthesis, biological evaluation and molecular modelling of 2-(2-aryloxyphenyl)-1,4-dihydroisoquinolin-3(2H)-ones: A novel class of TSPO ligands modulating amyloid-beta-induced mPTP opening조희영; 정대영; 배애님; 노은주; 박기덕; 박종현; 백소라; 아흐메드 엘캄하위; 박정은; 아흐메드 하산; 이지연; 박병건; 도지민; 문봉진; 박우규
2014-07Determination of Edible Vegetable Oil Adulterants in Sesame Oil Using 1H Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy남윤식; 노권철; 노은주; 금교창; 이연희; 이강봉
2021-01Development and Therapeutic Potential of NUAKs Inhibitors유경호; 이소하; 노은주; 무하마드 파이잘; 김재호; 홍순선
2021-09Development of New Meridianin/Leucettine-Derived Hybrid Small molecules as nanomolar multi kinase inhibitors with antitumor activity노은주; 모하메드 햄디; Ahmed Elkamhawy; Hossam Nada; Magda H. Abdellattif; 이경
2008-10Development of selective blockers for Ca2+-activated Cl- channel using Xenopus laevis oocytes with an improved drug screening strategy오수진; 박정환; 한순규; 이재균; 노은주; 이창준
2017-03Discovery of 1-(3-(benzyloxy)pyridin-2-yl)-3-(2-(piperazin-1-yl)ethyl)urea: A new modulator for amyloid beta-induced mitochondrial dysfunction배애님; 박현미; 노은주; 박정은; 라현화; Ahmed Helmy Ebraheem Hassan; Ahmed Mohammed Elkamhawy; 이지연; 박병건; 문봉진
2015-09Discovery of a broad spectrum antiproliferative agent with selectivity for DDR1 kinase: cell line-based assay, kinase panel, molecular docking, and toxicity studiesAhmed Mahammed Elkamhawy; 박정은; 조남철; 심태보; 배애님; 노은주
2020-10Discovery of N-(1-(3-fluorobenzoyl)-1 H-indol-5-yl)pyrazine-2-carboxamide: a novel, selective, and competitive indole-based lead inhibitor for human monoamine oxidase B배애님; 노은주; 박기덕; 박종현; 백소라; Elkamhawy Ahmed; 김현정; 아쉬위니; Kueong Lee
2021-10Discovery of novel and potent safinamide-based derivatives as highly selective hMAO-B inhibitors for tratment of Parkinson's disease노은주; 박기덕; 박종현; 백소라; 김현정; Ahmed Elkamhawy; Ahmed E. Hassan; 이경
2011-05Discovery of piperidinyl aminopyrimidine derivatives as IKK-2 inhibitors김소라; 정진교; 이효선; 김영재; 김지윤; 최기항; 백두종; 문봉진; 오광석; 이병호; 신계정; 배애님; 남길수; 노은주; 조용서; 추현아
2015-10Discovery of potent and selective cytotoxic activity of new quinazoline-ureas against TMZ-resistant glioblastoma multiforme (GBM)Ahmed Mahammed Elkamhawy; 앰빌리 나스; 배애님; 김현영; 허진철; 박우규; 이종옥; 양희경; 김강호; 남도현; 설호준; 조희영; 노은주
2012-09Discovery of potent and selective rhodanine type IKKβ inhibitors by hit-to-lead strategy송혜승; 이윤석; 노은주; 서재홍; 오광석; 이병호; Hogyu Han; 신계정
2004-12Dramatic enhancement of catalytic activity in an ionic liquid: highly practical Friedel-Crafts alkenylation of arenes with alkynes catalyzed by metal triflatesC. E. Song; 정다운; 정수연; 노은주; 이상기
2005-08Enantioselective hydrogenation of (E)- and (Z)-isomeric ethyl 3-acetamidobutenoates with Rh-bisphosphine complex: Effects of substrate geometry and solvents on reaction rates and catalyst reusability장용건; 노은주; 이상기
2019-01First-in-class DAPK1/CSF1R dual inhibitors: Discovery of 3,5-dimethoxy-N-(4-(4-methoxyphenoxy)-2-((6-morpholinopyridin-3-yl)amino)pyrimidin-5-yl)benzamide as a potential anti-tauopathies agent노은주; 김윤경; 박기덕; 정현정; 아메드 카람; 아흐메드 하산; 권영지; 최진규; 오명숙
2008-05Functional Human 5-HT6 Receptor Assay for High Throughput Screening of Cemical Ligands and Binding Proteins김현지; 윤형문; 김태현; 남길수; 노은주; Evi Kostenis; 박혜영; 배애님; 임혜원
2000-04Heterogeneous asymmetric epoxidation of alkenes catalysed by a polymer-bound (pyrrolidine salen)manganese( Ⅲ ) complex송충의; 노은주; 유병묵; 지대윤; 김수창; 이기정
2002-10Heterogeneous Pd-catalyzed asymmetric allylic substitution using resin-supported trost-type bisphosphane ligands송충의; 양정운; 노은주; 이상기; 안주현; Hogyu Han