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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1989-10A study on the nondestructive evaluation of materials degradation using the relationship between the microstructure and magnetic properties in low alloy steels exposed at high temperature도정만; 홍경태; 허성강
1995-01Ag-Pd-In 삼원계합금의 시효처리에 따른 기계적 성질변화와 미세상의 석출거동김명호; 정호년; 도정만; 김경남; 백홍구
1990-08Assessment of thermal degradation in low alloy steels with carbide analysis도정만; 홍경태; 허성강
2016-07Characterization of ancient Korean pigments by surface analytical techniques도정만; 이연희; 이지혜; 김민정; 안희숙; 김해동; Yimin Yang
2015-12Characterization of traditional Korean Lacquers using surface analytical techniques이지혜; 김민정; 김만호; 도정만; 한호규; 이연희
2015-12Characterization of traditional Korean lacquers using surface analytical techniques한호규; 도정만; 이연희; 김만호; 이지혜; 김민정
2006-04Comparison of sintering behavior and mechanical properties between WC-8C0 and WC-8Ni hard materials produced by high-frequency induction heating sintering김환철; 손인진; 윤진국; 도정만
2006-08Composite electroplating for ni-Al2O3 and Ni-SiC변지영; 도정만
2011-12Consolidation and mechanical properties of nanostructured (Mo,Ti)Si2 from mechanically activated powder by high frequency induction heated sintering박나라; 고인용; 도정만; 윤진국; 손인진
2010-09Consolidation and mechanical properties of nanostructured MoSi2 from mechanically reacted powder by high-frequency induction-heated sintering고인용; 박정환; 윤진국; 도정만; 손인진
2011-01Consolidation and mechanical properties of nanostructured MoSi2-SiC-Si3N4 from mechanically activated powder by high frequency induction heated sintering손인진; 이동목; 도정만; 윤진국; 고인용
2011-02Consolidation of a nanostructured Al2O3 reinforced Fe-Cr composite by rapid sintering and its mechanical properties고인용; 손인진; 도정만; 윤진국; 박상환; 박나라
2011-02Consolidation of binderless nanostructrued TiC by pulsed current activated sintering and its mechanical properties손인진; 김병량; 고인용; 도정만; 윤진국
2010-06Consolidation of binderless nanostructured titanium carbide by high-frequency induction heated sintering손인진; 김병량; 도정만; 윤진국
2007-01Consolidation of ultra fine WC and WC-Co hard materials by pulsed current activated sintering and its mechanical properties김환철; 손인진; 윤진국; 도정만
1991-08Correlation between magnetic properties and microstructural changes of low alloy steels used for high temperature components in thermal power plants.홍경태; 허성강; 도정만
2001-06Corrosion properties of the 6/4 forged brass for the coupler transferring LPG between tank lorry and LPG station길성희; 권정락; 김지윤; 도정만
1993-11Creep-rupture properties of a Ni-Cr-W-Al superalloy도정만; 백홍구; 최주; 허성강
1995-01Creep-rupture properties of a Ni-Cr-W-Al-Ti superalloy(KM 1557).최주; 도정만; 정호년; 백홍구; 허성강
1990-11CrMo 저합금강에서 탄화물의 변화양상과 경년열화와의 상관관계홍경태; 도정만; 허성강; 김건영
2000-11Densification of Cu-50%Cr powder compacts and properties of the sintered compacts김미진; 정재필; 도정만; 박종구; 홍경태
2019-06Eco-friendly and super durable conducting paste with high adhesion strength and hardness based on natural lacquer sap도정만; 임정아; 한호규; 이보라; 임호선; 박철민
2020-04Ecofriendly Catechol Lipid Bioresin for Low-Temperature Processed Electrode Patterns with Strong Durability도정만; 이상수; 임정아; 한혜미; 한호규; 이보라; 박세훈; 이은지; 박철민; 임호선
2010-11Effect of Al and Cr on Oxidation of Fe-Al and Fe-Cr Alloys김태완; 조승훈; 고인용; 도정만; 윤진국; 손인진
1996-01Effect of creep stress on microstructure of a Ni-Cr-W-Al-Ti superalloy.도정만; 유경근; 최주; 허성강; 백홍구
2011-06Effect of Fe2O3 on properties and densification of 8YSZ by pulsed current activated sintering손인진; 두송리; 고인용; 도정만; 윤진국; 박정환
2012-08Effect of FeAl3 on properties of (W,Ti)C-FeAl3 hard materials consolidated by a pulsed current activated sintering method손인진; 나권일; 고인용; 도정만; 윤진국
2006-03Effect of indium on bonding between porcelain and Au-Pt-Cu alloy이상혁; 정호년; 도정만; 윤진국; 임호남
2006-06Effect of indium on microstructures and properties of dental gold alloy정호년; 이상혁; 도정만; 윤진국; 임호남
2007-01Effect of Indium on the microstructures and mechanical properties of a dental casting gold alloys이상혁; 정호년; 윤진국; 도정만; 임호남